Our Story

Since we began in 2009, we have grown from a boutique SAT/ACT company in Mumbai to serving students from all across the world.

The Proof is in the Numbers

Since 2009, we have helped more than 10,000 students on their SAT/ACT Prep. Overall, nearly 20% of those students have achieved a 99th percentile score.


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Specialist Teachers

Students do their best when they have the best teachers. Our team of expert teachers boast top 1% scores for the sections they teach. All of our teachers have demonstrated an exceptional ability to convey material in a fun, personalized, and results-driven way.

Meet The Team

The AP Guru team includes full-time, part-time, consultants who contribute as teachers, counselors, curriculum developers, designers, and admins. The entire team is integral in ensuring our students get the very best prep and counseling.

Anita Arya

Co-Founder, Tutor

Chirag Arya


Sneha Arya


Sagar Kamble

Tutor, Leadership

Karishmma Advani

College Admissions Coach

Shubha Jindal

College Admissions Coach

Shagun Gupta


Rohan Arora

AP/IB Computer Science Tutor

Gauri Sarda


Matthew Klinestiver

Video Tutor

Sarah Ladner

Online Tutor

Chris Kado

Content Writer

Aakash Bhatia


Nick Bacarella

Tutor, Course Creator

Ankit Sarda

Math Tutor

Sona Gandhi


Ellen Valladares

College Essay Course Creator

Karan Wadekar

Math Tutor

Anoushka Zaveri

College Essays Coach

Stephanie Cafaro

Content Writer

Rajini Mani

AP Psychology Tutor

Aarif Mulla

Math Tutor

Aabha Panchal


Shreemayee Das

College Essay Coach

Karan Shah


Shobha Kadur

Content Writer

Karishma Mehta

AP/IB Chem Tutor

Richa Sharma

AP/IB Economics Tutor

India's Most Successful SAT/ACT Prep

Since we began in 2010, AP Guru has grown from a boutique SAT/ACT company in Mumbai to a team of 50+ tutors serving students from across the world.

The Best Tutors

Our tutors aren’t just smart test-takers; they’re talented teachers with the experience to help you reach your highest potential.

Lessons Built For You

Whether you’re already scoring above a 30 or need more help with the fundamentals, we create personalized lessons to meet you exactly where you are.

Driven By Technology

Our technology connects you to invaluable educational resources, enables you to gain learning insights and effectively prepares you for the SAT.

Message From Chirag Arya

Personal Message

Since we began in 2009, we have grown from a boutique SAT/ACT company in Mumbai to serving students from all across the world.

In 2009, AP Guru started with me personally tutoring 10 students on their SAT and ACT, and helping them with the college admissions. The one thing that stood out even then was that a good teacher coupled with a great curriculum can actually make a significant difference on the SAT scores as well as college admissions.

Over the next decade, our team has invested thousands of hours studying, teaching and counselling students on how to ace tests like the SAT or ACT, to get perfect AP and IB scores, and to gain admissions to the most selective universities in the world.

After helping tens of thousands of students around the world get into Ivy League schools, ace their tests, and win millions in scholarships, I’m confident we can help you (or your child) too.

I also realize that many of the students will not be able to avail our services. Therefore, I have put some of my best material out for free in our knowledge centre. I also invite you attend my bi-weekly free webinars. It's meant for parents and students just like you.

Please feel free to reach out me at chirag@apguru.com. I would love to hear from you.

Chirag Arya

What Do Our Toppers Say About Us?

Rehaan Kaul
Brown University

When I first took the  diagnostic I got a 29. Dejected I saw my score, wondering that a 34+ was  light years ahead. That's when the team at AP GURU stepped in and with  Chirag's typical nonchalant smile he said, "Yeah we'll get you a 34." I don't think I owe anyone more than them for my admission into Brown University.

Neel Kabir
University College London

The team at AP guru did not disappoint at all. They provided the highest quality resources required, from guide books and past papers to online classes and almost instantaneous doubt clarification. One on one sessions with the highly qualified teaching staff immensely helped me in getting the score I wanted.

Mukul Khanna
Brown University

AP Guru has mastered standardized tests. They personalize classes for each and every student and cater to their specific needs. They understand where more focus is required and how much importance should be given to each aspect in order to help all students do their best.

Sneha Kumar
Cornell University

I would definitely recommend AP Guru to anyone studying for the ACT/SAT. AP Guru offers you an environment  which stimulates the real test atmosphere, resources at your disposal, detailed answer explanations for every question, and one-on-one assistance to solve any doubts. AP Guru helped me feel at ease with the ACT.

Manav Gandhi

AP Guru is an excellent choice for ACT prep. The cohort of experienced and dedicated teachers provide personal attention and ensure that the students are thorough in their learning of concepts. The large collection of organised past papers provide sufficient practice that enable students to fare well in the test.

Ishaan Mishra
UC Berkeley

AP Guru helped me set and achieve goals which I never thought were conceivable. They gave me excellent clarity on the pattern and required strategies for the test.Their constant and genuine efforts set me on a guided trajectory which was sure to  get the desired results.

Rehaan Chagla
University of  Cambridge

AP Guru was a great  help in practising for the ACT. The number of test papers I did in the span  of two months is unbelievable, and I have AP Guru to thank for that.

Riya Mody
University of Cambridge

Right from the  diagnostic test up to the final test, AP Guru provided me significant help and guidance. The numerous resources and extensive feedback enabled me to get  a very good score in the very first attempt.

Prateet Damani
Georgia Tech

The design of the teaching, as well as  the quick feedback and correction, and identification of weak areas ensures  consistent improvement. Furthermore, their continued motivation and ever supportive nature too helps. All in all, they have cracked the formula for acing the standardised tests!

Mudit Sanklecha

AP Guru works round the clock. With numerous tests and an amazing resources coupled with updated tech, a great score is guaranteed. What I like most is the fact that they would always get you to solve each mistake, making sure you don't make that mistake ever again. I recommend AP Guru to all aspiring for the 99th percentile!

YS Himatsingka
Princeton  University

The people at AP Guru gave me the confidence to do well in a test I was dreading to take. I was encouraged to keep going even when I didn't fare well in my practice tests, and I am hugely grateful to them for helping me get the score I really wanted.

Nandish Khandhar
UC Berkeley

Throughout my ACT journey, AP Guru and their team have been supportive towards my learning and progress. The teachers were available to solve doubts and explain concepts at any time I needed. The online web portal for practicing the exam was identical to the real interface. I have AP Guru to thank for the score I have achieved.

Swara Patel
Hunter College

I'm extremely grateful to AP Guru for the individualised attention and highly personalised and flexible schedule they made for me. I also received intensive and expert guidance from some of the most supportive and experienced teachers that  I've ever encountered. I'm incredibly thankful to the entire team for the  amazing prep.