Learn More About Witchcraft and Wizardry School

Mar 19, 2021

Know more about witchcraft and wizardry school

Most of us grew up watching Harry Potter and all his adventures. Something so captivating is filled with trial and victory over the magical world. J.K. Rowling's novels proved to be best-selling books and some of the time's most awaited films. There's no end to the adventure, though. We all want our classes to have more imaginative content than numbers and equations!  There’s nothing like stepping into the magical world and exploring the Harry Potter saga. There’s something extremely captivating about Harry Potter's wizarding world. These courses are meant to get closer to the real Harry Potter adventures!

Would you ever like to go to Hogwarts? Harry Potter fans around the globe can now register for online and offline courses offered by various institutes and communities.  Hogwartsishere is one of the website that offers open online course. There are a lot of rewards for potential wizards and Muggles, such as being sorted into one of the four houses, entering a school, and taking classes from the Harry Potter series. Students receive a digital owl with their "official" letter of acceptance from Hogwarts when you enroll. Students can then choose their own houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin), enter a dormitory and attend classes. Students can also go to Diagon Alley to buy items on their list, such as school books and a pet consisting of owl, cat or toad. First year courses include Astronomy, Charms, Defence against the Dark Arts, History of magic, potions, herbology. 

It’s time to make your wish come true. Hogwarts is  real. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is known for easiest school admission. Immediately, you're struck by how much it looks like a technical college, beckoning you with smart student photos. Perhaps the best school admission on the planet features this online version of Hogwarts. Only click a button and fill in a form with a few fields to create your official letter of acceptance automatically. It even comes with Minerva McGonagall's "signing." You can choose your own house after you sign. You can also open a safe of Gringotts that comes with galleons, sickles and knuts to buy supplies. The site comes complete with real assignments for wizarding courses. There are no deadlines for transforming into your completed work, unlike a real learning institution. 

Believe it or not, many colleges will give you the opportunity to go back to Harry Potter's wizarding world and experience the magical world in greater depth. ‘The Many Faces of Harry Potter’  is a course offered by the University of Western Ontario.  Students may apply the beloved series to a number of other genres, including detective fiction, gothics, adventure, dystopian and fantasy. An interesting aspect of this course is that students must also think critically about how the novels have been turned into movies.

If you want to discover the different themes of the show, from finding one's own self to friendship and deception. As seen in Harry in his seven years at Hogwarts, the class offered by Georgetown University - "Knights of Old & Harry Potter," explores how different factors and interactions contribute to the development of one's sense of self. This is a great choice for students/fans who want to dive into Harry Potter's theoretical scene. J.K. Rowling is the writer of the Harry Potter series as well as the founder of a vast and wide meta-fictional universe. Drawn from Great Britain's sights, the Harry Potter series applies itself readily to an unforgettable cultural experience. 

Classic course, "Harry Potter"  at Nipissing University looks at Harry Potter's multiple storylines, how they affect the lives of the protagonist and how they unite. It also highlights recurring themes like racism, religious symbols, and insists on striking a balance between love and friendship. 

All these Harry Potter categories are twisted by Frostburg University. Their "Harry Potter Education" class teaches children about the scientific concepts behind the series ' mystical events. For example, students are investigating the physics that enables Quidditch and the potential genetics associated with various magical creatures.  

A land of magic and wonder, butterbeer and frogs of chocolate. Indeed, the Harry Potter world seems like such a wonderful place — until you think about it. In the unique course In "Harry Potter and Medieval Culture”by Wilfrid Laurier Students learn how the ancient objects, practices and behaviors of Harry Potter are used. The class also explores how Harry Potter, through various forms of media, has influenced the way the Middle Ages are viewed. 

There is another interesting class that Harry Potter fans can take. Neil Randall created "Popular Potter," who claimed that by doing something they love, students would feel empowered. Students discuss the development of characters, the combination of genres and the use of different languages throughout the series, predominantly based on all seven novels. The course is by University of Waterloo. 

"Fandom Rhetoric" is a course where students can use Harry Potter as a guide to discuss how fandom shaped American culture. In order to evaluate how conflict exists and how they generate power online, various fandom cultures are discussed. This is a fantastic class of people belonging to many fandoms because it applies to other fandoms like Twilight, Star Trek, and even One Direction. This Harry Potter course is offered by University of Texas.


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