ACT Reading: Efficient Strategies for Various Passages

The ACT Reading section is designed to test your reading comprehension skills and ability to analyze and interpret written texts. It consists of four passages, each with 10 questions. Here are some strategies for approaching each type of passage efficiently:

 Prose Fiction:

1. Skim the Passage First:

   - Read the passage quickly to get a general idea of the story, characters, and setting.

2. Identify Key Points:

   - Look for key events, character motivations, and themes.

3. Focus on the Questions:

   - Use the questions to guide your reading. Pay close attention to details that are relevant to the questions.

4. Be Careful of Traps:

   - Watch out for answer choices that are tempting but not directly supported by the passage.

 Social Science:

1. Identify the Main Idea:

   - Look for the main argument or thesis of the passage.

2. Note Details and Examples:

   - Pay attention to specific details, examples, and evidence that support the main idea.

3. Be Wary of Extreme Answers:

   - Extreme answer choices are often incorrect. Look for moderate, well-supported answers.

4. Use Context Clues:

   - Use the context of the passage to help you understand unfamiliar vocabulary or concepts.


1. Look for Structure:

   - Pay attention to the organization of the passage. Look for the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

2. Identify Key Points:

   - Look for the main arguments, evidence, and conclusions.

3. Pay Attention to Tone:

   - Note the author's tone and attitude toward the subject.

4. Watch for Logical Connections:

   - Look for logical connections between ideas and evidence.

 Natural Science:

1. Understand the Experiment:

   - Pay attention to the setup, procedure, and results of any experiments described in the passage.

2. Identify Key Concepts:

   - Look for key scientific concepts, theories, and principles.

3. Be Aware of Scientific Language:

   - Pay attention to scientific vocabulary and concepts.

4. Use Diagrams and Figures:

   - Use diagrams, charts, and figures to help you understand the experiment and results.

 General Strategies:

1. Manage Your Time:

   - Allocate a certain amount of time for each passage and stick to it.

2. Mark Your Answers:

   - Mark your answers directly in the test booklet to save time.

3. Eliminate Wrong Choices:

   - Cross out answer choices that are obviously incorrect.

4. Don't Spend Too Much Time on One Question:

   - If you're struggling with a question, move on and come back to it later.

5. Stay Focused:

   - Keep your mind focused on the task at hand and avoid getting distracted by irrelevant details.

By following these strategies, you can approach each type of passage in the ACT Reading section efficiently and effectively.