World's 5 Best Fashion Schools

Are you in love with new fashion trends? Not just for wearing it but also in love with how it gets designed and made? If your answer is yes, you would have imagined being a fashion designer and designing clothes with new ideas pop up in your mind.

Being a fashion designer is not just work; it's an art. To be it, you don't just need passion; you need imagination, uniqueness, and most importantly, "knowledge." You need to know many things to be a fashion designer.  

You need to have a good eye on shape and color, sewing and pattern cutting skills, the ability to spot trends, and much more.

So, The first step you're going to need is to get an education in Fashion Design. There are ample fashion schools which will provide you the education. However, all fashion schools will not be the same, and the teaching will vary. Some will give you a good teaching, where some schools will be top-notch.

Here, in this article, we've mentioned the 5 best fashion schools in the world with a top-notch education.

Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Founded in 1663, Royal Academy is an elite design school in Antwerp, Belgium. The College gets identified by its serious students. The students who are not serious about the studies can't handle the workload. 

If you're exceptionally dedicated, with innovative, experimental, and modern keenness, this may be the school for you. The school is a part of one of the earliest design academies globally. They have produced some magnificent talent in the prior 20 years.

To know more about it, go to Antwerp-fashion. Be.

Parsons School of Design | The New School

Founded in 1896, Parsons School of Design in Greenwich Village, New York City. It's in New York City's Garment District, which provides easy access to resources required for the industry. 

Parsons is a powerhouse of fashion design, and they have given tons of new talent to the industry in the last ten years, particularly. 

Many of parson's graduates are now faculty of the school. Most of these faculty members also work in the fields in which they teach. To get student work seen and critiqued, parsons has done a partnership with several retailers and corporations.

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Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)

The FIT college is in NYC in Garment District. The school can access incredible resources and professionals. FIT also offers courses in the fashion business, visual arts, marketing, textiles, and countless other fashion-related degrees with fashion design. 

FIT has good connections with industry professionals and designers. They critique student work and offer works, and the museum flaunts one of the most comprehensive fashion archives. 

Connections with companies such as the CFDA assure that students get a lot of real-world knowledge. It's also part of the State University of NY; thus, it's much cheaper than most fashion schools, which is a huge concern for many incoming students. There's also one downside to it. It hasn't created a hot designer in many years.

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Central St.Martins 

 Founded in 1989, Central St. Martins in London, England. It's the University of the Arts London's constituent College. 

Standing in the middle of London gives motivation and full access to cultural and business resources. The teaching staff in Central St. Martins considers as legendary staff. 

Prof. Louise Wilson has done school all the greats from McQueen to Giles Deacon. And she has become a global fashion personality because of it. The other evidence of its importance and influence is that it's the only fashion school with its runway appearances.

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London College of Fashion

London College of Fashion is in six various places in London. Students get surrounded by the spirit of this unbelievable city. It has a fashion design program, but the program in fashion journalism is the main attraction. 

You'll find out that this is no ordinary university when you'll see courses of study. There are many different programs that you won't get anywhere else. 

The courses include 

  • fashion broadcast journalism
  • fashion curation and criticism
  • fashion business
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