MBA colleges in the U.K. - Complete guidelines and best colleges

A degree in business from a university in the United Kingdom helps students obtain information about a company's management, administration, and operations. This is one of the most popular degrees available anywhere in the world. 

Students are exposed to various facets of the business sector, including governance, advertising, economics, and human capital. In the beginning, students will get an overview of the business world. Later on, however, when they are more advanced, they will have the opportunity to choose to specialize in one of the business disciplines. The Master of Business Administration (MBA), the most sought-after business program, is provided by several universities in the U.K.

MBA from a Business School in the United Kingdom

An international mix of students, professors, and job possibilities unrivaled in many areas of the globe can be found at U.K. business schools. These schools provide MBA programs that appeal to students of every academic level, financial demand, and professional desire.

Students with substantial first degrees and solid career starts will be able to take advantage of learning how business works while also building a network of contacts that will pay off in the future. The United Kingdom is home to some of the world's best business schools in terms of the quality of teaching and brand recognition.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at a U.K. business school typically lasts one year. However, specific programs can last two years, and prospective MBA students can combine studies with part-time work to continue their careers. Online MBA courses are also accessible.

The price of an MBA program may range anywhere from £16,000 to over £60,000 per year, with the average cost being approximately £16,000 per year. However, larger and more prominent schools may charge much more. Students from all walks of life can now pursue their MBA studies in the U.K., thanks to the proliferation of business institutions that provide affordable MBA programs.

MBA Entrance Requirements in the UK

A minimum of three (and preferably five) years of full-time, continuous work experience in a managerial capacity is required of prospective MBA students, in addition to a minimum of an upper second-class honors degree or equivalent.

MBA GMAT Requirements

You could be required to take the Graduate Management Admission Test under certain circumstances (GMAT). A score of at least 600 on the GMAT is required for admission to most MBA programs; the exam lasts three and a half hours, and the total score on the GMAT can range anywhere from 200 to 800 points. The Analytical Writing, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and Verbal portions comprise the four parts of the GMAT, which measure a candidate's competence in specific areas.

The Top MBA Programs in the UK

MBA programs at U.K. institutions are known for their breadth of curriculum and commitment to providing students with the highest quality education. Let's go into some of the specifics of the most popular MBA programs in the U.K.:

This course is mainly created for students interested in maximizing their career potential in an increasingly global professional environment and pursuing an MBA in general management. Students will get the skills necessary to develop the capacity for managing and leading businesses via participation in various business and management modules.

A master's degree in business administration:

This course within an international business will teach you how to conduct business and broaden your perspective on the industry. This course takes a modern point of view on the world of business and examines various industrial and industrial business concerns.

MBA in Global Banking and Finance: 

An MBA in Finance from the United Kingdom may provide you with the abilities essential to building high-level banks and financial conditions. In addition to its focus on crucial business management, the company also offers specialized training in financial and banking topics. Students interested in the banking and financial industry are the target audience for this program.

MBA Entrepreneurship: 

This aims to give students the chance to develop an intellectual grasp of the continuing challenges and processes associated with entrepreneurship. Research and theoretical frameworks are the means through which students acquire the abilities necessary for entrepreneurial assessment.

MBA in Marketing: 

An MBA in Marketing from a school in the U.K. is ideal for students who have their sights set on careers as marketing managers, market research analysts, and other similar roles. Students leave with the essential understanding of marketing management that can be applied across various industries and organizations thanks to the training they get here.

The MBA in Human Resource Management:

Is designed to provide students with the academic and practical information necessary to build high-level abilities in the field of human resource management. This class's primary emphasis is the link between effective management of human resources and high organizational performance levels.

This course is designed to develop key areas of e-business, management information systems, and corporate decision-making for students pursuing a Master's in Information Management. Through the completion of several projects and in-depth study, it offers a comprehensive grasp of the information contained inside a company environment.


  • The United Kingdom offers degrees recognized worldwide, which is an advantage of studying business there.
  • Business studies can be pursued at the diploma, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels in universities in the U.K.
  • MBA programs in the United Kingdom are consistently ranked among the most sought-after and are provided by several of the country's premier educational institutions.
  • To assist students in developing a deeper comprehension of the material being covered, business courses taught at U.K. universities emphasize academic study, practical exposure, and case studies.
  • Earning potential and employment alternatives are increased for students who graduate with a degree in business from a university in the U.K.
  • Students at certain educational facilities are required to participate in an internship program as a mandatory component.

Best MBA colleges in the U.K.

Now that we have discussed important details regarding pursuing MBA in the U.K., Let us have a look at the selected colleges wherein you can aim to get admission:

1. University of Edinburgh Business School

2. Cranfield School of Management

3. The University of Manchester

4. Bayes Business School

5. Imperial College Business School

6. University of Cambridge

7. University of Oxford

8. Durham University Business School

9. London Business School

10. Lancaster University