ACT 36

"The team at AP Guru was extremely helpful and enabled me to score a 36. They have a wide range of resources that catered to my every need while preparing for this test. The feedback after every practice test was extremely helpful as were the detailed score reports. I would highly recommend their services for test prep."

-Aman Shah, Dhirubhai Ambani International School

ACT 36

"AP Guru creates a supportive environment which caters to every need in form of individual feedback, multiple resources, helpful tips, and tricks. They were there every step of the way to help me reach my goals."

- Sanchita Jalan, Dhirubhai Ambani International School

SAT 1590, ACT 36

"Both the SAT and ACT courses at AP Guru were extremely helpful and individualized. I was able to effectively focus on the places I was lacking with the help of their varied resources and excellent teaching skills! Their continued guidance and support were key in helping me get the score I wanted."

- Riya Sankhe, Dhirubhai Ambani International School

SAT 1600, ACT 36

"AP Guru provides a conducive environment while preparing for the standardised tests and Chirag in particular is extremely supportive and able to gauge where exactly your weakness lies and then provide resources to help you improve on that area. A lot of credit for my 1600 on the SAT and 36 on the ACT goes to the teaching and resources provided at this center."

- Anagh Agrawal, Dhirubhai Ambani International School

ACT 36

"The faculty is astounding and very supportive. The entire study plan is mapped out in a very organised manner. With the sheer volume of past papers, practice was the key ingredient and I was always given analytical and specific feedback after each session."

- Pranav Khemka, Jamnabai Narsee International School

ACT 36

"AP Guru were instrumental in helping me get a 36 on the ACT. The books and test material provided by them were extremely comprehensive and covered everything needed to max the test. After each practice test they individually discuss all your mistakes with you which really helps to increase your score. Their test prep methods are extremely effective and I would thus highly recommend ap guru to anyone wanting to take the ACT."

- Pradyut Sakseria, Cathedral

ACT 36

"AP Guru served as a platform which was really beneficial to my success. The extensive resources provided including the guides and the past papers aided me in achieving a perfect score. A debrief after each test with Chirag and Sneha cleared all my doubts and made my concepts crystal clear. Their approachable and friendly nature moulds Ap guru into a conducive environment for ACT preparation."

- Sachit Goyal,Sanchita Jalan, Dhirubhai Ambani International School

ACT 36

"AP Guru was extremely helpful in my ACT journey and provided me with all the resources I needed to succeed."

- Siddhanth Lath, Dhirubhai Ambani International School

ACT 36

"AP Guru was rigorous in finding my weakness and focussing me on what I needed most help in. The program was made me familiar with 99% of the ACT problems and gave me amazing strategies to succeed. I improved by 7 points to eventually score a 36!"

- Anshul Chaudhari, BD Somani

ACT 35

"AP Guru has mastered standardized tests. They personalize classes for each and every student and cater to their specific needs. They understand where more focus is required and how much importance should be given to each aspect in order to help all students do their best."

- Mukul Khanna, Dhirubhai Ambani International School

ACT 36

"I did an intensive 5-day ACT preparation program with AP Guru during my visit to Mumbai in the summer break. They were able to focus on areas which needed improvement, giving me valuable guidance and tips. Their teaching techniques and skills along with the large number of practice tests and comprehensive guides helped me immensely in achieving the perfect score. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone aspiring for a high score in the ACT exam."

-Vikramaditya Singh, German Swiss International School (GSIS)

ACT 35

AP Guru was a great help in practising for the ACT. The number of test papers I did in the span of two months is unbelievable, and I have AP Guru to thank for that.

- Rehan Chagla, Cathedral and John Connon School

ACT 35

AP Guru has really helped me get a high score in the ACT. Their personalised teaching program allowed me to work on my weaknesses and hone my skills. The teachers were very encouraging and amiable and their practice resources were excellent.

- Jayani Mehta, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, ACT Score of 35

ACT 34

When I first took the diagnostic I got a 29. Dejected I saw my score, wondering that a 34+ was light years ahead. That’s when the team at AP GURU stepped in and with Chirag’s typical nonchalant smile he said, “Yeah we’ll get you a 34.” I don’t think I owe anyone more than them for my admission into Brown University”

- Rehaan Kaul, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, ACT Score of 34

ACT 35

AP Guru helped me set and achieve goals which I never thought were concievable. They gave me excellent clarity on the pattern and required strategies for the test. Their constant and genuine efforts set me on a guided trajectory which was sure to get the desired results

- Ishaan Mishra, Doon School, ACT Score of 35

ACT 35

AP Guru is a wonderful place for young minds to hone their logical and critical thinking skills. It is handled by professionals who give each and every student the care and attention required for them to succeed and rise above the rest.

- Arjun Shukla, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, ACT Score of 35

ACT 35

AP Guru created an ideal environment which provided for all possible facilities required to achieve your target score. The excellent faculty taught all concepts in a clear manner. After that, the abundant resources and quality feedback guaranteed that I was always on the right track.

- Raghav Singhvi, Jamnabai Narsee International School, ACT Score of 35

ACT 35

AP Guru provides an extremely ecouraging and supportive environment for students, along with excellent teaching and adequate practice. The subject teachers not only form the basic foundation very well but also share helpful tips and tricks. The sessions with Chirag and Sneha after every practice test are very helpful, as they are experts in explaining concepts and clearing doubts. I had a wonderful experience learning at AP Guru.

- Tanvi Kapoor, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, ACT Score of 35

ACT 35

AP Guru has been instrumental in achieving my goals. Their services are uniquely tailored for every student; each student gets individualised attention and tons of resources to practice and perfect the standardised tests. Their teachers are very helpful and supportive. Chirag and Sneha are always around to help us whenever we want, and they work with us endlessly to ensure we never make the same mistake again. I have overcome many obstacles which I had thought to be insurmountable. Their support and guidance have been invaluable and have helped me jump from a 33 to a solid 35 in my ACT!

- Neel malhotra, Singapore International School, ACT Score of 35

ACT 35

AP Guru is an excellent choice for ACT prep. The cohort of experienced and dedicated teachers provide personal attention and ensure that the students are thorough in their learning of concepts. The large collection of organised past papers provide sufficient practice that enable students to fare well in the test.

- Manav Gandhi, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, ACT Score of 35

ACT 35

"Right from the diagnostic test up to the final test, AP Guru provided me significant help and guidance. The numerous resources and extensive feedback enabled me to get a very good score in the very first attempt"

- Riya Mody, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, ACT Score of 35

ACT 34

AP guru was instrumental in increasing my ACT scores greatly, the study and test material provided by AP guru has been extremely helpful, the faculty helped me pinpoint all my weak areas and improve upon them and they have made every resource I need available to me. I would highly recommend AP guru to anyone appearing for the ACT and SAT.

- Aditya Patel, ACT Score of 34

ACT 35

AP Guru gave me the ability and the platform to perform well in my ACT by providing me with valuable resources and numerous practice papers.They also identified my weaknesses and had one on one sessions to overcome the same. The entire AP Guru team, especially Chirag & Sneha, were accessible at any given time, and they solved all my doubts patiently.

- Aditya dhruv, Jamnabai Narsee International School, ACT Score of 34

ACT 35

The resources provided, and the personalised and flexible plans at AP Guru have played an important role in helping me excel. The design of the teaching, as well as the quick feedback and correction, and identification of weak areas ensures consistent improvement. Furthermore, their continued motivation and ever supportive nature too helps. All in all, they have cracked the formula for acing the standardised tests!

- Prateet Damani, Hillspring International School, ACT Score of 35

ACT 35

Although AP Guru's teaching curriculum is perfectly constructed to help crack the tests, their true value lies in the resources they provide, as well as their approach to individualise the help they supply. Both Sneha and Chirag knew exactly what my weaknesses were, and worked to rectify it effectively, leading to consistent improvements in my abilities.

- Pranav Bajpai, Bombay International School, ACT Score of 35

SAT 1570

Ap guru Team makes every dream come true! They provided extensive resources including guides and past papers that aided me in achieving a great score. Each test was followed by a discussion of my weak areas and they gave me targeted practice material to help me improve. Their approachable and friendly nature makes AP Guru a conducive environment for both SAT and ACT preparation!

- Kaushik Damle, FAIPS-DPS-Kuwait, SAT 1570

SAT 1560

AP Guru has mastered the art of creating a productive, creative and efficient standardised testing programme that allows each student to not only reach their potential but often surpass it. Not only are they extremely supportive and proficient in their work, their greatest strength is the fact that the entire team works in sync to provide each student with all the resources required to ace the test. All the credit for my 1550 goes to them!

- Yash Shah, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, SAT Score of 1550

SAT 1550, ACT 35

AP Guru was incredibly helpful in my preparation for the SAT and the ACT. Sneha and Chirag not only helped me increase my SAT score, but also helped me transition from the SAT to the ACT. The access to past papers, study material and great teachers at AP Guru was certainly instrumental to my success.

- Tanya Sharma, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, SAT Score of 1550