World's 5 Best Law schools

Studying law allows you to pursue a legal career leading to becoming a solicitor or barrister by intensive training. Along the way, it will also help you understand the world better while being exposed to matters related to economics, business, politics, human rights, all aspects of human situations, international law, and trade.

It will also prepare you to handle tricky situations. So a law degree will not only prepare you for a legal career but will also broaden your outlook.

This article will describe the world's 5 best law schools. The Ranking is based on "QS World University Rankings" of law and legal studies. So let's see:

Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Harvard Law School is the oldest law school in the United States, and studying at Harvard is considered prestigious. With an acceptance rate of 15.6%, getting admission here is daunting. 

Your LSAT (Law School Admission Test) scores should be over 175, while your GPA (Grade Point Average) should be at least 3.75. Rather than offering merit-based financial aid, Harvard Law School lays more emphasis on need-based aid. 

The same rule applies to international students too. The graduate program aims to cater to students who have already studied law and wish to sharpen their skills to charter a successful career.

Notable alumni of Harvard Law School are:

  • Barack Obama, Ex-President of the United States
  • Elena Kagan - Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and 
  • John Glover Roberts Jr. - Chief Justice of the United States 

University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Law has been taught and written for over 800 years at the University of Oxford. Studying at such an illustrious institution doesn't come easy. Hence, The acceptance rate of Oxford is around 8%. The faculty comprises leading international scholars who will prepare you to become a solicitor or barrister. The student-faculty ratio here is around 7:1.

They will teach you to understand and resolve complex issues, prepare arguments, be mentally agile and think on your feet with clarity and exactness. A student is eligible to apply for various scholarships at the time of admission.

Notable alumni of Faculty of Law, University of Oxford are:

  • Tony Blair - ex-PM England 
  • Sir Nicolas Bratza – President of the European Court of Human Rights and 
  • Sir Humphrey Waldock – judge at the European Court of Human Rights

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Legal education at the University of Cambridge started in the 13th century and today has the reputation of being one of the finest law schools in the United Kingdom. 

About 700 undergraduate students study at Cambridge, along with 225 graduate students who are part of the Cambridge University Law Society – one of the world's largest student-run law societies. The 

Since the acceptance rate is about 26%, students stand a better chance of getting into the course of advanced-level legal studies in a supportive environment. There are various scholarship funds, which grant aid to eligible students.

Notable alumni at Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge are:

  • Sir Hari Singh Gour – author of the Indian Penal Code,
  • Yong Pung How – Ex-Chief Justice of Singapore and
  • Anthony Gates - Ex-Chief Justice of the High Court of Fiji

Yale Law School, Connecticut, United States

Yale Law School is a leading law school founded in 1824. The environment at the school is intellectually encouraging and offers ample opportunities to participate in law. Yale Law School offers a 3-year degree course and admits about 200 students. 

However, being a small school, the acceptance rate of Yale is tough at 6.7%. But once in, students are exposed to a varied and solid program and taught by illustrious faculty. The student-faculty ratio of Yale is 4.4:1.

The school trains students to hone their skills to become influential practitioners by contacting successful networks of legal clinics and intellectual centers. 

Financial aid at Yale Law School is very comprehensive and based on financial need alone. Available scholarship grants and loans ensure that students can pursue their study programs irrespective of their financial situation.

Notable alumni of Yale Law school are:

  • Bill Clinton, Ex-President of the United States
  • Gerald Ford, Ex-President of the United States
  • Hillary Clinton, Ex-Secretary of State of the United States

Stanford Law School, California, United States

Located in Silicon Valley and established in 1893, Stanford Law School is considered one of the premier law schools in the United States. To stand a chance to be accepted, you need to ensure that your LSAT scores are in the 170s – an indicator of the applicant pool. 

The acceptance rate is about 9.1%. At Stanford Law School, students are allowed to customize their education to match their goals and interests. Since classes are small, students study in a collaborative atmosphere, learn to lead, and become ace team players with a resolve to forge new solutions with law. 

The faculty ensures that students are continuously challenged and explore innovative ideas. The student-faculty ratio of Stanford is 4.4:1

They offer clinics that focus on the practice as also practical sessions in policymaking. An SLS JD - Joint Degree or advanced degree is sure to open doors to excellent career opportunities. 

Stanford Law School is very open-handed and offers financial aid to about 75-80% of the students through fellowships or loan assistance, as well as merit-based and need-based scholarships.

Notable alumni of Stanford Law School are:

  • Warren Minor Christopher, Ex-Secretary of State, United States,
  • Sandra Day O'Connor, retired Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and
  • Peter Andreas Thiel, co-founder of PayPal