What is Floral Management? | Career in Flower Industry

As the saying goes - You can never go wrong with flowers. Everyone would have either received or gifted flowers at some time. It's the simplest and safest gifting option. So obviously, there's good money in the flower business.

If you are creatively inclined and love to surround yourself with flowers, you could easily make selling flowers your business. You'll then have the best of both worlds - you'll be amidst flowers all day and get paid to be there.

There are many courses available in Floral Design that are not as elaborate as the Floral Management degree program. A floral design course will only prepare you to create attractive flower arrangements. 

You will learn the aesthetics of flower design as well as about flowers etc. There are many short-term online Floral Design programs available. In an online diploma course, you will just gain knowledge in the art of creating flower arrangements. 

A two-year online Associate Degree program in Applied Science will teach you floral arranging and floriculture with more emphasis on the science of growing flowers. And an online Bachelor's Degree in floriculture will focus on plant biology, including teaching you skills to run a business.

Various courses are available online in the USA. Still, as you would have surmised, such programs have their benefits, but your scope of functioning in the flower business will be limited.

Therefore, if you are serious about pursuing a career in flowers, you should study the Floral Management degree program. But you may ask, what is so special about Floral Management? What more do you need to know about flowers? 

So well, have you ever wondered where the flowers on display at a florist's store came from? On what basis the florist chose those particular flowers? There would be some flowers in abundance while a few others in smaller numbers? And how does the florist ensure that there will be takers for his flowers? These are just a few of the issues that a floral management course addresses.

What topic gets covered in the Floral Management program?

Some of the topics covered in a Floral Management program are:

  • Learning about flowers
  • Learning to source flowers from local floriculturists
  • Learning to create unique floricultural designs
  • Learning the art of selling floricultural products
  • Learning the art of purchasing and distributing flowers for a profitable business
  • Learning to market your business 

What are the career options after studying floral management?

So when you graduate with a degree in Floral Management, you will be a well-rounded professional and have ever so many career options to choose from. You can:

  • Freelance as a Floral Designer
  • Become a Garden Designer and Manager
  • Become a Horticulture Therapist
  • Become a Floriculture Manager in the hospitality industry
  • Become a Stylist for media
  • Retail Floristry
  • Set up Online Floral Services
  • Wedding and Event Floral Design Specialist
  • Wholesale Floral Management

There aren't many universities offering such courses, though. Mississippi State University, USA, for one, offers a four-year program in Floral Management at their Department of Plant and Soil Sciences that you can complete in three years if you are dedicated and hard-working.

To know more about the course at Mississippi State University: https://www.pss.msstate.edu/students/floral.php

To know the admission requirements:

Mississippi's state resident: https://www.admissions.msstate.edu/prospective-students/freshman-students/ms-resident-requirements

Non-resident: https://www.admissions.msstate.edu/prospective-students/freshman-students/non-resident-requirements