Top 6 Accounting Schools in the United States

Deciding to pursue an accounting career is a wise move. After all, there is plenty of space for career growth and development. Plus, a strong sense of job security and the opportunity to earn some of the world's highest salaries!

While you may have many questions about life as a CPA, one thing is sure; a degree from the right college will place you in a strong position to make good connections and track your progress quickly. 

So, if you are wondering what undergraduate program is right for you, you're in the right place. This carefully compiled list of top 6 accounting schools will guide you;

University of Sydney

Being Australia's oldest and most respected higher education institution, it is not surprising that Sydney has earned a place on this list. Its accounting program is also consistent with these high standards. The course gets consistently ranked among the world's top 20.

Students get the teaching at the University's Business School. It allows making various choices through all the basics of financial accounting principles. Modules on data analysis, sustainability, and current issues show the modern approach of the school to the subject.

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is the most prominent bricks-and-mortar college in the UK. The school can trace its roots back to 1824. During this period, the school has grown into one country's most prestigious. It is drawing students from around the world.

Its accounting program is consistently getting recognized for its high teaching standards. The program has an ICAEW-approved curriculum and close ties with top accounting firms such as Price Waterhouse Coopers. It's a three-year study option where students can also spend an additional year working in the industry with one of the many partners in the school.

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

HKUST, located in Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong, is one of the fastest-growing schools globally. HKUST established itself as one of the top schools in Asia. 

There are also frequent case competitions organized by different professional bodies, offering students the opportunity to develop strong connections throughout the industry.

Brigham Young University

Based in Provo, Utah, Brigham Young University has the largest private university enrollment in the world. The student population of BYU comprises students from all 50 states and over 100 countries.

BYU's Bachelor of Accounting Science uses a method for teaching called the Junior Core. Accounting students get divided into five sections, each receiving the same instruction from different faculty members. 

To achieve harmony and cohesiveness to their material and practices, students work together in an organized manner. The structure makes BYU one of the best accounting schools. It provides a quality curriculum that develops substantial field skills. 

Besides completing the coursework, accounting students must engage in accounting clubs, pursue an internship and attend an interview with the exit.

University of Notre Dame

Established in 1842, Notre Dame University was founded by a priest from the Holy Cross Congregation. University dedicates itself to promoting groundbreaking study and a holistic student experience.

Approximately 75% of undergraduate students live on campus, taking part in more than 500 clubs and organizations. The BBA in Accounting program from Notre Dame college combines practical skills into a curriculum covering financial reporting and tax planning topics. 

Students gain the ability to evaluate and solve problems while learning to function as part of a team. Notre Dame is one of the best accounting schools for students who want to create their professional network through peer experiences due to the emphasis on communication skill development.

New York University

New York University, established in 1831 by Albert Gallatin, is a private institution. It's a school with over 50,000 students at New York City, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai campuses. NYU is one of the Association of American Universities' 62 member institutions.

NYU students will get a BS in a business with an accounting focus. NYU is one of the best accounting schools for learners looking for a strong business base. Also to students learn essential skills needed to start an accounting career. 

The BS in Business requires a course in international studies, including a business trip abroad. Students also discuss the societal impact of business. They also take part in activities to communicate with future employers.

Like almost everything in life, there are positive and negative aspects of any course you choose to go for. The reality is that some courses are the right fit for some people, not others. 

Think of it as shopping for a house — some people are looking for big mansions and luxury while others are looking for safety and security. Neither options are inherently good or bad, but for different types of people, choices differ.

A career in finance and accounting career depends on your temperament, work style, and priorities in life. Once you understand the potential benefits and disadvantages of an accounting career, you can make informed decisions. 

While you do your search selecting the top college to pursue your dream course of finance and accounts, make sure that you are realistic about investing time, energy, and money.