How Can Students Use AI To Write Essays?

Students are required to write several essays during their education, from Primary to Master level. While compiling effective essays, students have to deal with multiple things, such as:

·         Writing the whole essay in a single tone, i.e., Formal/Academic.

·         Adding Supportive data like additional sources, facts, research, etc.

·         Fixing all the issues while proofreading.

·         Writing Abstracts according to the essays.

·         Dealing with the occurrence of plagiarism in essays.

Encountering all of the aforesaid things is mostly a hard nut to crack for students. Considering all of these complexities/difficulties of students, we compile this post. It is focused on the different ways through which students can use AI to write Essays.

How Students Can Use AI To Write Essays: Explained Different Ways

Artificial Intelligence has made essay writing tasks easy and quick for students. It did so by introducing multiple writing tools that can make every type of student write strong essays and get higher grades. However, most of the students are not familiar with how to use AI to write essays. The below sections explain this in detail.

1. AI Helps In Writing Unique And Descriptive Titles

For effective essay writing, students need to write compelling, unique, and descriptive titles. This is because the title is the first line or element of the essay that the tutor or someone else reads.

However, many students are unable to write titles that are descriptive, unique, and resonate with the keyword or topic. In this scenario, they can utilize the power of AI.

There are an overwhelming number of AI-developed online “Title Generators,” including Free AI Title Generator by Ahref, Title Generator by Wix, etc.

How Can Students Write Essays with AI Tools?

Students can use any title generator to automatically create multiple titles for their essays. All they have to do is input the topic/keyword of their essay into a tool and run it. After analyzing the input, a tool will generate multiple titles.

Practical Example:

We generated the list of Titles below using an AI Title generator. For this, we pasted the below keyword into a generator and ran it.

Our Keyword:

“How to Control Climate Change.”

List of Generated Titles:

●       How to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Control Climate Change

●       A Step-by-Step Guide to Mitigate Climate Change

●       Effective Strategies for Controlling Climate Change

●       Mastering Climate Change: Tips and Techniques

●       Taking Action: How to Control Climate Change


2. Conducting Quick Research

Research is the backbone of every type of writing, especially for essay writing. The research is necessarily done by students to brainstorm their ideas with relative information. Student's research mostly involves:·        

  • Turning the pages of multiple books to find relative information.
  • Reading of content from multiple sources.·        
  • Consulting Teachers and seniors to brainstorm their ideas.

How Can Students Conduct Quick Research With AI Tools?

To remove these hassles, students can use AI-powered content-generating tools such as Google Bard,, Chat GPT, etc. These tools are efficient in providing details immediately,  about any topic.

Practical Example: “We had to write an essay with a Title: “How to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Control Climate Change.” To get details about this, we pasted it into an AI content generator, i.e., Google Bard, and gave it a prompt.”

Our Prompt: Please provide some information about “How to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Control Climate Change”Demo:

3. Assisting In Accurate Proofreading Of Essays

Proofreading requires critical skills to accurately find as well as correct all the types of errors in the writing, such as plagiarism, grammar, typos, etc. Considering the previously mentioned aspects of proofreading, it is obvious that this step requires a lot of time and effort from students.

If students do this step manually, they are likely to leave some errors and issues unresolved. However, to precisely proofread essays, they can use the power of AI. Multiple AI-based online tools, such as the Plagiarism Checker and Grammar Issues Checker, can streamline the process of proofreading.

Practical Example:

We proofread the text below forgrammar issues with the help of an AI-based Grammar-Checking tool.The tool automatically recognized all flaws related to spelling,grammar, and punctuation.”

Our Text:

The weathiearis so cooldtoday, We want to enjoya picknick partie withfriends. For this, we shall viziton a hill station.

Corrected Text:

The weather is so cold today. Wewant to enjoy a picnic party with friends. For this, we shall visit ahill station.”


4. Students Can Automatically Generate A Complete Essay

Nowadays, AI has developed some AI essay-writing tools that are capable of generating effective and human-like essays within no time. These tools are efficient in generating essays about any topic or keyword.

Steps to Write Essays With AI

In the first step, students are required to choose a suitable AI-powered essay writer. For Example; a top-ranking AI Essay Writer by Editpad. After that, just need to provide their topic or prompt and run the tool. They will immediately get a well-written essay in the output that will be free of all the issues like; Grammatical flaws, Plagiarism, Typos issues, etc.

Practical Example:

To check the efficiency of AI, wepasted a random Title into an AI essay writer. After running theessay-writer, we got an essay that resonated perfectly with the titlewe provided.

Our Title:

How to Save Earth from AlarmingIncrease of Climate Changes.”


5. Getting MultipleAdditional Sources

In essay writing, students are notallowed to express their arguments or claims if they have nosupportive material for that. So, whenever students express theirobservations or claims in the essays, they have to gather somesupportive materials or sources.

However, finding relative material isanother challenge that mostly involves a lot of hassles. Andsometimes students are unable to come up with valid and relevantsources.

This is where AI’s power can helpstudents. There are multiple AI-assisted online tools that studentscan use to instantly collect valid and relevant sources, such asSourcely,Google Scholar,Statista,etc.

Practical Example:

For example, we claimed that “Climatechanges are destroying the natural beauty of Earth.”  We pastedthat line into one of the source-providing AI tools named Sourcely.The tool took no time and provided us with multiple relevant sourcesthat were claiming similar or exact things.



AI is tremendously providing easy ways toaccomplish different types of tasks. With its innovation,  it hasdeveloped different types of online tools that can help studentswrite effective essays.

In the above sections, we talked aboutmultiple ways through which AI-powered online tools can help studentswrite essays, including research, title generation, proofreading, andgenerating acomplete essay at once.