World's 5 Best Colleges To Study Egyptology?

Egyptology is the study of ancient Egypt's culture, people, language, history, literature, religion, art, economy, and architecture. Ancient Egypt, regarded as one of the largest and oldest known civilizations, was both an exciting and essential part of human history. 

Any Course in Egyptology allows you to explore this history as guided through its different periods, philosophies, values, rulers, and expertise. An Egyptology Course starts by sending you far back, looking at Ancient Egypt's history with an overview of how civilization has changed over time. 

One of Egyptology's best things is the study of kings, queens, and pharaohs. Egyptology takes you through the language that their rulers used and how they consider as divine. You will also take a look at some of Egyptian history's most essential and notable figures. 

Ancient Egyptians have been recognized as a highly advanced society with progressive knowledge of medicine, astronomy, electricity, agriculture, and architecture for their time.

Eligibility Criteria

You don't need to have specific courses at school to study Egyptology as an undergraduate. Having pursued geography, history, languages, sciences, or social sciences, however, is helpful. 

Science will be a good basis for thinking about methods of laboratory and fieldwork. Simultaneously, in essay writing, humanities such as history, literature, classics, philosophy, or geography will provide a good basis. 

Studying foreign languages, geography, and other nations' history will also help you better understand the challenges of experiencing a new culture and society. 

Egyptologists require the same education level and experience as related fields such as anthropology and archaeology. It tends to mean that applicants must complete an undergraduate degree first (in a relevant field), followed by further Master's and often PhD-level higher education.

What do Egyptologists do

Egyptologists piece together hints that illuminate the art and language of Egyptian culture. Either you are focusing on how the Egyptian language and art looks or sounds, your main objective will be unraveling and researching the mysteries of Egyptian culture.

You may think you'll be working in Egypt, scaling pyramids. Unfortunately, most of your work will be either in the museum or in universities as a teacher or researcher. However, you may visit Egypt during short-term digs.

So, most of your job will be a desk job. But never ever think that this job is boring. You'll examine newly discovered artifacts or translate ancient text, which is not by any means boring. Plus, you have an opportunity to give your knowledge to others by teaching.

How much an egyptologist earn

As per, An egyptologist earns around $62,920 on an average per year. On an entry-level, you may earn around $35,440 per year. The top egyptologists earn around $97,047 every year.

Now, let's see the world's 5 best colleges to learn Egyptology. 

University of Glasgow

The European Commission has named Glasgow as the top creative and cultural city in the UK and is a popular destination for students.

If you choose to study at the University of Glasgow, you'll have access to world-class libraries and museums and the incredible range of cultural, literary, and creative events that make Glasgow such a lively place to study. 

Glas offers MSc in Ancient Cultures, which teaches Egyptology and is a 12-month full-time and 24-month part-time course.

Swansea University

Located in Wales, one of the prominent universities to learn is Swansea University. Here you can study BA Egyptology and Ancient History. You can pursue an MA by Egyptology Research, which will help you conduct a research project guided by your own interests and passions. Your Egyptology project will take part-time for a full year or two years. 

If you want to pursue a first research degree as an independent culmination of taught studies, you can go for Ph.D. or in MPhil Egyptology. The faculty ensures that each student in Egyptology has the expert supervision required to complete their project within the candidacy timeframe. 

In this course, you will have at least two department-based managers. They will recognize supervisors whose research experience suits your selected subject upon receipt of your submission.

University of Cambridge 

This MPhil from the University of Cambridge is ideal for students preparing for graduate work and pursuing study in Egyptology but requires further training in either the region's language(s) or archaeology. The student may choose either an emphasis on archaeology or language.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford offers  MPhil in Egyptology, which is a two-year graduate degree that provides a satisfactory, advanced study course in ancient Egypt's languages, cultures, and history. 

While the MPhil acts as an individual course, students can also take it to the stage where they can embark on Egyptology doctoral studies.

University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is another best university situated in England to go for egyptology. Suppose you want to research the major developments of human societies from the beginnings of settled life to the fluorescence of the great civilizations. In that case, the MA in Archeology is a perfect postgraduate degree. 

The teaching at Liverpool is not just paper-based; They have campus facilities that allow you to experience hands-on activities complementing your studies. 

You will get the teaching at Archeology Museum in Garstang, which houses more than 40,000 objects, including collections from Egypt, the Aegean, Sudan, the Middle East, and Great Britain.