Masters in Science in Foresight: A Brief Guide

We all know that Foresight is about predicting what will happen or what we require in the future. For example, it is like, carrying a power bank with you when you are traveling.

In simple words, it's about predicting the future and try to make your plans for the future according to them. In the above example, you have to take a power bank with you because you predicted that your smartphone battery might run out, and at that time, you can use power banks.

But it's just not only about predicting small things; you can even make a career in it. You can do a master's study program in it; let's see:

MS in Foresight

The MS program in Foresight prepares students to be a futurist. It is a research-driven study of the probabilities and possibilities in the future. 

Research outcomes help in steering the future and communicating strategy. It shouldn't be confused with strategic planning or future research. Nor should it be conceded to a future study program.

It is a social science where patterns, trends, and the genesis of any change and stability get researched professionally to arrive at Foresight with backed knowledge. Such studies usually depend on social, environmental, technological, political, and economic insights gathered holistically and methodically. 

For example, many people foresee the collapse of the Earth's ecosystem in the future. However, a process of Foresight will dissect and focus on theories and beliefs that have led to such views. 

The science of Foresight isn't to get pivoted on near-future or short-term predictions. As an MS in Foresight, you won't predict financial trends in a business cycle, nor will you offer advice on short-term gains to investors. 

Your predictions will by no means get hinged to time horizons of 3-5 years. The Foresight will deal with transformations that will bring a significant change rather than tiny changes that happen at a snail's pace. 

You will strategize and develop a plan of action with longer outlooks that will single-mindedly try to foresee likely future happenings. So the study program will teach you to interpret the pattern methodically of past and present events and appear at a calculated prospect of what trends and events can control in the future. 

While in social sciences or natural science like economics and sociology, the knowledge and methods are distinct and restricted, the science of Foresight is immense and complicated.

Where can you work after completing MS in Foresight?

Once you completed MS in Foresight, you can hope to work with:

  • International firms like American Express, Boeing, Coca-Cola, etc.
  • Consumer Sciences companies like Neiman-Marcus, Bloomingdales, etc.
  • Future-related research firms like The Futures Lab, Institute for Alternative Futures, etc.
  • Non-profit enterprises
  • Government agencies
  • Representative job as a Director of Futures Strategy, Analyst, Global Trends Manager, Futurist, etc.

You may even find your own future enterprise. 

Now, suppose you think you have the abilities and foresee yourself as a professional futurist. In that case, some universities offer a master's and even doctoral program in Foresight linked to economics, management, or the law. 

Where can you study MS in Foresight?

There is only a single university that offers a study program of an MS in Foresight.

University of Houston, USA, provides a Degree Plan and a Graduate's Certificate in Foresight that includes both theory and hands-on samples in Foresight. Merit-based scholarships are available and must apply for in advance.

In this foresight program, UH addresses concerns by concentrating on forecasting and projecting transformational and discontinuous change by examining rapid changes in the external environment and utilizing systems thinking to enhance the chances of obtaining the preferred result.

These concerns are:

  • Challenging strategic assumptions
  • Translating strategy into action
  • Communicating strategy
  • Identifying discontinuous change
  • Adapting strategy to rapid change

To know about course requirement:

For admission requirements: