5 Best American Universities for College Food

The one single thing you are bound to miss when you are studying abroad is home-cooked food. College food usually translates to boring, tasteless food, which is just to fill your stomach, right? 

Fortunately, not all colleges have the same reputation regarding their food. Some colleges stretch themselves that extra mile and pride themselves in offering food that may not match what your mother lovingly cooks for you back home but will definitely keep your taste buds and stomach happy.

This article will show you 5 College which is known for having really good food. So, Let's see:

‍Bowdoin College

‍The Bowdoin College, which offers a four-year residential study that concludes with a baccalaureate degree in the liberal arts, is reputed for its dining and is a recipient of many awards. All meals are freshly made in-house by a staff of talented culinary professionals. 

As per Niche.com 2021 ranking, Bowdoin College food is 20th best in the USA. As of Princeton review 2021 ranking, it has 2nd best campus food in the USA.

It ensures that the food is healthy and trans-fat-free, and without high fructose corn syrup. The College has its own organic garden that supplies fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs. 

For those with a sweet tooth, most of the desserts, too, are baked in-house. The eating options cater to a varied preference –vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc. They also stock lactose-free and nut-free food. 

It shows that the food in this College focuses not only on the taste of the food but also on providing healthy, organic, and environmentally sustainable food. 

Dining at Bowdoin may cost approximately $7,528 per semester.‍ To know more about the dining service in Bowdoin, go here.

‍Virginia Tech

‍Virginia Tech offers effective engineering, business, management, marketing, human sciences, biology, and social sciences. And its award-winning dining is continuously ranked as one of the best campus dining experiences.

As per Niche.com 2021 ranking, Virginia Tech College food is 2nd best in the USA. As of Princeton review 2021 ranking, VT has 8th best in the USA. And as per College magazine, VT is the no. 1 College with the best dining option.

 About 47 dining centers at 11 locations cater to a varied palate, and 2 food trucks comb the campus to feed hungry students. Menus constantly change to keep the interest alive, and the food is always nutritious and even has a 'You're Eating Smarter' program that offers healthy eating options. 

Special food for those who need to be on a special diet or with food allergies will also find ample food to suit their needs.

Dining costs will depend on how many meals you will eat per week. They have 10 meals/12 meals/14 meals a week plans to choose from. To know more about the dining service in VT, go here

Check out the video on Virginia tech dining: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wu-8PMZRul4

The University Of Massachusetts In Amherst

‍The University of Massachusetts offers diverse major and minor programs at the College of Natural Sciences, and the dining options come close to matching this diversity. 

As per Niche.com 2021 ranking, UMass food is 3rd best in the USA. As of Princeton review 2021 ranking, UMass has No. 1 campus food in the USA.

There's a dining center at every corner of the University – there are 20 retail cafes. There's Kosher and Halal, a Bakeshop, UMass catering, and the University Club. 

In Addition, two food trucks do the rounds on the campus for students who don't have the time to go to eat at a dining center. 

UMass Dining sources food locally and does all it can to reduce food waste. The food served is healthy, nutritious, and organic. They encourage eating more plant food, as it's healthy and environment-friendly.

The Unlimited DC Plan that costs $2,912 per semester, is the most worthwhile dining plan. There are other more expensive plans available too. To know more about the dining service in UMass, go here.

Washington University In St. Louis

The Washington University (WUSTL) is known for the varied research opportunities that it offers for undergraduates. Students can choose from an equally wide variety of dining – there are close to 30 eateries on campus offering a wide variety of eating options from all over the world - from delis to takeaways to cafes. 

As per Niche.com 2021 ranking, WUSTL food is 9th best in the USA. As of Princeton review 2021 ranking, WUSTL has 3rd best campus food in the USA. 

It has the best burger joints, American Grill, authentic Italian cuisine, Latin-inspired cuisine, authentic Indian cuisine, Asian cuisine, Mongolian Grill, and more. Salad bars, dessert places, pizza joints, and baked goodies will keep you want to have more.

The University offers Student Meal Plans starting from $4,516 to $6,832 with a meal point system to help budget meals. To know more about the dining service in WUSTL, go here

University Of California – Los Angeles

‍University of California, Los Angeles is a world-ranked university reputed for majors in biology, business economics, political science, psychology, and psychobiology.

As per Niche.com 2021 ranking, UCLA has the No.1 college food in the USA. And as per College magazine, UCLA is the 9th College with the best dining option. 

UCLA Dining is a recognized, award-winning service with superior cuisine and state-of-the-art provisions. The meals are always fresh, healthy, and tasty. 

Food options at UCLA are diverse. You'll find freshly prepared wraps, salads, sandwiches, vegan, vegetarian, kosher offerings, Asian-style noodles, sushi, boba, Charbroiled burgers, chicken sandwiches, chili fries, shakes, and so much to keep you satisfied. 

And if you are allergic to gluten, there's a gluten-free pantry too to cater to your special needs.

Meal plans are with on-campus housing, so you pay for your meals when you make your housing payment. To know more about the dining service in WUSTL, go here

Check out the dining hall tour of UCLA: