How To Become Successful Entertainment Engineer

 How to become an entertainment engineer

The Entertainment Engineering Design program has brought together the seriousness of engineering and aesthetic pleasures of fine arts. It is a combination more potent than any addiction that aims to entertain humanity with the purgation of their strong feelings.

This program is designed to offer candidates an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of new technologies in the entertainment industry with its ever-growing artistic demands. It also provides the best alternative for students wishing to be active in the entertainment industry. The best of all is that graduates in EED earn quick success and confidence. As a graduate with EED, you will be acquainted with engineering principles, new materials, upcoming technologies, and traditional theatrical practices — sharp insight into the creative industries’ arctic demands. 

Overview of Entertainment Engineering Design

Studying at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), one of the top universities to offer the EED program, gives me direct experience designing, building, installing, and maintaining various facilities, types of equipment, and technologies used in today's entertainment industry.

Since this university is located in Las Vegas, students taking the program get internship opportunities with some of the leading companies in the entertainment business like Cirque du Soleil and Wet Design to learn how to create real entertainment experiences. The Entertainment Engineering & Design degree covers computer science, civil and structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical and computer engineering. 

Additionally, It requires 127 credit hours, including 30 credits associated with its General Education Core.

What Does Entertainment Engineers Do? 

If you are an aspiring entertainment engineer, the chances are that you are curious to know what you will be doing once you are through with your Entertainment Engineering Design program. Well, Entertainment Engineers are responsible for creating structural and mechanical systems meant for theme parks, entertainment staging, and surprising places. 

How Do I Become an Entertainment Engineer? 

A bachelor's degree is the minimum level of education needed to pursue a career as an entertainment engineer. These engineers combine a range of duties and work on various systems, so employers may require entertainment engineers to have a master's degree to ensure the necessary skills.

If you want to become an entertainment engineer, you will need a bachelor's degree in entertainment engineering as the minimum qualification. And because entertainment engineering design involves many different systems, potential employers may only be willing to offer a place with graduates with a bachelor's degree. 

Universities that Offer Entertainment Engineering Design Program

1. University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the United States of America 

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Entertainment Engineering Design is one of the best and most popular programs offered at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. When you register as a student in Entertainment Engineering Design, you will get an opportunity to get hands-on experience in installing and maintaining facilities, building, and designing, among other things. 

Las Vegas is famous due to its rapid growth in the entertainment industry. Most people have branded it the nickname "Entertainment Capital." Because of this, you expect the demand for new trends to be on the verge. Entertainment Engineering Design is an interdisciplinary and non-cultured program with its roots in film, theatre, architecture, and other engineering disciplines. And it's a no-brainer that graduating from the University of Nevada will help you transform the future of the entertainment industry across the world. 

2. University of Derby, United Kingdom

University of Derby, United Kingdom

If you are fascinated by concert technologies and broadcasts, then this program should be your perfect match. Additionally, if you have a passion for being a sound engineer or offering lighting services for a show, then this is your best bet. The University of Derby is one of the few reputable universities that'll walk you through the Entertainment Engineering Design Program, making you one of the experts every organization would want to work with. 

Now, if you are a little bit skeptical because you don't know what the University of Derby has to offer, then you need to know that the University of Derby provides its graduates with:

  • Venue design programs, 
  • Noise control, 
  • Equipment and manufacture design, 
  • Acoustic design, 
  • Freelance event engineering, 
  • Engineering and management, 
  • Live event production, among others

3. University of Utah, Entertainment Arts & Engineering

University of Utah, Entertainment Arts & Engineering

The University of Utah is also one of the best and reputable universities that offer Entertainment Engineering Design. This university emerges as one of the top-ranked universities due to its top-rated video game education and research program. This is one of the programs that perfectly integrates social science, humanities, arts, and computational research. As a student taking Entertainment Engineering Design, you can expect to acquire expertise in every discipline about game creation. If you have a passion for entertainment, and love participating in games, the entertainment Engineering Design program at the University of Utah. For more information about the application process, please check out their official website.

Admission Requirements In Detail

To get enrolled for the Entertainment Engineering and Design Program, you must have a strong background and passion for Mathematics and Physics at the 10+2 level.  Additionally, aspiring students can foster their application by taking preparatory courses in art, design, engineering principles, and Computer-Aided Designed (CAD). The College of Engineering Advising Center provides information on the high school preparation course for students who would want to receive an engineering degree, placement guidance, and pre-engineering significant standing.

Career and Salary of Entertainment and Engineering Design Graduates

Entertainment engineers work on a range of different systems that interact and multitask as they work on projects. That means that entertainment engineering design specialists are both creative and technical at work.  Additionally, students in Entertainment Engineering Design need to have customer service skills because they may be involved in presenting information to clients about their building systems. 

Excellent communication skills are also essential to convey and give clients technical information so that they can understand. That said, below are the few career options that share some similarities with the work of entertainment engineers:

  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Computer Graphics Designer
  • Product Manager for a Toy Company

What Salary Will I Command as an Entertainment Engineering Design Graduate

The average salary for entertainment engineering design graduates ranges from approximately $73,897/ pa (User Interface Designer) to $86,861/ pa (User Experience Designer). 

In Conclusion

So if you wish to do something different, unique, and experimental in life, you want to stage a play with robots, give an enthralling ride to the people visiting parks, then surely entrust in the degree in Entertainment Engineering and Design be a good bet. Here the quest for success is destined.