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We provide one-on-one online tutoring in the following programs
GMAT Success Opens Doors
  • Business School Admissions: High GMAT scores increase the likelihood of acceptance into top-tier MBA programs, providing access to world-class education and networking opportunities.
  • Lucrative Career Opportunities: Graduates from prestigious business schools often secure high-paying jobs in renowned companies, leveraging their GMAT success as a key credential.
Valued Problem-Solving Skills:
  • Analytical Thinking: GMAT assesses critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills, which are highly valued in today's dynamic business environment.
  • Data Interpretation: GMAT tests the ability to interpret complex data sets and make informed decisions, a crucial skill in roles requiring data analysis and decision-making.
Enhanced Career Prospects:
  • Demonstrated Dedication: Successfully preparing for and taking the GMAT demonstrates a commitment to personal and professional growth, showcasing dedication to potential employers.
  • Competitive Advantage: GMAT success distinguishes candidates in competitive job markets, highlighting their readiness for challenging roles and responsibilities.

Private Tutoring

Personalized one-on-one GMAT prep.
  • Their instructor’s undivided attention and can easily absorb the curriculum
  • Expert guidance at every step, whether you are aiming for a 710+ score or need remedial lessons
  • Opportunity to submit feedback and get your doubts clarified during weekly assessments and doubt-clearing sessions

Experienced Tutors

Learn to solve questions like an expert.
  • A teacher who is a 99th percentile scorer in the subject he or she teaches.
  • A subject specialist who will convey essential concepts in a clear and easily understandable manner.
  • Perform better on practice exams, and be better prepared for GMAT test day.

Targeted Assessments

Practice and master every concept.
  • Topic-wise assessments to ensure mastery of each topic tested on the GMAT
  • Doubt sessions during weekly class to review incorrect questions.
  • Additional worksheets on topic areas of concern.

Mentoring & Support

Get all the support you need.
  • A Program Manager helps you at every step.
  • Dedicated support to resolve doubts, set up test schedules and sessions, and send reminders.
  • Parents Teacher Meetings - We set up monthly parent-teacher meetings for you to interact with the tutors.
ap guru GMAT prep pricing

So, How Much Does AP Guru's GMAT Program Cost?

Our comprehensive GMAT program includes:

One-on-one, live instruction with your expert tutor
Detailed lesson notes and homework
A dedicated program manager to oversee your program

Families pay in advance with one of our convenient, prepaid packages shown below.

1-on-1 Tutoring
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40 hours of tutoring
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10 hours of doubt classes
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Per Hour
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Your Queries Answered Here

  • Do I have to pay for trial class?

    No, the trial class is free. No commitment or credit card required.

  • Can I get more than one trial class?

    Unfortunately, we only are able to provide one trial class. We are generally really busy and have packed teaching schedules; therefore, it will not be possible to set up multiple trial classes.

  • Who are AP Guru tutors?

    We have hand-selected a small group of highly qualified tutors who have mastery over the SAT sections they teach. Our tutors have significant previous teaching experience and be very gifted, dynamic teachers.

  • How long does the entire GMAT prep take?

    We tailor make all our programs for our students. Therefore, we run GMAT prep from 2 weeks to 12 month programs. However, majority of our GMAT Prep programs last between 12 - 16 weeks.

  • Will you be able to work with students in North America?

    Yes, we tutor students from all the timezones in the world. In fact, students from USA and Canada make up one of the largest cohort of our students.

  • Can I pay in installments?

    Yes, just let us know and we can set up a payment plan.

  • How can AP Guru's GMAT programs help me improve my score?

    AP Guru's GMAT programs are meticulously designed by expert tutors to provide comprehensive content review, personalized study plans, and realistic practice tests. Our approach helps students identify their weaknesses and build upon their strengths to achieve higher scores.

  • If I have doubts or questions, is there someone I can talk to?

    Yes! We have a first class support team who can answer your questions and doubts. You just have to post the message on the GMAT WhatsApp group we create or email it to us at

  • How soon can I start my GMAT Prep once I confirm?

    In the winter and spring, we can usually begin within 2 weeks of receiving a confirmation. However, in the summer and spring, the wait time can be usually 2-3 months. If you want to start in the summer (May - September), we recommend you contact us at least 2 months prior.