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44 GRE vocab words not to be missed

44 GRE vocab words not to be missed

Kosha Mehta

                                44 GRE vocab words not to be missed

Preparing for GRE but doubtful if you have the vocab pool to sail through? Don't worry, here is a not-so-technical words list that will help you abundantly in enhancing your vocabulary. 

(In fact, this will prepare you for life, not only for GRE)

Happy Reading.

That’s all for this blog. Also, as advice; don't try to mug it up. Instead, try to use them in sentences and that would enable you to transfer the word into core memory where it stays forever. 

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  • dfds
  • DSfn;sdng dskjf fhdfn
  • ;asdflk ;sdflkajdf
  • adfj
  1. hhrthnb
  2. thbbvgro
  3. xddrfg

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