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Our experienced university admissions team helps students and families navigate the selective university admissions process

How We Assist You

The steps in our structured approach to helping students gain admission to the best universities in the world include the following

Stage 1

Application strategy

  • Psychometric analysis
  • Major selections
  • Internship experience
Stage 2

Candidate Profiling

  • Research paper guidance
  • Interdisciplinary venture
  • Capstone project
Stage 3

University List

  • Interest, major, & school exploration
  • Reach-Match-Safety choices
  • Financial aid strategy
Stage 4

Application Form

  • Recommendation guidance
  • Strategically elaborating ECs & honors
  • Resume, Linked-in profile creation
Stage 5


  • Pre-writing research
  • Brainstorming
  • Scratch to perfection
Stage 6


  • Research
  • Mock interviews
  • Presentation style and delivery

Winning Application Strategy

Each year, more than 1,000 applicants from India compete for approximately 50 spots in top universities. Most of these students have flawless applications. Success comes from differentiation. To beat the admissions odds, applicants must stand out. We know how to help you do just that.

What Makes Our Admissions Consulting Services Unique?

We are seasoned experts who provide students and their families personalized, targeted guidance through every step of the admissions process.


In order to get in, you have to stand out. We have reflected on our years of admissions experiences, analyzed the competitive landscape, and know exactly what it takes to get accepted.


We help students achieve their goals by taking a holistic approach to helping them with every aspect of their academic and extracurricular development.


Our team has analyzed applications from every top university, looking at multiple variables along the way. We use this data to provide our students with objective, actionable insights that improve their applications.


Students work with one counselor throughout the entire admissions process, forging strong and long-lasting relationships.


We offer a range of comprehensive consulting packages, application and essay counseling, and à la carte services that can be tailored to fit each family’s needs.

What Do Our Students Say About Us?

Jash Bhatia

NYU Stern
50% Scholarship

I started out with APGuru's counselling pretty late in the 11th grade, but it was probably one of my best decisions. The counselling team ensured I had everything I needed in place to get me to the university which would be the right fit for me. I was impressed by the efficiency of the team as we worked together in a really short period of about 11 months to send out my applications to schools across the USA, Canadaand the UK. They seamlessly advised me on supercurriculars andextracurriculars, encouraged progress in activities I enjoyed, and pushed me toexplore areas where they recognized I would excel. My counsellors wereinstrumental throughout the college selection process as we chose theuniversities I would apply to, creating a balanced list that I was satisfiedwith. From the CommonApp activities list to navigating the financial aidprocess, AP Guru was crucial to my success. I'm incredibly grateful to theamazing team for helping me achieve everything I have and making sure Ibelieved in myself through this process.

Ruhi Gupta

LSE, U Toronto (Full Scholarship)

AP Guru has been extremely instrumental in getting to the college of my dreams! By guiding me in every step of the way - whether it was the college essays or finding the right fit for me- they made sure all the details were perfected. Since the beginning of my college journey, the best part about AP Guru was their holistic guidance and the personal attention that was given to me. This made me feel supported even when things got extremely taxing. Today I can look back and say the college application process which is supposed to be extremely “stressful”, actually turned out to be pretty smooth for me all thanks to their support in every aspect of the process. The application process is extremely crucial and I strongly believe the right mentorship and guidance are key for making it eventful, fortunately, AP Guru provided me exactly that! 

Aneesha Sharma

UCLA, U Toronto - Full Scholarship

I would like to thank the AP Guru counseling team for their immense support in my college admission journey. Though I have had good academic and extracurricular achievements during my school life, it’s still not easy to get accepted in a world-renowned university or college unless a student gets the right advisors, because the best universities around the world have different expectations from its college applicants be it USA, Canada, UK or EU. And believe me, it can get very complex right from choosing the right colleges to apply to, to the acceptance of offers of admissions. For a seventeen-year-old, doing it while attending a demanding school is a very tough job. I am deeply grateful to my counselors, essay coach, and research mentor as they were always there to help me. Their support and wisdom at each and every step of this journey helped me make the right choices.I will never forget this rewarding experience. 

Aisha Tharaney


Working with AP Guru was an incredibleexperience for me. My counsellors were extremely supportive and guided methrough the entire college application process. From curating the perfectcollege list that fit my needs, getting instant feedback on my essays, and evenhaving a mock interview session to ensure that I was able to highlightimportant aspects of my application was very helpful. The advice that mycounsellors at AP Guru provided me with, from their own experiences and throughtheir extensive resources, was instrumental in my journey to get into theschool of my dreams!

Puneet Modi

U Chicago

The team down at AP Guru is excellent, resourceful, supportive, and very experienced. AP Guru lent a helping hand throughout the admissions process - from researching and shortlisting universities to preparing my resume, writing my Statement of Purpose, and preparing for interviews. In addition, they advised me on my application materials and curated a list of colleges, which eventually culminated in my admission to a top university. Thank you to Hiral Doshi, who guided me step by step throughout what can be a long and daunting process. It was a team effort, and I couldn't have done it without AP Guru, Hiral, and Sneha.



I was almost halfway of my 11th grade when my parents and I decided to sign up with AP Guru for college counselling. This proved to be the best decision in my quest for my dream as well as best fit college for my chosen major. The young and supercharged counselling team of AP Guru were both efficient and effective in guiding and handholding me through everything I wanted to do (& advised me on what I needed to do). I am mighty happy with the admissions I have secured which would never have been possible without AP Guru. Thank you to all my mentors. For my juniors, I say this... If you are thinking of college counselling, think of APGuru. Cheers !!



I had made the decision of applying to the US for my undergraduate just one month away from the first round of early decisions. Without the counselors at AP Guru, I wouldn’t have been able to navigate through the many decisions and understand the complicated process of undergraduate applications. They were ready to help any time of the day with my essays or any other concerns I had. AP Guru made my entire application process smoother and easier and I’ll always be grateful for their guidance.

See What Our Students Say About Us?

Kareena Shakta

UPenn LSM (Wharton+ Bio dual program)

I would like to thank AP Guru for being such an integral part of my journey. They helped me hone my writing and express myself immaculately in my essays. Appreciate all the effort and will miss the late night edits with my mentors!

Praruj Sampat

Tulane - Full Scholarship

Working with the AP Guru college admissions team was definitely the best decision I made. I thought it was too late to get my applications in place, but the counselling team made sure that it wasn’t the case, for I thank them immensely. Without them, getting into colleges with scholarships would have been nigh impossible.They were the key to my success.

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