Learn About Recreation and Leisure Studies

Mar 19, 2021

Know about recreation  and leisure studies program

Going out for some fresh air or a relaxing holiday is great, but without the efforts of professionals, it wouldn't be the same. Organizing an activity needs a lot of people, or keeping our parks clean and healthy. Majoring in leisure and entertainment studies gives you the knowledge and skills to be one of those men.

If you see yourself working outdoors or be the mastermind in designing and implementing rewarding sporting, leisure and park programmes, a course in recreation and leisure are apt for you. 

Recreation and leisure studies, you'll learn how well-designed recreation activities can encourage inclusiveness and reinforce a community's cultural fabric. You will also learn how to prepare, organize, and execute services for all kinds of people— and that learning goes far beyond the classroom thanks to field trips and practices.

You can explore various categories for this program such as:

  • Outdoor Learning Courses train you to work outdoors. You learn how to help and guide others in rock climbing, cycling, canoeing, ice climbing, skiing and camping depending on the programme. You will also be prepared to tackle a variety of security and survival situations. 
  • Leisure and entertainment stress strong leadership and motivational skills to help students learn how to conduct sports and fitness programmes. Coaching, health and wellbeing, accident prevention, special events and more are part of the courses. Some programmes, too, may include therapeutic recreation courses.
  • Resort & Park Operations; In these classes, you get to learn basic skills related to running a resort or park, and how to plan and manage outdoor activities and sports on a daily basis.

Eligibility criteria for regular admission (matriculation) to the Master of Science in Recreation and Leisure Studies program, a minimum of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) grade point average is expected in the undergraduate major and the total undergraduate degree programme.

Besides this in order to get admission, the following skills are an added advantage:

  • You are outgoing 
  • Have a lot of energy/stamina
  • You possess exceptional observational skills
  • You are a good motivator

You'll have to choose from a wide variety of courses when you complete your degree. In your first year, you'll be studying a combination of Marketing, Economics, Sociology and Social Science, Leisure Studies and Fitness and Human Performance introductory courses.

The needed Leisure Studies and Management classes will become more advanced in subsequent years, while options for other electives would open up. During these classes, you will not only be exposed to the theory of recreational studies and health promotion but also the management skills and knowledge required to handle recreation services and facilities effectively.

As Entertainment, leisure and park students, you can find numerous opportunities with adventure travel companies, entertainment centres, government agencies, parks and resorts, outdoor training centres, therapeutic recreation agencies and more. You can choose from various career options such as Program Coordinator, Wilderness Trip Leader, Recreation and Events Program Coordinator or Park Administrator.

There are various colleges offering both undergraduate and masters degree in Recreation and Leisure studies such as: 

Plenty of employment prospects will open up after you graduate. People around the world spend billions of dollars on tourism, transportation and other leisure activities, making this one of the biggest industries in the world. 


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