How to Get your High School Transcript Longtime after Graduation

When you graduate from your high school or college, you will generally receive copies of your transcripts after graduation. These transcripts are mandatory for high school students who want to register for college. Also, college students who either want to pursue further studies or who want to apply for a job just after graduation. In such cases, transcripts are required.

After graduation, many students are lost in their own world, some get busy with higher studies, jobs, some get married, and some students just leave their home country and travel.

Having said that, usually, there are lots of cases in which students will need a copy of their transcripts many years after graduating from high school or college; usually, it is difficult to obtain if you have been out of college for a long time. Just like our old masters said; As long as you know where to look and where to go, you will quickly get your transcripts when you need them.

Coming to the big question; do you need a copy of your transcript to register for college, get a job, or for your personal use, but aren't sure how to get one? The information mentioned below will tell you why it is necessary to have a high school transcript and how you can get yours, even a long time after graduating from your college.

What exactly is a High School or College Transcript? Why You Must Have One 

In simple words, a high school transcript is a record of all your academic achievements in high school or college. It lists every class you took and the marks/grades you have received in each course with your total GPA. 

High school transcripts and college transcripts very little. For example, in most cases, high school transcripts will show which standardized state tests you have taken and the score you got on the tests. Also, it will include remarks and comments from individual teachers about your conduct in those classes. On the other hand, college transcripts will list the major and minor subjects you have taken, your marks/grades in those fields, and the credit hours you have earned.

You need a transcript for usually three reasons:

  1.  To apply to college: Many colleges must have an official copy of your high school transcript when you use it.
  1.  To graduate or transfer to high schools: High schools will examine your transcript and check whether you have met all your graduation requirements; some colleges might use your transcript to determine which field you should enroll in if you change schools.
  1.  To apply for some jobs: When you apply for a job, you might need to submit your college transcript so the employer can check your grades and find whether you have taken certain subjects that match the job description.

Know the difference between an Official and Unofficial Copy of Your Transcript

Many people are unaware of it; But there are two types of your high school transcript: official and unofficial. Mostly, both versions contain the same information, and it will be difficult to differentiate between the two. Still, an official transcript often has an official seal or tamper-proof marks, or they can shroud it into a sealed envelope. To make sure that no information on the transcript is modified.

Usually, colleges need an official version of your high school transcript. Official transcripts are sent directly by your high school, either through postal mail or e-mail. In some schools, you can have to send the official transcript to yourself inside a sealed envelope. If they do, do not open this envelope, as it will make the transcript no longer authorized. You can have an unofficial transcript for your use.

Make sure to request an official version transcript from your college. Many schools and employers need an authorized version of your transcript; they will not accept an unofficial version,  and sending the wrong transcript might create many problems.

It usually takes longer for official transcripts to deliver, sometimes more than a few weeks if sent through postal mail. So you have to ensure that your transcript is with you before any submission deadline. 

What exactly you can do to get your high school transcript 

Getting your high school transcript depends from school to school and whether you are currently attending the school or not. Below I have mentioned three situations; by following these guidelines, you can quickly get your high school transcript.

Currently enrolled at school:.

You are in luck, and it is easy to get a transcript if you are currently attending high school. Stop at your guidance counselor's or teacher’s office and ask him/her how you can put a request for a copy of your high school transcript. Your  teacher or counselor will guide you on the next steps, which could include; 

  • Collecting a copy in person from your school's office

You can stop by the office and tell them that you would need a copy of your transcript. Here, you may need to bring an ID to get your transcript.

  • Requesting a copy online

On your official school website, you can request for a transcript. You might be able to print out an unofficial copy for yourself and request for an official transcript to be sent on your behalf.

  • Outsource a third party site

You will get a copy of your transcript directly if you are a current student, but there are some that outsource to a third party. Sites like Parchment and Need My Transcript are easy to use and genuine who can send you copies of your transcript to colleges and employers by charging some amount.

What can you do if you are no Longer Enrolled at the School:

This can happen if you are graduated or transferred to a high school. It does not matter if you no longer attend the school, you are still authorized to a copy of your transcript.

Usually, transcript information is found on alumni or student services pages, and it will give steps on how to request your transcript online or the authority you could contact to get your transcript. You can also get your official transcript by contacting the right person in your high school.

If anything mentioned above does not work, you can also try using a third party, such as Parchment and Need My Transcript. Both websites are genuine and work with thousands of high schools to provide transcripts; but, they charge certain fees.

In case your high school has closed down

If the high school you attended has closed down and you cannot find its website or contact information, then contact the district office for the district your school used to belong to.

Search "school district [name of your high school] ;
[state the high school was in]" to find your district's contact information. 

At the National Center for Education Statistics website, you can search for your school district. The district will still have student records for all the high schools that belonged to the district.

If you cannot find your school's district, the district no longer exists, or you went to a private high school, contact your state's Department of Education. You can find the contact information for each state.

If you went to a private high school, you can its records and contact information on the National Center for Education Statistics page for private schools.

You can also use a third-party website if nothing works, like Parchment and Need My Transcript. Both websites are genuine and work with thousands of high schools to provide transcripts; but, they charge certain fees.

How much does it cost to get your High School Transcript?

The cost varies from school to school. Sometimes schools charge a small fee to cover the cost of making and distributing your transcript. Some schools do not charge at all.

While some schools charge a one-time fee, generally paid when you start your freshman year at the high school. The transcript fee is included with the other school fees, and once you pay, it allows you to request unlimited transcripts and send unlimited transcripts official and unofficial to schools or other places forever, without paying.

Some schools give unofficial copies for free, but you need to pay for your official version of the transcript. 

To conclude

If you have any questions you can also check out our article on “How to Get your High School Transcript”. If you have further doubts, just drop a comment, we will be happy to help you. 



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