America's Top 15 Party Schools

America's Top 15 Party Schools

Imagine going to a school known for its good education and its "Party Hard" campus culture. Where you work hard on your studies on weekdays, and at weekends, you party as hard as you study. These are the schools known as "Party Schools." Party schools are the one which sounds like a perfect place. Students can pursue their studies while enjoying their life to the fullest. 

Recently, has published 2021 top-party schools in America. Ranking based on nightlife statistics and school students' reviews. Further, we will see these top 15 party schools in America.

15. University of California (Santa Barbara):

California university in Santa Barbara is the 15th best party school in America. Party takes place from Wednesday to Saturday. Students have many options to party on the weekend. The most popular party events here are Deltopia, Halloween, Extravaganza, and date parties. Undie run, movie night, sleep in are the other fun events that take place here.

Popular here among students are Basketball, baseball, swimming, volleyball, water polo. You also have lots of party options in downtown Santa barbara. The university is near a beautiful California beach where students can enjoy. Plus, you can enjoy rolling mountain points like a Lizard's Mouth Rock. They are only 30 minutes away from the college campus.

14. Indiana University

Indiana University in Bloomington is another best party school in the United States. It's Where you'll see tons of parties happening almost every night. Although, Wednesday to Saturday is the most preferred day for students to party here.

According to students, the most famous party event at the university is "little 500". The event is also known as "the greatest college week of all time." On little 500, classes shut down, and bike race events occur where 500 people participate in a race. But not only a race, but the party also takes place the whole week. There are other events like rap concerts, and mud wrestling takes place along with the party. 

The other events are Halloween, Homecoming, Tailgating, Welcome Week, and Dance Marathon. With all this, you can enjoy hanging out in Bloomington city. There are various spots like Mccormick's Creek State Park, Monroe lake, etc.

13. Ohio University: 

Ohio University in Athens is one of the best party schools in America. Halloween is a favorite party event here, celebrated in fancy costumes on the streets. Party takes place from Wednesday to Saturday, plus, there are many events. The events are fest, family weekend, homecoming, sports games, and Palmer Fest.

Downtown Athens is full of enjoyment with pubs, dining, movies, and historical places. Other places to see in the city are the Georgia museum of art, the State Botanical garden, Sandy Creek Park, etc.

12. University of Iowa:

The 12th best party school in America is the University of Iowa. It's where students celebrate the weekend to the fullest. For students here, sports are more like a party event where they play fun and enjoy at the same time. The favorite event here in Iowa is tailgating. At tailgating, students party hard in the stadium's car parking, serving meals.

Some other events take place like Homecoming Week, Jazz Festival, Athletic events, etc.The event in downtown Iowa City, which students can enjoy, is the city's block party. Here you can enjoy on streets like volleyballs, ping pong tables, giant Jenga and much more. 

11. University of Southern California:

USC, situated in the middle of Los Angeles cannot stay out of the top party schools list. Students here party from Thursday to Saturday. The students enjoy fraternity or sorority parties. Events here are Conquest, Visions and Voices, Marching Band, Spring Fest, and Tailgating. Sports events like football games and UCLA games are the major sports events here.

The University campus is 3 miles away from Downtown Los Angeles. And minutes away from Hollywood, museums, Santa Monica, beaches. Los Angeles is very diverse and one of the best cities to party in the world.

10. Penn State University:

At Penn State, university park, you will always find someone partying on any day of the week. It is an everyday party school where you will always find a spot to party hard. The most favorite party event of the students here is the State patty's day. It is a holiday where students party the whole day on the streets.

Other events take place like blue and white weekend, Halloween weekend, THON, and moving on. Varsity sports have a significant interest among students here. The most popular sports events here are football matches, hockey matches, etc. 

Penn State campus is a few hours away from cities like New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. It is fun to go on a road trip to these cities. There are many places near the university where students can spend time. Most of these are The Palmer Museum Of Art, The Arboretum, and Penn State All-sports Museum.

9. West Virginia University:

Another Party school is the West Virginia University situated in Morgantown, WV, USA. A super social place known for study hard, play hard, and party hard. Parties take place almost every night here. But, you will find more party options from Wednesday to Saturday. Main party events in this college are Fall fest, Halloween, and St.patty's day.

Besides parties, sports events are not less than any party event here. Students believe varsity sports are the most significant part of campus life here. Baseball, Basketball, golf, and soccer are the sports played here. But football is the most famous of all. Almost everything revolves around sports on this campus.

With sports and parties, Morgantown's city is close to beautiful mountains. And you can also go for various adventures like Rock climbing, Hiking, Skiing, etc.

8. University of Alabama:

Alabama university in Tuscaloosa is where there are enough things for the party. You can party any day of the week. This party school has massive importance for sporting events. The significance is so that the whole campus revolves around it. Students celebrate sports events along with partying and tailgating.

Frat parties and other parties take place every weekend. Concerts also create a very vibrant and electrifying party mood. The events that occur here are Football, The fight song, Shakers, The Iron Bowl, and The Greek Section. Not only this, Downtown Tuscaloosa has many things to visit, like Tuscaloosa Amphitheater. Here you can enjoy extraordinary events all year. You can also enjoy a river walk and Bama theatre.

7. Syracuse University: 

Syracuse University in New York is the best party school in the state. The Campus of SU is one of the most electrifying campuses out there. May Fest is a famous party event in SU. May Fest is where the campus gets closed, lectures get canceled, and the day is only for celebration. This celebration is for the academic success of the students. 

After Mayfest, students get ready for the block party at night. Another event also takes place like Juice jam, which consists of an outdoor concert. Plus, Halloween, Homecoming. The sport Syracuse students love here the most is Basketball as they are better than in this sport. They have a strong basketball franchise, which makes Basketball their favorite game. The basketball game is the most popular event after Mayfest in the university.

Other than this, football, volleyball, and tennis are the other sports students enjoy. Varsity sport has its importance also. Syracuse is in central city hills. It is a harsh winter location, allowing winter activities like snowboarding on mountains. Celebrations like Winterfest and Jazz Fest also take place in downtown Syracuse. 

6. University of Georgia:

The University of Georgia, in Athens, is one of the best party schools in America. It looks like a perfect mixture of sports, art, and party. Football, music, and parties all three come together very well. Parties take place on weekends, but sports events are also like party events. Tailgating during a sports event is very common.

On Saturday, you will see almost everyone on the campus playing football. Also, varsity sport is a big thing here. Other events that occur here are The Arch, The Hedges, celebrating the Chapel Bell, etc.

Downtown Athens is the city's cultural center. It consists of many night clubs like 40 watts club and Georgia club. Here you can enjoy national, local, and regional performances. Music performance is of various artists and bands. The city also contains an art center and convention space. Plus, Athens is a better place for shopping and dining too.

5. University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign):

The Illinois University is in Urbana-Champaign, the USA. It is one of the top five universities that party the hardest in America. A party school where unofficial parties are the most favorable here amongst students. The favorite event here is unofficial St. Patrick Day. An unofficial party school is full of enjoying and partying. This event is one of the significant traditions of the university.

The other event which is almost as favorite as St. Patrick's day is Mom's and Dad's weekend. Students get an opportunity to take part in various activities with their families. Other events occur like The chief, Homecoming, Step Show, Lincoln's Bust, Outdoor movie. Football tailgating is also a major party event.

Besides that, Urbana-champaign downtown is full of sightseeing enjoyment. You can visit a beautiful Crystal Lake Park. You can also go to museums like the Krannert Art Museum, Spurlock Museum, and many other places to enjoy. Plus, Cities like Indianapolis and Chicago are only 2 hours away from a college campus. Both cities are a good option for a fun road trip.

4. Howards University:

Howard University, located in Washington, DC, is supportive, social, and a party-hard school. Parties take place here during the weekend. A favorite event for students to enjoy here is homecoming and freshers week. 

Homecoming is a traditional event in many colleges. Here, the college's current students welcome back the former student. Students here consider it a party event, which is more fun than any other event on campus. Freshmen Week is another fun event held before starting school. Various activities take place for new students. Current students of the school meet new students and enjoy a fun party. This party school also enjoys other events like The Yard, RESfest, and spring break. 

There are a lot of sightseeing opportunities to enjoy in Washington, DC. So, the enjoyment is not only limited to the campus, but Washington DC also has plenty of things to see. Some of them are the national gallery of art, zoological park, and National Cathedral. Also, many museums like The Spy Museum, A Museum Of American History, and many others. Besides that, cities like New York, Baltimore are only hours away from the college campus.

3. Florida State University:

And here we come to the top 3 party schools in America. The 3rd best university is Florida state university, located in Tallahassee, Florida. Another university which has massive importance of sport on the campus. Party scenes are almost every night of the week. Yet, the weekend has more energetic vibes for partying. 

Home sports day is what is an enormous party event here. It is where students play various sports with college teams and enjoy it like a party event. Another event is the homecoming, where students enjoy welcoming the former ones. College game day, football games, Fountain Fling, and Greek Life events, etc. 

Along with the campus party, Tallahassee city is a great place to hang out. There are places like Gardens State Park, Tallahassee Museum, Cascades Park, etc.

2. Tulane University:

In New Orleans, Tulane University is the 2nd best party school that party hard in the United States. It should not be a surprise as New Orlean is an iconic party city of the United States. 

As New Orleans is a very vibrant city, there are great things to do on weekends. For students, a weekend involves many outgoings, which involves Rocco and frat parties. There is trivia night, drag queen bingo, swing dancing, clubs, and movies to enjoy your weekend. But not only weekends, in Tulane, there are also unique events which you may not find anywhere else. Crawfest is one of the events celebrated here during the crawfish season. Wave goodbye is a sendoff event for recent graduates and their families to enjoy food and fun music.

Plus, New Orleans has lots of festivals like jazz fest and voodoo fest. These are world-renowned music festivals known for New Orleans music. It suits the university's party school image very well.

1. University of Wisconsin:

The University of Wisconsin is where students study hard on weekdays. Still, when it comes to weekends, Wisconsin University is the best party school in America. Events take place, like Farmer's market, State street Halloween party, and Mifflin party.

UW is also known for its sports enthusiasm. The Football tradition and tailgate before football events are very famous here. Also, Varsity sports events excite students the most with happy vibes all over the campus.

From Wednesday to Saturday, this party school has lots of options to party hard. Students enjoy a house party or a frat party at the weekend. UW Campus is 936 acres; its huge campus consists of five lakes and 6000 acres of parkland. Also, Madison is the best place to live for college graduates. Lakes and downtown are very close to the campus. For hiking, walking, cycling, parkland is the best place. Downtown is better for coffee and tea to enjoy while relaxing.  Many restaurants have a lot of food varieties from countries like Ethiopia, Vietnam. The Book store is also available here. Places to visit in Madison are state street, lake Monona, Henry Vilas zoo, Chazel museum of art, etc.

These universities are the top party schools in America in 2021, as per But it keeps changing every year. These so-called party schools are not only known for their enjoyment. They also have excellent academic performance.There are not only these 15 universities but also many others which party hard. All these universities rated A+ in the niche's survey. If you are a student and love to party hard, then you may wish to go to one of the party schools like this.



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