7 Myths about SSC CHSL Exam that you should know

It is true that the paper pattern set by Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has shown very little changes in the CHSL exam. The students appearing for the SSC CHSL exam have therefore a certain set of preconceived notions that the SSC CHSL exam pattern is basic, simple and therefore easy. Such beliefs can prove to be tricky as well as risky as it may cause the student, an entire year of preparation.

In this article we will discuss some of the most common myths about the CHSL exam. It is important to understand that it is these small lapses that a student may choose to ignore can affect his/her overall preparation and hence the SSC CHSL Result.

Myth: There is repetition of questions in the CHSL exam

Fact: No, the questions are never repeated. The questions may be similar, based on the same format, but are NEVER replicated. This holds true for all the subjects- English, Quant, GK and Reasoning. You can debunk this myth by referring to previous year papers that are available on SSC’s official website.

Myth: Knowledge of grammar is enough to secure good marks in English

Fact: False. This is because, English grammar constitutes about 12-15 questions based on error spotting and phrase replacement type questions. The rest of the paper comprises vocabulary based questions and Reading comprehensions.

Myth: It's best to not attempt Comprehension under English section to save time and effort.

Fact: Another baseless and irrational myth. Reading comprehensions comprise a good 10- 12marks. For an exam like CHSL where the competition is stiff and every mark matters, it is not a clever idea to leave any section blindly. The best way to attempt RCs is to read the questions first and then read the passage. This will help you to identify the answers faster, saving time and earning you those extra marks.

Myth: Maths section is meant only for those who know a lot of shortcuts and tricks

Fact: This is absolutely comical. Yes, tricks and shortcuts help in time consuming calculations, but it can never compensate for the knowledge of the fundamentals and concepts. Dedicated practice and efforts are the only way to crack the maths section.  

Myth: Knowledge of higher level mathematics is a must

Fact: False again. This is because the notification for the SSC CHSL exam clearly reads that.’ Questions in maths will be based on 10th - 12th standard maths. The questions asked in Tier 1 revolve entirely around the criteria mentioned in the notification. It is to be noted that the Tier 2 maths section is tougher as the committee aims to select the best candidates. We therefore advise the candidates to strengthen their concepts and fundamentals of the subject.

Myth: GK section is expansive and difficult to cover entirely

Fact: Incorrect. Though we have already discussed that SSC does not repeat any questions, we would like to emphasise that the questions are twisted and similar questions are asked in the CHSL GK section.Over the past few years it has been observed that questions based on India’s constitutions, articles and amendments, first’s of/in India, folk dances, dates of important events, awards, etc. have been modified and asked.  

Myth: It is no use to keep track of current affairs

Fact: False. The SSC CHSL notification clearly states that the syllabus will include a majority of the questions from the static GK section. However, there will be questions asked about the important events happening at present too.This will include areas of Indian polity, Science,  History, Geography and Economics. Keeping yourself updated about the current affairs will enable you to stay ahead of the competition. We therefore recommend that a candidate has updated knowledge of at least 4-5 months of current affairs.

We have debunked some of the most common myths about the SSC CHSL exams. Do let us know if you have any such questions in the comment section.



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