2021 All College Application Deadlines: Dates You Need To Remember

As college application deadlines move closer, here’s a vital question: do you have any idea when all of the applications for your schools are due? Suppose you’re very enthusiastic about one or two colleges and feel like you’re ready to submit. In that case, you might be wondering what your options are when planning around the early decision and early action

If you’re not prepared yet, you’re seemingly looking ahead toward regular decision deadlines. It can surely help look at all of the dates side-by-side so that you can consider your options, plan where you hope to apply in the early or regular rounds, and start gathering all the components for submission.

Each school has its procedures and policies regarding the implementation of early action, early decision, and regular decision policies. Therefore, many institutions have a November 1 ED deadline or January 1 RD deadline, and not all colleges follow the procedures. 

Also, a few of your schools have ED applications due on November 15, while some even accept RD applications up to February. Generally, many students assume that schools have applications due on January 1, only to realize they’re due on November 30.

You don’t want these announcements to come too late. So, to make sure you’re prepared and know which applications to prioritize and when to submit them, we’ve presented you with the list of college application deadline schedules for the 2021/2022 academic year. Remember to confirm the dates with the schools directly. There are currently 389 colleges still accepting applications and 166 with Fall admission deadlines within the next thirty days.

List of 2021 College Application Deadlines of All States, Check out here.

Guidelines to Follow When Looking at College Application Deadlines

No need to Submit Your Application Too Early 

When going through these college application deadlines, you might be thinking about whether admissions evaluate your engagement towards the school based on how long before the deadline you submit your application. The answer is no. You don’t get any type of advantage if you propose on October 1st instead of October 31st for a November 1st deadline. While you need to make the deadline, you also need to make sure your work is clean and spotless. Admissions officers will notice typos, so don’t sacrifice the quality of your work to be early.

Be aware of Portal Glitches. 

You shouldn’t rush to finish up too far in advance, and you shouldn’t risk submitting too close to college application deadlines. The application systems aren’t glitch-free and technical problems are always a chance. To avoid any last-minute emergencies that can risk all of your hard work, prepare yourself to finish everything at least a day or two early so that you can prevent any unexpected scenarios. 

Know Your Schedule 

When planning your college application deadlines, you have to make sure you have fun once in a while. The early application deadlines are just after Halloween, and the regular application deadlines nearly follow Christmas. If you want to be a part of the festivities, make a long-term schedule that guarantees that you finish the final touches on all your requirements before college application deadlines come knocking on your door.

College application deadlines are essential in helping you understand the college application timeline. Remembering them in the back of your head as you finish up your statement, standardized tests, and supplemental essays can help set things into motion. They can act as the driving force to motivate you to complete all your requirements on time and perfect them. By noting down when your applications are due, you can make sure you’ve got all you need and take one step closer to impressing your dream college. Good luck!