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Mar 19, 2021

Know acceptance rate at yale university

The acceptance rate at Yale can send any applicant’s heart into a flutter. 

Why so?

Because the acceptance rate at Yale is just 6.1% in the Early Action policy. The acceptance rate at Yale in the Early Action policy means that for every 100 students who apply, just 6 students get accepted. And this is the higher acceptance rate at Yale. If you apply in the regular application pool, your chances are further diminished as then, the acceptance rate at Yale is lower at 4.7%. If you are looking for any consolation, the acceptance rate at Yale is better than Harvard University (5.3%) among the Ivy League research universities. 

Why is the acceptance rate at Yale so demanding?

The acceptance rate at Yale is driven by their core beliefs.

The erstwhile Yale President, Kingman Brewster had stated many years ago that when Yale is selecting a student, at the onset, there are three qualities that they look for. A future Yale student should:

  • Have the ability to make optimal use of the exceptional facilities at Yale
  • Constantly challenge himself and keep raising the bar
  • Have a sense of community/social welfare

As then and so even now, Yale believes in making resources available to a student who will become a leader in whatever he does and also give back to the Yale community.

Besides having these qualities, all the other requirements in your application play a significant role in the selection process. Yale claims that over 75% of students seeking admission are qualified but it is the little things that sway things in favor of those you are accepted.

What factors determine the acceptance rate at Yale?

Everything in your application has a role to play. They are:

• Academic Potential

Since it is primarily an academic institution, the acceptance rate at Yale is largely influenced by an applicant’s academic capabilities. So your high school official transcript stands on top of your application documents’ pile. It plays such a vital role because it gives the admissions office an idea of how academically inclined you are and how you have fared over the years. Based on the high school GPA of accepted students, one can say that the average acceptable GPA at Yale is 4.13 on a scale of 4.0. Yale looks for students who have purposefully chosen to take the most grueling and demanding courses at high school and excelled in them.

• SAT/ACT scores

The Yale admissions office doesn’t favor SAT over ACT or vice versa nor will you have an edge if you submit both SAT and ACT scores.

Yale does not have cutoff scores for these standardized tests. But there are scores that indicate the range that accepted students scored. The middle 50% of test scores (the 25th to the 75th percentiles) for fresh undergraduate applicants are:

  • SAT-Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 720-770
  • SAT-Math: 730-790
  • ACT Composite: 33-35

But even if your test scores are in the above-mentioned range, it will not guarantee your acceptance. Yale always lays more emphasis on your performance in high school. They will not be swayed by your excellent test scores if you have not consistently done well in high school. On the contrary, even if your test score in the standardized test is modest and you have been a class topper all through high school, they will most probably overlook your SAT/ACT performance.

For info on SAT registration:

For info on ACT registration:

• English Proficiency Exam

Yale advises non-native English speaking international students to submit an English proficiency test score like TOEFL -Test of English as a foreign language (

Scores of successful students based on the acceptance rate at Yale are:

  • 100 on the internet-based TOEFL
  • 25 on each of the three sections of the paper-and-pencil TOEFL Paper-delivered Test

For more information on standardized tests and scores when seeking admission to Yale:

• Recommendation Letters

Every undergraduate seeking admission must provide three letters of recommendation and this plays a crucial part in the acceptance rate at Yale. The Yale admissions office specifically requests for two of these letters from your teachers who have taught you in the main high school subjects, know you well, and can comment on your strengths and caliber.

The third letter of recommendation should be from your academic counselor, principal, or academic advisor. Even if he doesn’t know you well, the letter will give the admissions office an insight about you in the context of the classes you attended – about how challenging the programs were, etc. This letter will be from the point-of-view of the school and how you fitted into the course of events.

• Essays

Yale requests for many short essays to help them understand the personal side of the applicant. While the letters of recommendation convey what kind of a student you are and how you dealt with challenges etc., it is your essays that really open the door for them to view the unseen you. So when you write an essay it should be a reflection of who you are – it should feel like you are talking to the admissions office. Despite being flooded with applications, the Yale admissions office peruses essays to get an insight into the personal side of the applicant since it is an important factor in the acceptance rate at Yale.

How Yale evaluates applications

A selection committee comprising experienced admissions officers, Yale faculty, and Yale deans pore through the applications and look for students who stand out with their outstanding academics, ability to stretch themselves academically – e.g., with an IB course over and above high school programs, and who show potential.

Learn more about what Yale looks for in an applicant:

Learn more about seeking admissions at Yale as an international applicant:

Read a Yale student’s experience upon receiving the acceptance email:

About Yale University

Founded in 1701, Yale is a private Ivy League research university in New Haven, Connecticut. It was set up using Oxford and Cambridge as benchmarks so it has always aspired for the best. Currently, Yale has about 13,433 students of which 5,964 are undergraduate students. There are 2,694 international students and 4,739 faculty members. Of the 13,433 students, 6,558 are male and 6,875 are female students at Yale – meaning more female than male students.

The student-faculty ratio is 6:1 with over 73 percent classes having fewer than 20 students – so students get undivided attention from faculty. 64% of students receive financial aid and meets 100% financial aid is given to students with demonstrated financial need which clearly conveys how intent Yale is on ensuring that talented students get to study there.

All these factors prove the premier educational institution that Yale is and justifies why the acceptance rate at Yale is so challenging. 

For more information on Yale:

Get a virtual tour of Yale:

Watch this video that showcases Yale University:


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