Top & Best Schools For Artificial Intelligence

Mar 19, 2021

Best School For Artificial Intelligence

Geeks Ahoy! 

Looking into ways of stimulating human thought and action with computer hardware and software? Looking to study … Artificial Intelligence? You must be ready to shake up your gray matter as the Course work covers such intense topics as natural language processing, cybernetics, human factors, and computing theory. All this and more because, Today's AI is about new ways of connecting people to computers, people to knowledge, people to the physical world, and people to people.

Here are the top schools worldwide to study Artificial Intelligence- 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This one is almost a no brainier. The program is a leader in the development of new disciplines discovered through research by faculty and students. To top it, it’s got famous award winning and dedicated faculty members. The MIT lab opportunities are vast and diverse and enthusiastic students have the opportunity to select from an extensive list of lab projects to incorporate into their studies.

Where do I start?

Carnegie Mellon University

They say the smartest guys are always from CMU. The curriculum of the computer science program covers the breadth of the field with courses ranging from theory to design, to programming, and much more. Students will have the opportunity to engage in research, which will provide answers to problems not yet even thought of by the industry and explore revolutionary areas of technology. CMU also has the most diverse range of students coming in from all over the world. The downside, CMU is also the most expensive for Computer Science Progammes. 

Where do I start?

There is a popular cliché, which says that you cannot get out of computers any more than you put in. Other versions are that computers only do exactly what you tell them to, and that therefore computers are never creative. Ready to break this cliché?

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech are one of the largest IS research groups in the US. The IS faculty conduct research in AI and provide PhD and MS students in these areas, and we offer a broad set of undergraduate and graduate courses in these areas. It's easier to get in since it has the largest number of intakes and from what I hear, also the hottest guys and hottest girls. 

Where do I start?

Radboud University Nijimega

Radboud University Nijmegen is situated in the oldest city in the Netherlands. Artificial Intelligence at this university focuses on various psychological processes such as perception, decision-making, communication and motor functions. Here, Artificial Intelligence cooperates closely with other study programmes such as those of Experimental Psychology, Informatics, and Language, Speech and Informatics. The school of Psychology and Artificial Intelligence also offers two research masters: Behavioral Science and Cognitive Neuroscience

Where do I start?

University of York, UK

If you want to pursue Artificial intelligence in the UK, the university of York certainly has the most skilled and co operative faculty and an active Artificial intelligence Research group. 

Where do I start?

I cannot give a smart concluding note since I don’t know much about Artificial Intelligence, I never studied Computer Science, but I have imagined a time when we will be to Robots what dogs are to humans. And when that happens, I know for a fact that I’m rooting for the machines. 

Best of Luck. 



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