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Mar 19, 2021

Know about master of science in foresight

We all know that foresight is about being able to predict what will happen or what will be needed in the future. It is like for e.g. carrying a power bank with you when you are travelling, since you foresee that your smartphone will go battery-dead before you reach your destination.

But who could have forecast that there would be a Master’s study program in Foresight?

A Master of Science program in Foresight prepares students to become accomplished futurists. It is a research-driven study of the expected, possibilities, and probabilities in the future. Outcomes of research help in steering futures and communicating strategy. It shouldn’t be confused with future research or strategic planning. Nor should it be considered a future study program.

It is a social science where trends, patterns, and genesis of any change and stability are researched professionally to arrive at foresight backed by knowledge.Such studies usually depend on social, technological, economic, environmental and political insights gathered methodically and holistically. For example, most people foresee the disintegration of the Earth’s ecosystem in the future. However, a foresight process will dissect and focus on theories and beliefs that have led to such views. 

The science of foresight isn’t pivoted on near-future or short-term predictions. As an MS in Foresight, you won’t be predicting financial trends in a business cycle nor will you be offering advice on short-term gains to investors. Your predictions will by no means be hinged to time horizons of 3-5 years. Basically, your foresight will deal with transformations that will bring a sea change rather than small changes that happen at a snail's pace. 

You will strategize and come up with a plan of action with longer outlooks that will single-mindedly trying to foresee plausible future happenings.So the study program will teach you to methodically interpret the pattern of past and present events, and arrive at a calculated prospect of what trends and events can prevail in the future. While in natural science or social sciences like sociology and economics, the knowledge and methods are restricted and distinct, the science of foresight is immense and complicated.

Once you become an MS in Foresight you can hope to work with:

  • International firms like American Express, Boeing, Coca Cola, etc.
  • Consumer Sciences (-Executive Retail) companies like Neiman-Marcus, Bloomingdales, etc.
  • Futures-related research firms like Institute for Alternative Futures, The Futures Lab etc.
  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit enterprises
  • Representative job as an Analyst, Director of Futures Strategy, Futurist, Global Trends Manager, etc.

Or who knows, you may even find your own futures enterprise. 

Now if you think you have the abilities and foresee yourself as a professional futurist, some universities offer a master’s and even doctoral program in Foresight linked to economics, management or law. But there is perhaps just one university that offers a study program of a Master of Science in Foresight.

University of Houston, USA, offers a Degree Plan as well as a Graduate’s Certificate in Foresight that includes both theory and hands-on samples in foresight. Merit-based scholarships are available and must be applied for in advance.


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