How to convert Indian CGPA to Percentage and Indian CGPA to US GPA on a scale of 4

The evaluation method of students' results in India is quite different compared to US universities. In India, students receive the result in a percentage in most of the cases. Another method used to show the result by Indian universities is CGPA. This CGPA is mostly on a scale of 10 (some times 8,7, or 4). 

Most US colleges use the US’s GPA method, which is similar to Indian CGPA except for US colleges’ scale. Usually, US colleges use a scale of 4.0 for GPA

If you are the one who wants to continue your further education in the USA, knowing your GPA in the US standards is essential. In this blog, we'll explain how to convert your Percentage into CGPA and CGPA to Percentage. Also, We'll explain to you how to convert your Percentage and CGPA in 4.0 scale GPA, which the US and Canadian universities use. But first, it's essential to know what the CGPA grading system is? So, let's see:

CGPA Grading System

Cumulative Grade Point Average, often known as CGPA, similar to GPA, is the grade a student receives in a decimal number for a specific course. It is a measurement of what students performed in it.

When a student gets marks, it's in the percentage form. There are grades assigned to the specific range of Percentage, which is in the form of letters. These letters are A, B, C, D, and F, where A is the highest grade, and F means the student failed in the exam. 

The specific range of GPA score is having a grade assigned. The range depends on the scale and the country. The grading system is in various countries for graduate, undergraduate, and high school students. Below here, we have a grading system table for some major countries; check it out:

GPA Conversion Table

Percentage And CGPA System Of India

As mentioned above, India's grading system is different compared to the US as India uses a scale of 10 or 7. Many major universities may only provide percentages. Some top most universities like NIT, IIT have their own grading system.

In the Indian percentage system, the Percentage divided into four division:

  • 75% and above - Distinction
  • 60% to 75% - First Division
  • 50% to 60% - Second Division
  • 40% to 50% - Third Division

How To Convert The Percentage to CGPA

The method may vary from one university to another while converting CGPA to Percentage. But the method which followed to convert is CGPA = (percentage/90)*10. 

Another method to convert the Percentage to CGPA on a scale of 10 is to divide the Percentage by 9.5. It will give you your CGPA. So the formula is CGPA = Percentage / 9.5 


The Percentage you received is 70. To find the CGPA, divide 70 by 9.5. The CGPA you will receive is 7.4.

How To Convert CGPA To The Percentage

To convert CGPA to the Percentage, you need to do just the opposite of what you have done to convert the Percentage to CGPA. So, the CGPA to percentage formula is: Percentage = (CGPA/10)*90.

In another formula, You need to multiply your CGPA by 9.5. So the formula is Percentage = CGPA*9.5.


The CGPA you received is 8. To find the Percentage, multiply 8 by 9.5. The Percentage you received was 76. 

For both of these calculations, you can use the online CGPA to Percentage converter. I would recommend you to use for the conversion.

You can also refer to the below table, which will help you to know your CGPA as per your Percentage.

CGPA to Percentage Chart

As we mentioned above, many universities in India have their grading system. So as the grading system changes, the calculation changes too. Often, most of these universities have an online calculator on their website. With the help of these calculators, students can calculate their CGPA.

So let's see major universities of India and how to convert CGPA to Percentage.

CGPA To Percentage Calculation In Major Indian Universities

Mumbai University (MU):

In 2018, Mumbai university updated the CGPA to a percentage conversion system. Now, Mumbai University uses different point scale for different courses. For a student who takes a course in pure Science, Commerce, Arts, or related to it, there's a 7-point scale used. It's an estimate of the actual marks which the student obtained.

However, for a student who takes engineering, There's 10 point scale system. The formula to convert CGPA to percentage is: Percentage = 7.25 * CGPA +11. 

For example, a student earned an 8.5 CGPA in his exam. To find the Percentage, use the given formulae: 7.25*8.5+11. The Percentage we get is 72.6.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University (MAKAUT):

MAKAUT uses a 7-point grading system and a quite different method to convert CGPA. Here, the CGPA gets subtracted by 0.75 first and then get multiplied by 10. So the formulae comes is: Percentage = [CGPA-0.75] * 10. Note that the Visvesaraya Technological University (VTU) also uses the same formula.

You can also see VTU's CGPA to Percentage Scale:

VTU Conversion table

APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU):

KTU uses 10 point grading system. When it comes to KTU's grading system, they have a unique formula. Here first, they given the formula to determine CGPA and further convert it to a percentage. Before knowing the formula, there are two things to understand. First is Ci, a credit given to a particular course, and GPi, the course's grade point.

The formula to calculate CGPA is CGPA= Sum of (Ci*GPi)/ Sum of (Ci).

Keep in mind that in this system, you need to calculate CGPA, in which you need to include failed courses too. This because the calculation is for every course in which a student registered in the program.

For Percentage calculation, the formula is: Percentage = 10 * CGPA – 3.75

Anna University

As per the grading system of Anna University, if a paper is 100 marks, and the topper of that paper scores 90. Then the 90 considers as 100%. If one of the students scored 65 in the exam, then the CGPA of that following student will be 100/90*65. The answer will come as 72.2. Now on a scale of 10, your CGPA is 7.2.

To find out the Percentage, you need to use the standard method multiplying your CGPA with 9.5.

Gujarat Technological University (GTU):

The convert CGPA into a percentage in GTU, you need to subtract your CGPA by 0.5. After this, you need to multiply it by 10. So the Formula of it is: Percentage = (CGPA-0.5) *10 

How To Convert Indian CGPA Into The US GPA

As mentioned above, India's CGPA grading system is quite different from the US GPA. The significant difference is that the Indian universities mostly use 10 or 7 scales, and the US uses the GPA on a scale of 4. To apply for admission to a US college, you should see your GPA on a scale of 4. Let's see how to convert it.

To convert the 10 scale GPA to 4 scale GPA, you can use this formula: 

Your 4.0 scale GPA= (Your CGPA on a scale of 10 / Batch toppers CGPA on a scale of 10) * 4

For example, if your CGPA is 6.5 and the batch topper's CGPA is 9.5, then the formula will be (6.5/9.5)*4. The GPA we get on the scale of 4.0 is 2.7.

The following is the table which is a rough measurement of what will be a student's 4.0 scale CGPA:

10 point CGPA to 4 point GPA

Another way to convert your CGPA into a 4 Scale is an online CGPA to GPA calculator. You can use "CollegeVine's GPA Converter" to convert your CGPA. This calculator helps you to convert your GPA from 3 point scale up to 10 point scale. 

In this calculator, first, you need to add your CGPA. Later, add the scale of your CGPA. Then add at what scale you want to convert your CGPA, and you will receive your converted CGPA.

CollegeVine's GPA Converter


You should see your CGPA on a 4.0 scale, but it is not mandatory to convert your GPA. If you want to do it for a specific university, you can do it through WES. Many Canadian and American universities accept conversion and evaluation reports of WES. Here you will get course by course evaluation. You can go through this link.