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Top & Best Schools To Study Political Science

Shagun Gupta

List of Best School of Political Science

If you think about the word political science, you might think of the evening news about presidential campaigns, political parties or political analysis. Yet political science also aims at understanding and forecasting important issues that affect our daily lives, including globalization, extremism, climate change, civil rights, and diplomacy. If you are someone who loves strong research work, have analytical skills and like to manage crisis Political Science is an apt subject for you. A degree in political science can open the door to a variety of jobs, enabling you to apply your writing and analytical skills across a wide range of industries.

Choosing a college is difficult and you can often feel like a daunting task to make the right decision. Considering the importance of this decision, as  prospective students, you should consider carefully when looking at your choices.

Here’s a list of best colleges and universities for you to pursue a political science course.

Georgetown University, District of Columbia

You simply can't do better than Georgetown University if you want the best training available in Political Science & Government. Students from Georgetown University's political science & government major get 14.6 percent more than the same graduate standard. A large city's surrounding area is perfect for young people trying to find the right social networking, anticipation, and discovery choices.

Columbia University, New York

For those interested in an advanced degree, Columbia University in New York City offers graduate degrees in political science. This school has graduate programs available for graduates who would like to continue to pursue their bachelor's degree.

Princeton University

If you want to study Political Science & Government, it's hard to find a better school than Princeton University. Political science and government students at Princeton University receive 73.0 percent more than the standard graduate of political science. Princeton is located in Princeton, New Jersey, providing learners with a safe, sound, suburban atmosphere.

Washington University in St Louis

If you want to study Political Science & Government, it is difficult to find a better school than Washington University in St. Louis. Graduates of political science and government degree program at Washington University in St. Louis make up 27.4% above the typical college graduate in this field. Washington University in St Louis is located near shops and other entertainment in the suburban area of Saint Louis, Missouri.

George Washington University

If you are interested in studying Political Science & Government. George Washington University graduates of political science gain a boost of approximately 16.3 percent over the average earnings of political science and government majors. There are more than 20,000 students in this institution on campus. For those who are intrigued, there is a graduate program available.

Harvard University

If you want to follow as a major political science and policy. Political science and government majors at Harvard University make 37.2 percent more than the standard degree in political science. This academy is one of Massachusetts ' largest colleges. Harvard University is a good investment with its low net price and fantastic education, earning a #28 position in Massachusetts.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania's political science majors receives an earnings boost of about 31.7 percent above the average earnings of graduates of political science and government. The University of Pennsylvania is one of Pennsylvania's largest schools.

Yale University

Graduates of Yale University's political science get an earnings boost of about 36.4 percent above the typical income of graduates of political science and government. The atmosphere is perfect for students in a large urban center searching for considerable opportunities for social networking, anticipation, and exploration.

Dartmouth College

Any student graduating from Political Science & Government will need to look at Dartmouth College. In the major at Dartmouth, enjoy a strong focus on political science & government. Students will appreciate the position of the school in the small town of Hanover, New Hampshire, who like a more relaxed life.

As a Political Science Student you will learn to collect, analyze, and present political data, understand the processes, theories, and issues pushing forward and shaping politics, and interpret political events. Other skills you gain include communication, critical thinking, and consistent arguments being constructed. Political graduates are able to solve problems, compromise and influence decisions–all of which in many sectors are valuable resources, some of which can be incredibly lucrative.



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