List of Best & top Animation Schools Worldwide

Mar 19, 2021

Best Animation Schools in The World

We all have times, when the world we live in kind of sucks. Don’t we wish we could just go to a world of our own, a world that we have created, live by our own rules. Somewhere deep within us, we all want to create our own illusion of life, but here’s the catch, you can’t create the illusion if you don’t have one. That’s what animation can do- create whatever the mind conceives. 

Below are some of the best animation schools in the world, nourishing some of the greatest and most creative minds in the world. 


In the space of only fifteen years, this school has won the right to count itself amongst the very best film schools. The Baden-Württemberg Film Academy as a whole is rightfully held in the highest regard by the film and media industry.


Vancouver Film School is very well known for the 3d animation and visual effects course. In just one intensive year (which is equal to 4 years at other schools) at VFS you receive a comprehensive education balancing theoretical instruction and hands-on production. Whether you are making films, designing video games, or bringing animated characters to life, you will create a body of work to showcase your abilities and launch your career.


Founded in 1766, is the artistic, scientific and technical training of creative students capable of designing, promoting and developing all manner of works in the field of decorative arts, and the direction of research in the same sectors. The specializations - or sectors - introduced include animation, interior architecture, space art, visual communication (graphic art in general and multimedia graphics), industrial design, the printed image (engraving, illustration, DTP, serigraphy), furniture, photography, scenography, textiles, clothing and video.


One of the most famous animation schools in the WORLD is Sheridan College located in Oakville, Ontario. The most interesting point about Sheridan is the fact that it was one of the first schools in the world that offered animation course. Some of classical animators on Walt Disney's classic features are Sheridan grads! Sheridan film students have picked up awards at festivals around the world.


The RCA is the world's only wholly postgraduate university institution of art and design - fine art, applied art, design, communications and humanities - offering the degrees of MA, MPhil and PhD. The student’s work is nourished by the vibrant, creative environment and is particularly supported by the close links with the Drawing Studio. Mark-making and drawing, abstraction, creative narrative and exploration of the material of film are explored by Master’s students and provide a stimulating environment for animation research.

These are some of the best Animation Schools in the world, so go ahead and screw reality. Immerse yourself into a world of your own, suspend your disbelief and jump in but remember to be true to yourself. Know yourself. Do it for the love of it.


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