Food Chemistry: Career, Course, Requirement, Earning

Are you someone who likes improving and analyzing the chemical composition of foods? 

If yes, a course in Food Chemistry is something you should go for. It's a plus if you possess the Interpersonal skills required to collaborate with others, and communication skills are needed to communicate their results through various levels of knowledge with colleagues and the public. 

Focuses on introducing food science and nutrition in general and emphasizing the chemistry aspects of various types of foods in particular. 

Food chemistry is the discipline that deals primarily with the chemical composition of foodstuffs, basic biomolecules, the chemical structure and properties of food components, and the chemical changes in food during processing and storage.

To become a Food Chemist, some prerequisites are; Clear analytical capabilities, experience in data analysis, innovation, and knowledge with data analysis applications. Start with a Diploma in Chemistry. It's always advisable to get a foundation in organic and physical chemistry along with math, physics, and biology coursework. 

Expect to take several laboratory courses to use technical equipment and conduct experiments to give you hands-on experience.

What Are The Admission Requirements For A Food Chemistry Degree?

  • Two-three letters of recommendation
  • GRE scores
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores 
  • GPA score
  • English proficiency

What Are The Career Opportunities As A Food Chemist?

A lot of career options are available for these field professionals. As a Food chemist, you can work completely in the laboratory or often in the field. Career paths are guided mainly by the area you choose to work in, such as:

  • Food production 
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Regulatory processing
  • Quality assurance
  • Bioenergy or research and development.

 Many chemists love the opportunity to work outside to collect food or environmental samples or to check how their field trials progress. Together with nature and the mechanism and resources it offers, there is satisfaction. 

The industry mainly employs food chemists in both food processing and ingredient supply businesses. Most chemical employees even work for local and federal government agencies.

How Much A Food Chemist Earns

As per, the average salary a food chemist earns in the USA s $84,633 per year. At entry-level, you may earn around $59,838 per year. However, a senior food chemist makes as high as $1,04,868.
What Are Some Colleges Offering Food Chemistry Degrees?

University of Arizona  

The University of Arizona offers a Bachelor's degree in food safety, which will teach you food chemistry. The college has outstanding teaching standards and accomplished faculty members of the university. Many of these faculties here are Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize recipients, McArthur Fellows, and Fulbright Scholars.

Delaware University

Delaware University provides an undergraduate degree in Food Science, which includes the study of food chemistry. The university offers the best faculty and increases your chance for a better career as a food chemist.