Know Top & Best Psychology Schools Worldwide

Mar 19, 2021

List of Best Psychology Schools Worldwide

Want to learn about the human mind? Psychology is all about human behavior and what dictates it. Why do people react to certain things in certain ways? What can make people happy or sad, and how can we use that in the modern world? Learning psychology will teach you all about the behavior of people and how their minds work, which can be useful everywhere.

1. Stanford University in Stanford, CA

Stanford University opened its doors and established its Department of Psychology in 1892. In 2010, U.S. News & World Report ranked the university fifth among national universities. The graduate psychology program was ranked the best in the nation, and the psychology specializations were all within the top ten in 2009. The Department of Psychology has five branches of learning, including affective science, neuroscience, and developmental, social and cognitive psychology. Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts, a terminal Master of Arts or a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Psychology. 

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2. University of California - Berkeley

In 2009, the graduate program in psychology tied with Stanford University's programs for first place, and its psychology fields of study also rank within the top ten. Students can earn bachelors and doctoral degrees in psychology. The school also offers Ph.D. programs in organizational behavior and school psychology.

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3. Harvard University in Cambridge, MA

One of the oldest universities in the U.S., Harvard University opened in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. U.S. News & World Report ranked the school first among national universities in 2010 and the graduate school of psychology third in the nation in 2009. Students can participate in undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral programs. These programs educate students in behavioral, organizational, social science, clinical and cognitive psychology.

4. McGill University, Montreal- Canada.

With a reputation built on strong academics McGill has 21 faculties and professional schools offer programs in some 300 areas of study. The outstanding faculties bring the latest research directly to their students. In addition to that, an active alumni network provides graduates with contacts around the globe. The school focuses on areas of Cognition, language and perception, behavioral Neuroscience, Development Science, Social and personality psychology and many more. Thier international reputation for teaching and research attracts the best and the brightest students and faculty from around the world.

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5. University of Sydney, Australia. 

University of Sydney’s School of Psychology prides itself on its diverse research excellence and its strong national and international research links. School staff currently holds over $7 million in competitive research funding from government and industry sources. Over 30% of their staff is supported by prestigious Research Fellowships from the Australian Research Council, the National Health and Medical Research Council and Cancer Australia.

The School provides a well resourced and stimulating intellectual environment for research students and offers competitive top-up scholarships, teaching fellowships, and financial support to attend national and international conference

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So, choose the school of your choice and start applying. A degree in psychology can be relevant to a variety of careers, such as counseling, marketing, business and teaching. More importantly it will help you know the human mind better, which I believe is one hell of a complex thing. 


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