How to get your High School transcripts

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Let’s start from: why would you need your high school transcripts anyway? You completed your high school, so what the heck would you still need your high school transcripts for? Well, the truth is that your high school transcripts are as crucial as your undergraduate or master’s degree certificates because they give you entry into one of the reputable colleges. 

Besides, some employers may need your high school transcripts to verify your academic credentials before they can offer you a place in their workplace. So it’s a no brainer - high school transcripts remain relevant to you even as you continue to soar to greater heights and achieve more academic excellence. 

But wait, how do you get your high school transcripts? Some students forget about their past once they qualify for a spot at the university, and honestly, you may not know how to get your high school transcripts. 

So I made it a little simple for you. In this post, I will walk you through on how you can get your high school transcripts and use them for whatever reasons. Let’s cut to the chase.  

What is a high school transcript?

A high school transcript is a documentation of all your academic achievements in high school. Usually, a high school transcript should include:

  • Every class you attended
  • When you took them
  • The grades you earned

In other words, a high school transcript is an official record provided by the school. And a high school transcript can be in two kinds - the official high school transcript and the unofficial high school transcript. 

Usually, the content you’ll find in both is the same. The difference, though, is that an official high school transcript is often sealed in an envelope using your high school seal/stamp, making it more authentic and to make sure that nobody tampers with it.

Which high school transcript should I request for?

In India, an official high school transcript should be requested. That said, you must acquire yours as soon as possible to avoid inconveniences in the future. In a nutshell, only an official high school transcript will be accepted to serve for professional purposes. 

Is my high school transcript necessary?

Yes, your high school transcript is crucial, and I will explain why. A high school transcript gives the college you apply to, a fair understanding of your educational background, and your GPA in high school. 

This is critical information because some colleges have fixed GPA requirements to be considered. And if you are transferring mid-way from one college to another, your high school transcript is required for your consideration to transfer credits.

How to calibrate Indian high school grades to GPA?

Since there is no GPA system in India to gauge the academic performance of a student, it can be perplexing to know where you stand. But don’t worry because you can still calculate and understand your GPA using this GPA calculator

What to do if your high school grades are low

The truth is that you have limited choices for this because you will have to send your high school transcript as is, but there’s something you can do. 

So to enhance your chances of getting accepted with a lower GPA, you must work hard on your SAT/ACT scores to compensate for it. Besides, you will have to explain the reason for your poor show in your statement.

How to Get Your High School Transcript

In the US, a student can request a high school transcript through a third-party service, such as The Parchment, where most high school transcripts are available.

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In India, you will have to request a high school transcript directly from your school. And you don’t have to worry because the administration office and your school principal will help you to compile your high school transcript. All you need to do is to visit your former high school and request your high school transcripts through the administration office. In some cases, you may be asked to clear up with the school, if you have not before they can hand you the transcripts. Clearing with the school may mean you’ll have to clear up the fee balances, if you have not, replace any school item that you may have misplaced or damaged, among others.

What if you studied in different high schools?

If you have studied in more than one high school, you will have to request each of those institutions for your high school transcript. That means that every school you attended will have to provide you with a high school transcript. Naturally, it would help if you studied in one high school.

What if your high school has closed down?

If one of the high schools you studied has closed down, reach out to the department of higher education in the state in which the school was located. This might be a hassle, but you have no option but to abide by it to get your high school transcripts. 

Is it possible to make an online request for a high school transcript?

In India, the chances of making a request online for a high school transcript are rare. Most high schools will be willing to give you only hard copies. And it would also help to go for the hard copies because they are more authentic. 

How to send your high school transcript

Many colleges in the US may ask your high school to email them your high school transcript, but most schools will be unwilling to do this. And it can be hard to know whether or not your high school has submitted your transcripts to the college. Additionally, some colleges may request for your high school to mail them your high school transcript directly. Again, most high schools will not succumb to this even if you opt to pay the postal charges. So the safest option for you is to get hard copies of your high school transcript in a sealed, stamped, and tamper-proof envelope and snail mail it if you have the time. However, you may use a courier if you are short of time, but that would cost you extra.

Do I have to pay for a high school transcript?

Usually, schools do not charge for your high school transcript, but they may charge you in some cases, especially if you need many copies. Just make sure you have some money with you when going to request for your high school transcript, to be safe. 

Over to You 

I believe all your questions about how to get your high school transcript has been answered. So go and get yours today. If you have a question, feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll be happy to help.