GMAT Sentence Correction: Common Grammatical Errors

The GMAT Sentence Correction section evaluates your ability to identify and correct grammatical errors in sentences. Understanding common grammatical errors is essential for achieving a high score on this section. Here are some of the most frequent grammatical errors tested on the GMAT Sentence Correction:

 1. Subject-Verb Agreement:

- Error: The subject and verb do not agree in number.

- Example: "The team of researchers are conducting experiments."

- Correction: "The team of researchers is conducting experiments."

 2. Verb Tense:

- Error: Incorrect use of verb tense, especially in expressing actions in relation to each other.

- Example: "She will finish her project yesterday."

- Correction: "She finished her project yesterday."

 3. Pronoun Agreement:

- Error: The pronoun does not agree in number or gender with its antecedent.

- Example: "Each student must submit their assignment."

- Correction: "Each student must submit his or her assignment."

 4. Modifiers:

- Error: Misplaced or dangling modifiers that do not clearly modify the intended word or phrase.

- Example: "Running down the street, the car hit a pedestrian."

- Correction: "Running down the street, the pedestrian was hit by the car."

 5. Parallelism:

- Error: Lack of parallel structure in lists or comparisons.

- Example: "She enjoys hiking, swimming, and to bike."

- Correction: "She enjoys hiking, swimming, and biking."

 6. Comparisons:

- Error: Faulty or illogical comparisons between two or more elements.

- Example: "She is smarter than he."

- Correction: "She is smarter than he is."

 7. Idioms:

- Error: Incorrect use of idiomatic expressions or phrases.

- Example: "He is interested to learn French."

- Correction: "He is interested in learning French."

 8. Word Usage:

- Error: Incorrect or inappropriate word choices.

- Example: "He was adverse to taking risks."

- Correction: "He was averse to taking risks."

 9. Modifiers and Comparisons:

- Error: Mixing up modifiers and comparisons, leading to unclear or ambiguous meaning.

- Example: "The car was faster than any other in the race."

- Correction: "The car was faster than any other car in the race."

 10. Redundancy:

- Error: Unnecessary repetition of words or phrases.

- Example: "She returned back to the store."

- Correction: "She returned to the store."

 Tips for Success:

1. Read Carefully: Pay close attention to the structure and meaning of each sentence.

2. Eliminate Options: Use process of elimination to identify incorrect choices.

3. Trust Your Ear: Trust your instincts for correct English usage.

4. Practice Regularly: Familiarize yourself with common errors and practice correcting them.

By understanding and practicing to correct these common grammatical errors, you can improve your performance on the GMAT Sentence Correction section and increase your overall score.