Choose Auctioneering course to become Auctioneer

Know eligibility criteria for auctioneering course

If you love ‘sales’ as a career option, Auctioneering is the best option.The course is ideal for those who wish to prepare for a career as an estate broker, a property manager or a valour and seeks to provide an overview of the legal, economic and physical context within which the property market operates.

Eligibility & Skills

Without any formal qualifications you can also work as an auctioneer. It is advised  to get some informal workplace coaching. Education and real estate experience may be an asset when looking for job opportunities and education. State and local real estate institutes are providing short courses and professional development to real estate professionals who want auctioneering specialists. Australia's Auctioneers and Valuers Association also offers auctioneering and valuation training courses.  Students who have achieved the appropriate level on the curriculum at the end of their final year and who meet other preconditions have the opportunity to move to the third year of the Property Economics Honors Program ( or the third or final year of the BSc. Honorary degree program in property research.

The career is appropriate for those interested in people and the built environment. Certain attractive qualities are a friendly personality and people's ability to get along. Other skills you require are Strong, clear voice, able to make quick, sound decisions, Self-confidence and are able to address large groups of people. 


As an Auctioneer you are involved throughout the sale, management and valuation of residential and commercial buildings. The course in auctioneering provides academic knowledge and vocational skills for students to function effectively in the developed workplace environment.  Graduates generally work in larger companies or in limited collaborations. The curriculum is very suitable for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and also offers the skills to enable students to open their own business after obtaining the appropriate work experience. Other employment opportunities include Real Estate agencies, government, and auctioneering firms. 

How can you become a successful Auctioneer

It involves hard work and countless hours of practice and training to be an auction professional. You might want to consider attending the auction school. In the U.S. and abroad, there are auction schools and courses that can provide you with the education you need to start your career in the auction industry. In addition to learning the art of calling for bids, auction schools also provide training for students to advertise their products and sales, as well as providing training for students to begin and operate an auction company.

Auction school is just the start of your auction practice. You will learn best practices from leading auctioneers, business professionals and public speakers at the auction program. It is important to devote yourself to continue your auction education in order to be successful and succeed in the ever-changing auction marketplace. Auction school is a critical step in speeding up your career in the auction. Join the NAA and engage in our educational programs, join the NAA Auction Professionals Facebook group, receive a professional appointment, attend Conference & Exhibit, and use the many tailored membership benefits to help auctioneers start their careers off strong! Wait for a few auctions and see how they are handled. If necessary, introduce yourself and inquire about them to the auctioneers. Please make sure you ask them questions.

Study state or provincial licensing laws to find out the criteria you need to meet in your state or province to become an auctioneer. Find a school that will invest in your future as an auctioneer while investigating universities. A school taught by trained teachers provide quality instruction, restricts the size of the class so that students receive one-to-one time with each teacher, and provides students with opportunities to begin their auction company after graduation. Obtain the requisite licenses, apply for your license by contacting the state or provincial licensing boards. Practice makes your auction slogan as well as your business practices great. Enter the associations of professionals. There are both local, regional and national specialist auctioneering associations and they are a great resource for training, networking and many other services.

Would you like to attend an auctioneer school? Choose from the following colleges:

Know that when you go to an Auctioneering degree, the aim is to gain certification. A degree of Auctioneering sometimes does not require a large amount of time commitment and is usually completed in just one or two years. Most people find that it is enough to obtain only one certificate. At this level, by earning a degree in Auctioneering, it is necessary to identify the degree based on what your goals are. After that, the next steps will be to find the right school based on your versatility and needs.