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Launched the Santacruz Centre


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What Do Our Toppers Say About Us?

ACT 36

"I undertook an intensive 15-day course at AP Guru with the aim of achieving a perfect score on the ACT. Their online test platform made my journey extremely convenient and ensured accurate simulation of actual testing conditions. At the same time, their well-developed collection of resources helped me work to my strengths and work on my weaknesses. Above all, the quick, targeted sessions I had with Ms. Sneha to diagnose and correct any problems efficiently are what I believe had the greatest impact on my scores. The incisive feedback from Ms. Sneha ensured that I left no stone unturned in my attempt. I would strongly recommend AP Guru to all students aspiring for a perfect score!"

- Hardik Patil

SAT 1570

"The AP Guru Team makes every dream come true! They provided extensive resources including guides and past papers that aided me in achieving a great score. Each test was followed by a discussion of my weak areas and they gave me targeted practice material to help me improve. Their approachable and friendly nature makes AP Guru a conducive environment for both SAT and ACT preparation!"

- Kaushik Damle

ACT 36

"The team at AP Guru was extremely helpful and enabled me to score a 36. They have a wide range of resources that catered to my every need while preparing for this test. The feedback after every practice test was extremely helpful as were the detailed score reports. I would highly recommend their services for test prep."

- Aman Shah

ACT 36

"AP Guru creates a supportive environment which caters to every need in form of individual feedback, multiple resources, helpful tips, and tricks. They were there every step of the way to help me reach my goals."

- Sanchita Jalan

SAT 1590, ACT 36

"Both the SAT and ACT courses at AP Guru were extremely helpful and individualized. I was able to effectively focus on the places I was lacking with the help of their varied resources and excellent teaching skills! Their continued guidance and support were key in helping me get the score I wanted."the SAT and 36 on the ACT goes to the teaching and resources provided at this center."

- Riya Sankhe

SAT 1600, ACT 36

"AP Guru provides a conducive environment while preparing for the standardised tests and Chirag in particular is extremely supportive and able to gauge where exactly your weakness lies and then provide resources to help you improve on that area. A lot of credit for my 1600 on the SAT and 36 on the ACT goes to the teaching and resources provided at this center."

- Anagh Agrawal

ACT 36

"The faculty is astounding and very supportive. The entire study plan is mapped out in a very organised manner. With the sheer volume of past papers, practice was the key ingredient and I was always given analytical and specific feedback after each session."

- Pranav Khemka

ACT 36

"AP Guru were instrumental in helping me get a 36 on the ACT. The books and test material provided by them were extremely comprehensive and covered everything needed to max the test. After each practice test they individually discuss all your mistakes with you which really helps to increase your score. Their test prep methods are extremely effective and I would thus highly recommend ap guru to anyone wanting to take the ACT."

- Pradyut Sakseria

ACT 36

"AP Guru served as a platform which was really beneficial to my success. The extensive resources provided including the guides and the past papers aided me in achieving a perfect score. A debrief after each test with Chirag and Sneha cleared all my doubts and made my concepts crystal clear. Their approachable and friendly nature moulds Ap guru into a conducive environment for ACT preparation."

- Sachit Goyal

ACT 36

"AP Guru was extremely helpful in my ACT journey and provided me with all the resources I needed to succeed."

- Siddhanth Lath

ACT 36

"AP Guru was rigorous in finding my weakness and focussing me on what I needed most help in. The program was made me familiar with 99% of the ACT problems and gave me amazing strategies to succeed. I improved by 7 points to eventually score a 36!"

- Anshul Chaudhari

ACT 35

"AP Guru has mastered standardized tests. They personalize classes for each and every student and cater to their specific needs. They understand where more focus is required and how much importance should be given to each aspect in order to help all students do their best."

- Mukul Khanna

ACT 36

"I did an intensive 5-day ACT preparation program with AP Guru during my visit to Mumbai in the summer break. They were able to focus on areas which needed improvement, giving me valuable guidance and tips. Their teaching techniques and skills along with the large number of practice tests and comprehensive guides helped me immensely in achieving the perfect score. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone aspiring for a high score in the ACT exam."

- Vikramaditya Singh