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Mar 19, 2021

Best Photography Schools Worldwide

It may seem to you that Traditional photography lessons are really not required anymore. I don’t blame you; today anyone can just pick up a digital camera and click. If it doesn’t come right; well you can always Photoshop it. Whatever happened to the true and tried formula of posing, plus lighting and composition and exposure to create a beautiful photograph!

Which is why we need a great photography school! To acknowledge the need for proper training and experience combined with the technical training needed to bring the art of photography to best results. As always the choice of schools is endless, so we have picked some schools, workshops and even online courses that do it better than the others. Check them out and lets see if anything interesting develops!

List of Schools


The world's largest and oldest photography school. Founded in 1910, NYIP has been successfully graduating photographers all over the world for 100 years. They have affordable home-study courses that allow students anywhere to learn the photography skills that they need. Each of their education courses includes comprehensive and up-to-date lessons, audio commentary on CD, and DVD video training. Each student receives a dedicated student advisor who is a professional photographer there to guide you through the course. Another impressive plus to their school is that it limits the courses so they can delve deeper into the subjects and a full course on Photoshop alone is offered. Join the NYIP and you could pretty much become the next big Shooting Star! 

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Long respected as one of the top photography schools in the world this staple in photography education offers a BFA in Professional Photography and a MFA in Photography. Mind you, not many schools offer both of those. Whether you are interested in pursuing a photography degree or want to gain additional skills in film, graphic design or visual journalism, you can find a program at Brooks Institute that meets your needs. However, Brooks Institute’s requires you to ‘focus’ with your thinking caps on. Its multidisciplinary approach to education promotes collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity to help students become technologically adept and visually sophisticated. Their faculty of award-winning industry professionals and academics help students discover their creative style as they grow toward becoming trained professionals. 

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This school has a very unique ten-month program for professional photography. The curriculum features seven primary courses of study; Art & Technique, Digital Imaging, Design & Imaging Arts, Marketing, Management, Personnel, and Finance. The unique “photo boot camp” approach gets students up to speed in ten months by combining cutting edge photo equipment, state-of-the-art digital facilities, and a motivated faculty who have first-hand experience with the real demands and expectations of the working world.

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The best thing about this school is that it offers intensive month-long courses on a variety of topics, including professional photography and digital technology. Workshops at RMSP offer a wide range of experiences, provide solid photographic instruction and cover basic to advanced topics. The program prepares people for a career in photography through hands-on learning, progressive development, support and mentoring.

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The Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology focuses on photography and provides professional skills. They specialize in the use of small-, medium-, and large-format cameras using digital and film as required. Other courses will train you in Adobe Photoshop® plus advanced camera techniques. You will also have an opportunity to develop your portfolio. It also offers both day and night classes.

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A variety of cities are provided with the Art Institutes which provide live instruction on campuses in many cities. Their instructors are all professionals and the schools are tightly managed to give the students the best possible education geared to their photography. One of the strong features of the Art Institutes is that they are in many cities and they pull from the local artists to add to the education experience. Another advantage of the Art Institutes is that students have the opportunity to intern with professional studios of their specialty. This also gives the students a way to “show off” to the studios what they are capable of besides learning. Some nice Art institutes to start looking at are:

  • The Art Institute of Philadelphia – Philadelphia, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh

  • Academy of Art University – San Francisco

  • The Art Institute of Colorado – Denver

  • The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale – Fort Lauderdale

  • The Art Institute of Atlanta – Atlanta

  • Miami International University of Art & Design – Miami



Think you are too lazy to go to an actual school? This website offers an online learning experience that includes all aspects of photography and related software. There are even specific courses that cover some camera models and how to use them. They offer a large variety of course taught by professionals in the industry. This is another membership based website with an additional fee for the courses. The difference is the in depth management of the members offering them personalized critiques in their classes directly from the instructor and including websites for the members plus a huge variety of other benefits.

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Looking again to online education there are a number of highly specialized websites that offer streamlined classes geared towards a specialty. This particular school offers classes which include step by step instruction combined with videos for specific digital art techniques with the emphasis on digital painting and using Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop software. 

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Here’s another that offers online education to a variety of online education. While this website is membership based it offers one of the largest varieties of online training for learning on your own in your own time. Lynda offers photography courses in Cameras + Gear, Documentaries, Lighting, Photo Assignments, Photo Assignments, and Printing + Sharing. In total including all their courses they offer over 1000 classes! For all you cheapos (like me) there is also a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL. 

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Lets not leave out the masses of nature photographers out there that want to learn how to photograph lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) there is a group that has workshops all over the world with some of the most talented nature photographers around. Their intensive workshop instructors, Jason Hahn and Les Voorhis, provide in-field, hands-on photo instruction coupled with classroom sessions and image critiques, tailoring their instruction to meet the needs of each photographer, regardless of skill level or camera equipment. Their focus is on helping improve your nature photography skills and expand your creativity while providing you opportunities to photograph unique and exciting outdoor adventure and nature subjects. Just looking at the damn images on their website is exciting!

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On a closing note, Lets face it; everyone has their own style of learning and also how to fit learning into their lifestyle. It depends on what you want to do! If you travel and work full time and have home responsibilities then an online course is just what you need. If you have free time and can commit to being away, the obvious choice is a hands-on type of education. There are short term and long-term classes and workshops everywhere. Snap away guys!  


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