5 Top Online SAT Prep Services

This article will rank the five best online SAT prep programs and help you find an SAT prep option that is best for you. We have mentioned everything you need to recognize to find an online SAT prep course that works for you, should you decide it is an excellent next step in your college application journey.

What is the SAT?

The SAT is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States. College admissions personnel usually look at your SAT scores with your transcript, essays, extracurricular activities, and other features of your application to decide whether or not you are a good fit and ready to pursue a degree at their school.

Scores on the SAT range from 400–1600, and the test is made up of Reading, Writing & Language, and Math and includes an optional Essay section.

What Should You take the SAT or ACT?

The SAT and ACT are both college admissions tests, and many colleges will accept your SAT or ACT, either of the ones. If the colleges you are enrolling in will get either score, you can take either or both exams. 

The SAT has three sections, i.e., Reading, Writing & Language, and Math, while the ACT has four areas, i.e., English, Math, Reading, and Science. The SAT gives you more time per question than the ACT and tests you explicitly on vocabulary, while the ACTs you on science reasoning skills. 

Eventually, the tests you undertake comes down to your aptitude, preferences, and goals. I would suggest taking a reasonable amount of time researching both the SAT and ACT, going through sample questions from each exam, and thinking about your aptitude and preferences.

How does a higher SAT score affect your admission?

Many colleges and universities require a particular SAT score for admissions. Different colleges require another SAT score to get into college. Your SAT score can also determine what classes you take: a low score might put you in remedial classes, while a high score can earn you credit for particular core college classes without taking the course! 

With a good SAT, you can earn merit-based scholarships, and it can also help you win scholarships from your school and other organizations. Whether it is securing admission to your dream school, opting-out of remedial classes, able to skip a freshman math class during your first year of school, or earning a significant scholarship, working towards a higher SAT score can be beneficial, whether you have never laid eyes on the test before or have taken it multiple times but think you can improve.

Why is online SAT prep good for you?

There are several ways to study for the SAT, from books and offline materials to online courses to in-person tutors, and sometimes it is confusing to know where to start. 

Online prep is an excellent fit for you if you can study with some independence. You might have to take action by working through lessons on your own or starting to attend an online tutoring session, but this also indicates you have lots of flexibility. Just because you are learning online does not mean you are alone. Many of the courses on this list give you access to a tutor that will help you through the course. Online prep is perfect if you want to prepare for the SAT with some independence, anytime, anywhere.

Ranking Criteria

The below-mentioned online SAT prep options were chosen based on the quality, price, duration of course, and other extras like personalization, number of practice tests, accessibility, and point increase guarantees. 

However, it is vital to remember that the SAT prep that is ideal for you relies on your personal preferences. Just because a course option is on this list does not mean it is the best course for you, so go through the list with your preferences and needs in mind.

1. AP Guru- SAT Prep

Leaders in online, video-based test prep since 2011, AP Guru offers standardized test tutoring that is both engaging and detailed. AP Guru’s innovative technology helps students in their prep and university admissions. You can schedule and conduct live online individual and group classes directly through their platform. 

Their online SAT/ACT testing platform homes more than 30 SAT Tests and 40 ACT Tests. The platform mimics the Online ACT Test administered to international students. AP Guru’s Online Prep for the New SAT is perfect for self-studiers, video-lovers, and busy students. AP Guru’s one of its kind detailed analytics and reports will help you pinpoint and work on your weaknesses and give you a snapshot of where you stand on your prep. You can 

  • Track Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Performance Analytics
  • Test Trends
  • Trends by Topics

The material is very close to the content of the official SAT and is ranked according to difficulty so that you can master the basics and move closer to your goal score. You can get access to the course for varying lengths of time, depending on how long you need to prep. 

Duration: 6-12 Months

Price: $749, $1499, or $3499

2. Khan Academy–SAT Test Prep

Mountain View, California

Khan Academy Test Prep is a personalized learning resource to provide free education for anyone globally. Khan Academy has several practice exercises and instructional videos that users can access through a personalized learning dashboard covering various subjects, including SAT Prep. Khan Academy SAT Test Prep course is novel because they have collaborated with The College Board, the SAT provider, to create an official SAT prep course.

SAT Test Prep includes eight official, full-length practice tests, 1000s of practice questions, video lessons, and tips, a tailored practice plan with quick feedback. In 2017, Khan Academy and The College Board studied the course’s impact on student success. They found that 20 hours of practice on Khan Academy was associated with an average 115-point SAT score increase, nearly double the average gain for students who didn’t take the Khan Academy SAT Test Prep course.

Duration: Forever

Price: Free

3. The Princeton Review–SAT Prep

Framingham, Massachusetts

You might be familiar with The Princeton Review’s name. Established in 1981, they offer several resources, including test prep, tutoring, admissions help, and books. In addition to several SAT prep books, they also offer online courses that are more interactive and digestible than their books. If you want SAT prep that’s as comprehensive as an 800+ page book from an established test prep publisher but a little easier to carry around, take a look at The Princeton Review’s SAT Prep.

The Princeton Review has several options for SAT Prep. You can go for an entirely self-paced course, an expert-led program, or a personalized private tutoring program. The Self-Paced package includes a comprehensive SAT course with personalized on-demand lessons (you also get access to a complete ACT course as well). With the Ultimate Classroom option, you get 25 hours of live instruction from an SAT expert and four proctored practice tests, as well as access to the self-paced SAT and ACT courses.

With every one of The Princeton Review’s SAT Test Prep options, you get lots of video content, practice tools, and various types of guidance throughout your SAT studies. Each course comes with a satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with your SAT score after using The Princeton Review, you can prep again for gratis or get your money back.

Duration: Varies based on course

Price: $99, $1099, or $3000

4. ePrep–SAT Courses

Princeton, New Jersey

Courses at ePrep are developed on their methodology of test, grade, review, repeat. Their belief lies in that any student willing to put in the time and necessary works can improve their test scores. Besides that, ePrep courses are designed not to waste any time, and you can just focus on improving your score!

The SAT Courses at ePrep include answer-explanation and subject-matter videos featuring engaging SAT experts. Courses vary in length of access, but each course includes practice tests, video answers to every question, video lessons by subject, and a vocabulary builder. With three-Test Date Courses to choose from, you can sign up for a class that gives you Express, Standard, or Premium access to your course materials for two, four, or six months. 

Duration: Two, four, six, or twelve months

Price: $129, $249, $299, $399, or $599

5. CollegeVine–Online SAT Tutoring Program

Cambridge, Massachusetts

CollegeVine’s Online SAT Tutoring Program aims to focus on helping busy students successfully prepare for the SAT. The tutors and curriculum creators at CollegeVine realize that high school students have many things going on, so their programs are designed to maximize study time for optimal score improvement. 

CollegeVine’s programs also help parents throughout the test prep process, sending regular updates and score reports to parents about their student’s overall progress. CollegeVine’s SAT prep courses include a diagnostic exam, a custom tutoring plan, passionate tutors, and score prediction tools. 

The detailed exam helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses in each SAT section and allows their tutor to design an SAT program tailored to their student’s individual needs. This will enable students to focus on the essential concepts they need to improve, rather than just re-learning ones they may have already mastered.

Duration: 6, 10, or 16 weeks

Price: $1,000–$2,400