Advanced Approaches to ACT Reading Speed and Accuracy

Achieving both speed and accuracy in the ACT Reading section is crucial for a high score. To improve your efficiency, try these advanced approaches:

 1. Pre-Reading and Skimming:

1. Scan the Questions: Before reading the passage, quickly scan the questions. This can help you identify key details to look for while reading.


2. Skim the Passage: Read the passage quickly, focusing on the main idea, topic sentences, and keywords. This can help you get a general understanding before diving into the details.

3. Note Key Points: As you skim, underline or jot down key points, main ideas, and any details that stand out. This can help you locate information more quickly when answering questions.

 2. Active Reading and Annotation:

1. Highlight Important Details: Use a highlighter or pencil to mark important details, such as dates, names, and key phrases. This can help you focus on the most relevant information.

2. Summarize Paragraphs: After reading each paragraph, write a brief summary or main idea in the margin. This can help you quickly reference the main points later.

3. Predict Answers: As you read, try to predict the answer to each question before looking at the answer choices. This can help you focus on finding the correct information.

 3. Question-Driven Reading:

1. Focus on the Questions: Use the questions as a guide while reading. Pay attention to details that are relevant to the questions.

2. Refer Back to the Passage: When answering questions, refer back to the passage for evidence. This can help you avoid relying on memory and ensure accuracy.

3. Look for Key Words: Pay attention to key words in the questions, such as "except," "not," and "most." These can help you identify the correct answer choice.

 4. Multiple Passes:

1. Initial Scan: Read the passage quickly to get a general understanding.

2. Detail-Oriented Pass: Read the passage again, focusing on specific details, main ideas, and key points.

3. Question-Focused Pass: Read the passage a third time, this time focusing on the questions and finding evidence in the passage to answer them.

 5. Practice and Timing:

1. Use Timed Practice: Practice with timed reading passages to improve your speed and pacing.

2. Review Mistakes: After completing a practice test or passage, review your mistakes and identify areas for improvement.

3. Work on Weaknesses: Focus on improving in areas where you struggle, such as comprehension or speed.


By combining these advanced approaches, you can improve your speed and accuracy in the ACT Reading section. With practice and dedication, you can achieve a high score and perform well on test day.