Know Top & Best College Locations in The World

Mar 19, 2021

Know Top & Best College Locations in The World

Location plays a big part when it comes to the attractiveness of campus. One of the first things we note about a school is the college location. If you choose to go on a campus tour, you are likely to be subconsciously swayed by how beautiful it is, or what kind of weather persists in the location. But how much is the location of a school really important? It totally depends on what you're looking for. Are you an athlete in search of a more charitable environment? Are you someone who is looking beyond what a school can offer to do extracurricular or professional pursuits? Are you someone who loves greenery and love to study in nature. 

If the best location is a priority while choosing your college, here are the top five colleges worldwide to choose from:

Trinity College, Dublin

Trinity is the highest ranked university in Ireland, located on a beautiful campus in the heart of downtown Dublin.  It is home to 17,000 college and graduate students across all major arts and humanities fields, as well as business, law, engineering, technology, and health sciences. Trinity's historic buildings were used as the setting for many films in the heart of the capital. This college has a reputation for friendliness and vibrant social life, the 47-acre campus of Trinity College Dublin is home to technologically advanced libraries, laboratories and IT facilities that are seamlessly integrated into the beautiful historic campus. 

Queen's University, Ireland

This university looks more like an Irish royalty palace than a 20-somethings young school. The Lanyon Building is recognized as one of Queen's University's most recognizable landmarks, but the campus houses over 250 buildings that resemble this beautiful Gothic and Medieval style. A city with innovation at its heart, technological breakthroughs infiltrate every sector to help build our global competitiveness. In Northern Ireland, there are nearly 900 international companies, making Belfast the second most successful city in the UK (after London) to attract US trade. There's plenty going on outside the region, including the famed filming locations for the Game of Thrones HBO series, the awe-inspiring Giant's Causeway, voted the best heritage attraction in the UK, and the Mourne Mountains, a place of outstanding natural beauty canonized as CS Lewis ' Narnia.

Princeton University, New Jersey

One of the best things about Princeton's campus is its vast range of architectural styles and spacious spaces: neo-Gothic dorms and classrooms in the upper part of the campus, glassy science labs, and grassy sports fields surrounding Lake Carnegie on the campus ' southern side, and much more in between. Founded in 1746, the prestigious Ivy League university is the fourth oldest institution in the U.S. The main campus is built on about 500 acres and combines a range of architectural styles from High Victorian Gothic to Romanesque Revival. 

University of Salamanca, Spain

The school was founded in 1134 and is Spain's oldest university and the world's third oldest. The historic city is located between Castilla and León in the west of Spain. Although there have been modern renovations since then, most of the structures still mirror Salmantica's 2,000-year-old style.

Cornell University, New York

In January 1864, Andrew Dickson White of Syracuse and Ezra Cornell of Ithaca met in the New York State Senate and set up Cornell a year later— now that's what we call networking. The main campus occupies 745 acres with a view of the city of Itaca and Lake Cayuga. If city life is more your style, don't worry— they've got a campus in NYC and medical campus in Education City, Qatar. 


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