List of Best & Top 5 Women's Colleges Worldwide

Mar 19, 2021

Top 5 Women's Colleges Worldwide

As a woman, if you are looking forward to studying abroad, consider studying at a women's college as research shows that women studying at all-women’s institutions tend to thrive in an environment that helps them in building their confidence and self-esteem. They get an opportunity to do well in subjects that fewer women get to study in co-ed colleges, and shine in the face of academic challenges and go on to do well in their careers.  So girls can have fun while excelling in academics.

Some of the best women’s colleges that you should consider are:

1. Smith College, Massachusetts, US

It is one of the Seven Sisters – the reputable consortium of East Coast (of USA) women’s colleges that were once considered the female counterpart of the Ivy League. Smith is a prestigious, diverse and punctilious institution. Smith has over 2400 undergraduates studying social science and history, the arts, languages, literature, mathematics and the natural sciences. Academic and practical experiences are integrated via internships and service-learning. Furthermore, an open study program offers students the liberty to customize their experience.

With an acceptance rate of 37%, ACT or SAT scores are not a compulsory admission requirement so being accepted is easier. While need-based financial aid and scholarships are given, international students must apply for it before admission.

Noted alumni: Sylvia Plath, Nancy Reagan and Gloria Steinem 

2. Barnard College, New York, US.

Since students can graduate from Columbia University – an Ivy League university, Barnard College is technically one of the Ivy League. The college offers the best liberal arts education to well-deserving and talented women. The study program includes courses in graduate, doctoral and master’s programs in law, medicine, business, and more.

Barnard is very selective with an acceptance rate of 15.4% and admission test scores must be excellent. So the college attracts students who would have been toppers in their high schools. Barnard College has a strong financial aid and scholarship program that is completely need-based. Eligible students can avail of a combination of grants, loans and job opportunities.

Noted alumni: Martha Stewart, Jhumpa Lahiri and Zora Neale Hurston.

3. Wellesley College, Massachusetts, US

It is an Ivy League College that aspires to educate women in liberal arts and make a difference in the world. It is reputed for the quality of education by expert faculty in a scenic setting  With an acceptance rate is 20%, a SAT score isn’t a mandatory requirement, but your chances for admission will be enhanced with a 25th percentile new SAT score of 1360. The study program includes numerous options in liberal arts and interdepartmental majors and minors. Many graduates move to prestigious universities like MIT, Berkley, and Brown for their masters.

Limited financial aid is available for international students. Students must apply while seeking admission and those students who are highly qualified and but will be unable to study without aid are supported.

Noted alumni: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Madeleine Albright and Diane Lawyer

4. Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania, USA

It is one of the prestigious ‘Seven Sisters’ since they are relatively allied to the Ivy League men’s colleges. The college aims to offer quality education and prepare its students for a life of purpose. Students study liberal arts, sciences, and social sciences in an atmosphere where they cultivate an enquiring mind while being taught by excellent faculty and develop a strong bond with fellow students.

The acceptance rate is about 34% and the college doesn’t expect a SAT score while seeking admission. Need-based financial aid is awarded to international students by way of grants, loans and campus employment but it is competitive as there is a lot of demand for aid.

Noted alumni: Katherine Hepburn, Drew Gilpin Faust and Emily Greene Balch.

5. Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, USA

It is the first of the prestigious ‘Seven Sisters’ liberal arts college for women on the East Coast of the USA. The college offers a vibrant academic environment in the liberal arts and sciences to students from varied backgrounds. Highly competent faculty is ever willing to nurture students to keep up the College’s tradition of leadership in women’s education and prepare them for successful careers and purposeful engagement in the world. 

The acceptance rate is about 51% and the college doesn’t expect a SAT or ACT score – it’s optional. Need-based financial aid is available for eligible international students. While students must apply for aid while seeking admission, they can expect only partial aid.

Noted alumni: Emily Dickinson, Frances Perkins and Virginia Apgar.


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