Private Tutoring. Ultimate Focus

Our instructors are trained to work closely with students on a one-on-one basis, pinpointing their greatest areas for improvement and developing a plan to help build long-term skills.

Specialist Teachers

Our team of expert instructors boast top 1% scores for the sections they teach, allowing them to draw from their test-taking insights and educational expertise to impart this knowledge to their students.

ap guru advantages

  • Curriculum
  • Technology
  • Analytics and Trends

Exhaustive Curriculum

We have created a comprehensive curriculum (including presenations, study guides, homework
questions, flashcards, video explanations, etc) to help you ace the test

Adaptive Technology

Through our platform, you can take online classes, view and manage their schedules, view test reports
and explanations, and access course materials.

Tests and Analytics

You can track your strengths and identify your weaknesses through our testing analytics and reports for
each of the 30+ pre-released SAT,ACT and AP Tests that we provide.

Concept based study guides for each section of the SAT/ACT

Live one on one classes.

30+ pre-released SAT and ACT tests

2000+ Homework questions with explanations

Online test and homework.

Video and text explanations for all questions

Strategies to tackle each and every question type

View weekly schedules

View test reports, trends and analytics for each test

300+ Flashcards

Receive notifications and daily updates.

Trends for all topics across practice tests.