How To Write “Why this College” Argumentative Essay

The college application process is tedious. Students will be required to submit documents that prove eligibility in various ways. One standard way of testing is essay writing. Besides the personal statement, which is an essential submission, colleges require prospects to submit an essay titled “Why this College?”

This explains to the admissions officers why you chose the particular college while displaying skills. In this article, we’ll shed more light on these essays, plus top tips on how to ace it like a pro. 

Why Universities Want a “Why this College” Essay 

An admissions office receives countless applications every year. High competition arises because there’ll be some with equal qualifications, which means they need something to set them apart. This is where college essays come in. Universities use these for several reasons, most importantly to know which students know how to write. 

Through this submission, university institutions know the exact value you want from them. The institution also gets an idea of how well you can verbalize intentions by telling stories in a way that interests them.

Ways to Write This Essay Efficiently 

Before delving into crucial cues that help when applying to schools, we’ll describe the two best ways to do it.

Hire Help to Write an Argumentative Essay 

One major way students can complete their college applications is by taking advantage of countless online opportunities. There are several academic platforms where you’ll hire professional writers to write your argumentative essay for you at an affordable price, with complete consciousness to deadlines. You’ll find vast writers in all programs knowledgeable enough to help on these platforms. 

On these platforms is competent assistance, plus free application examples and essay prompts, for those who cannot afford or aren’t interested in hiring assistance. Take advantage of this assistance to give yourself a higher competitive chance. 

Research the University 

For those who would rather take this project upon themselves, one sure method is properly researching ahead. Before working on a “why us” article, one needs to know the unique things about the institution, especially how it appeals to your interests. Suppose you’re curious about how, there are two ways to try:

  • Visit school personally: If the institution is close to your residence, one easy way to garner information is by visiting. Usually, visitors are assigned tour guides who walk them through it; you only need a notepad to jot. Attend college fairs to learn more. These events offer chances to speak directly with university representatives. Also, reach out to current students or alums for perspective. They offer valuable insight into campus culture plus student life.
  • Online search: These days, due to the advancement of technology, many institutions now offer people chances to walk the campus grounds online through virtual reality. If you’re not within the community, opt for this. 

The institution’s website is a great place to start research. Look for information on the programs offered, admission requirements, campus life, tuition fees, and financial aid.

How to Write the Best Argument Essay 

Now you know where to start if you’re working on this academic assignment, we’ll help with useful tips that can increase your chances of success. Here they are:

Be Specific 

When discussing reasons for choosing a particular institution, avoid generic information. This is why we advise that pupils take trips to their institution, physically or virtually. Using adequate research, narrate specific groups and why your interest is piqued. Also, mention classes you look forward to and how you hope to take advantage of this. 

The admission board should be able to envision what you’re talking about on a personal level. For instance, if there’s a particular program you’re looking to join, add the name of the head professor, plus reasons for your motivation. 


Don’t spend time talking on behalf of other students; it will only jeopardize your chances. Ensure that all paragraphs in the article discuss goals, passion, interests, values, background, etc. Don’t be hesitant to talk about you. 

Some make the mistake of packing the assignment full of academic awards just to impress. There is time for everything. You don’t have to list achievements in this article; your grades will be submitted differently. This is the best place to sell yourself, so ensure you do it right. 


Just like every other article, this should have a great structure. This means an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. For an introduction, point out the college experience you look forward to. Explain this in one paragraph, depending on the word count or prompt. Give readers a brief preview of the main points. This helps establish a roadmap for them.

The body of work should contain essential points listing all the unique reasons you chose the institution. Talk about extensive curriculum support, research courses, accomplished professors, professional resources, plus extracurricular activities. 

Conclusions should be a healthy mix of everything you’ve discussed in the intro and body. Make it strong, especially since you have a limited word count. This is a major tip. Summarise the main points in a few sentences. This reminds readers of key takeaways. Conclusions should not introduce any new information. This can undermine focus.

Use Concise Language 

Avoid using vague language or overcomplicating sentences. Do this by keeping your language concise. Eliminate phrases that don’t add value. Use language that is easy to understand. Stay away from complex words or technical jargon that readers may not understand. Use short, simple sentences to convey ideas. Long sentences are difficult to follow, which may be confusing.

Avoid Sounding Fake 

“How do I sound fake?” By excessively praising the school. Most pupils try to appeal to the admissions board by focusing on all the positives. While you don’t want to start on the wrong foot by only listing negatives, try toning it down; otherwise, readers will pick up on it and get irritated. Using your discretion, settle on the right amount of praise. Try including actual courses the institution offers and how it concerns you as a prospect. 


Proofread assignments for clarity, coherence, and grammar errors. Do this carefully to catch spelling mistakes. Read aloud to yourself. This helps identify awkward or unclear sentences. Use spell-check functions in your word processor to identify spelling errors. Make sure your ideas are expressed clearly. Eliminate unnecessary phrases that may clutter assignments. Also, check for repetition of words or ideas. Repetition makes writing sound monotonous.


The “Why us” essay is an important part of your application, so you must do all to master this. It is one of the aspects considered, especially since article writing has become essential to the academic curriculum. These institutions want to know that your knowledge is rounded and you can express yourself verbally and in written form. 

While it is great that you are a hundred percent involved in the process, there are several reasons you might be unable to. Not to worry, the information on the internet is unlimited, and so is the assistance they offer. You can always check out these educational platforms and seek professional assistance.