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Mar 19, 2021

Have you ever thought of asking for surfing admission to an MBA? Can you imagine yourself at the University of Surfing?

If you're a high school surfer panicking about what to study in college, or if you're one's parent and you're worried that your young shredder doesn't have the academic dedication to a university degree, you both may have hope! As the number of surfers grows and grows worldwide, so do the dynamics of surfing international business. Remarkably, some colleges now offer full-fledged surfing bachelor degrees, while some schools also enroll students in post-graduate surfing programs. Nowadays in many postgraduate studies, from Europe to Australia, you can grow your academic knowledge in surf science and technology. For surfers, there are several university programs. Possible careers with this course are Surfing Industry, Surfing Center Director, Surfing Retail Industry, Event Management, Environmental Sustainability, or you can also Establish your own surf-related coaching training

Ultimately, for example, you will also be able to design and manufacture board fins based on aerodynamic principles. Here are some of the world's finest postgraduate surfing studies:

Cornwall College (St Austell)

During the program, you will study the sport of surfing as well as business planning in the surfing industry, environmental science, surfing event management, human exercise science,  coaching principles & psychological, design & manufacture of surfboards; environmental & human impacts, development of surfing culture, surfing history, sport-related news/media and more. The program is based on the main campus of Cornwall College Newquay and the premises on Newquay's Tolcarne Beach. It’s a 3 years course

BlueWater Study

A three-year full-time degree offered by the South West Campus offers individuals interested in surfing the opportunity to pursue the surfing industry's research, business, and technical facets. The topics covered include ocean science, materials engineering, event management, human performance, business studies, and surf-related research units.

UNC's Surf Science program

The Surf Science programs at UNC are the best on this side of the Mississippi! You can go into more depth here to clarify what the systems are all about or why your system is the best. If you are looking for a Surf Science degree, this is the perfect place to go! In case you don't want to commit to a full degree in Surf Science, as an undergraduate you are eligible for Surf Technology and Marine Biology. 

Plymouth University, United Kingdom

This course gives those interested in surfing the opportunity to pursue rigorous academic research of the science, technological and business aspects of the global surfing industry. The course is complemented with practical surfing opportunities every year. The University has close ties to the British Surfing Association (BSA).

Southern Cross University, Australia

In response to market demand and in collaboration with Surfing Australia, the Diploma in Sport Management (Surfing Studies) was created to provide the knowledge and skills required by employees and managers in the developing global surfing industry. The Sport Management Diploma (Surfing Studies) also provides a path to the Sport and Exercise Science Bachelor’s degree.

Edith Cowan University, Australia

This three-year full-time Bachelor of Science (Surf Science and Technology) or similar part-time degree offered by ECU South West offers an opportunity for people interested in surfing to explore the surfing industry's research, business, and technical facets. In this dynamic, growing and exciting industry, students learn the skills necessary for management. Subject areas covered include ocean sciences, materials engineering, event management, human performance, business studies, and surfing-related research units. This course is available in full or part-time mode.

If you want to surf, what better place to practice than pursuing a degree? While this course won't teach you how to surf, you'll definitely be in a great position to work with famous surfing brands. Surfing is a great sport and one of the most difficult technical and physical practices in the world. But you can do almost anything with training and passion. In fact, you need to have a few key skills to become a professional surfer. Such as balance, determination, physical fitness, passion, dedication, endurance, strength. There are different levels in surf science and technology that you can reach by pursuing the course to gain proper training and practice.


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