Track Record of Success


Perfect Scores


99th Percentile Score


AP Scores of 5


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The best SAT/ACT instructors

Extremely Experienced

Every tutor in our small team has taught SAT/ACT to hundreds of students. Each tutor has also contributed in creating the course materials. We believe no one can explain the concepts better than the creators themselves.

Unparalleled Experience

We’re not just good at taking tests. Our teachers have extensive classroom and tutoring experience. We’ve made sure that our lessons, honed through thousands of hours of real teaching, teach as effectively as possible.

Constantly Updated

We’re obsessive about our teaching quality. We constantly create new lessons, take in student feedback, and research SAT changes and trends. When you prep with us, what you learn is updated for the test you’re going to take.

Individualised Learning

Support System Made Just For You

Customizable Class

We know you are busy. School, Sports, Internships, MUNs – the list is just endless. Therefore, we will always try to fit our SAT/ACT classes to adjust to your schedule.

Flexible Course

It doesn’t matter when you are giving the SAT or ACT – whether it's a couple of weeks later or a year later. We will create course schedules and study plans to fit your requirement


Stuck on a particular topic? Need to make sure you are focusing on right areas? We are always there to work individually on any topic or aspect of the SAT/ACT that you may have a concern in


We are known for our 1-1 feedback sessions to discuss the mock test that you may have recently completed. We employ a laser focus to analyze and drill down every mistake you make.

Gain Insights From

Exhaustive content to help you ace the Test

First-rate curriculum

We use a dual approach of strengthening fundamental concepts followed by identifying test-specific strategies.

Expert Study Guides

Our proprietary study guides for each subject are created based on thousands of hours of experience teaching SAT/ACT to Indian students.

Mock Tests

We have a bank of more than 50 full length mock tests along with detailed explanations for each test.


Cutting edge technology to boost learning

Mobile Apps

Our Mobile App is a personalised SAT/ACT scheduler for you. It will provide you with a schedule for your classes, tests and homework.

Digital Watch

Our watch has been especially created for the SAT/ACT test. The watch will tell you exactly which question you need to be attempting during any particular time of the test


We have built in analytics for each mock test that provides insight beyond practice scores. It enables students to develop personalized learning strategies that work best for them