Unveiling the Unconventional: A Complete List of Weird Scholarships You Can Win

When it comes to funding your education, scholarships are a great way to ease the financial burden. While many scholarships focus on academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, or specific fields of study, there is a whole world of weird and unusual scholarships out there. These scholarships provide opportunities for students with unique talents, interests, or circumstances to secure funds for their education. In this article, we will explore a complete list of weird scholarships that you can win, showcasing the diversity and creativity of scholarship opportunities available.

1. The Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest:

The Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest is a unique and creative scholarship opportunity that challenges high school students to showcase their fashion skills and creativity by creating their prom attire entirely out of duct tape. This scholarship contest, sponsored by Duck Brand, a renowned duct tape manufacturer, has been running for over two decades and has provided financial support to countless students across the United States.

The Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest is open to all high school students attending prom in the current academic year. To participate, students must form a couple (two individuals) and create their entire prom outfit using Duck Brand duct tape. This includes the clothing, accessories, and even the corsage and boutonniere. The contest encourages participants to think outside the box, push their creative boundaries, and explore the versatility of duct tape as a fashion medium.

To enter the contest, students must submit their entry online through the official contest website. The submission typically includes several high-resolution photos showcasing the couple in their duct tape prom attire, along with a short description of the design inspiration and the process of creating the outfits. The contest judges evaluate the entries based on creativity, originality, workmanship, and the overall use of duct tape.

The scholarship prizes for the Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest are quite generous. The winning couple receives a scholarship of $10,000 each, which can be used to fund their college education or any other post-secondary educational expenses. Additionally, the winning couple's high school also receives a cash prize of $5,000 to support the school's prom or other educational initiatives.

Participating in the Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest not only offers students the chance to win financial support for their education but also allows them to showcase their artistic talents, fashion sense, and innovative thinking. It's an opportunity for students to think creatively, problem-solve, and transform ordinary materials into extraordinary fashion statements. The contest encourages students to think beyond traditional fabric and materials, embracing duct tape as a medium for self-expression and artistry.

The Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest has gained significant recognition over the years, attracting media attention and celebrating the exceptional designs and craftsmanship of the participants. The contest has been featured on various television shows, news outlets, and social media platforms, further highlighting the creativity and talent of the young participants.

In conclusion, the Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest is a one-of-a-kind scholarship opportunity that combines creativity, fashion, and innovation. It provides students with the chance to showcase their skills, express their individuality, and secure financial support for their educational endeavors. This scholarship contest not only celebrates the versatility of duct tape but also empowers students to think outside the box, embrace unconventional materials, and pursue their passions.

2. The Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship:

The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) Scholarship is a unique scholarship program that recognizes and supports high school seniors who promote vegetarianism or veganism in their communities. Sponsored by The Vegetarian Resource Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about vegetarianism and veganism, this scholarship aims to encourage and empower young individuals who are committed to making a positive impact through their dietary choices.

The VRG Scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors in the United States who have actively advocated for vegetarianism or veganism. Applicants must have demonstrated their dedication to vegetarianism/veganism through their involvement in school clubs, community organizations, or other initiatives that promote plant-based lifestyles. The scholarship is not limited to individuals who have been vegetarian/vegan their entire lives; even those who have recently adopted the lifestyle but have shown a strong commitment to its principles are eligible to apply.

To apply for the scholarship, students must submit an application form, along with an essay discussing their vegetarian/vegan journey, their efforts to promote vegetarianism/veganism, and the impact they have made in their community. The essay provides an opportunity for applicants to share their personal experiences, challenges, and successes in advocating for a plant-based lifestyle.

The VRG Scholarship offers a total of $20,000 in scholarships, which is distributed among several winners. The exact number and amount of scholarships awarded each year may vary. The scholarship funds are intended to support the recipients' educational expenses, including tuition, books, and other academic necessities.

The VRG Scholarship is highly regarded in the vegetarian and vegan community and has gained recognition for its commitment to supporting young individuals who actively promote plant-based lifestyles. The scholarship program not only provides financial assistance to students but also acknowledges their efforts and dedication in raising awareness about the benefits of vegetarianism/veganism and the ethical treatment of animals.

The Vegetarian Resource Group plays an active role in selecting scholarship recipients. The judging panel carefully evaluates each application based on various criteria, including the applicant's commitment to vegetarianism/veganism, their impact on their community, and the quality of their essay.

Winning the VRG Scholarship not only provides financial support for higher education but also serves as a validation of the recipient's advocacy efforts. It can open doors to future opportunities, connections, and resources within the vegetarian and vegan community.

In conclusion, The Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship is a unique scholarship program that recognizes and supports high school seniors who actively promote vegetarianism or veganism. By awarding scholarships to deserving students, the VRG encourages and empowers young advocates to continue making a positive impact in their communities and beyond. The scholarship not only provides financial assistance but also acknowledges the important work these individuals are doing to raise awareness about vegetarianism/veganism and its benefits for health, the environment, and animal welfare.

3. The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest:

The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest is an annual event held in Stuttgart, Arkansas, that celebrates the art of duck calling and offers scholarships to talented young duck callers. The contest is named in honor of Chick and Sophie Major, who were influential figures in promoting the sport of duck calling and preserving the rich heritage of waterfowl hunting.

The contest, which started in 1972, attracts participants from across the country who showcase their duck calling skills in front of a panel of judges and a live audience. The competition is open to high school seniors or graduates who have not yet reached their 22nd birthday. Participants are judged on their ability to produce realistic duck sounds, including hail calls, feeding calls, comeback calls, and other essential techniques used in duck hunting.

The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest offers not only an exciting platform for participants to demonstrate their skills but also provides significant scholarship opportunities. The contest awards scholarships to the top five finalists, with the winner receiving the highest scholarship amount. The scholarship funds can be used to support the winners' higher education pursuits, helping them further their academic and career goals.

Beyond the financial rewards, the contest serves as a testament to the cultural significance of duck calling and the heritage of waterfowl hunting. It honors the Major family's legacy and their dedication to preserving and promoting the art of duck calling. The event also attracts enthusiastic spectators, showcasing the passion and camaraderie of the duck hunting community.

Participating in The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest not only offers the chance to compete for scholarships but also provides valuable experiences and opportunities for personal growth. Contestants gain public speaking skills, confidence in their abilities, and the chance to network with like-minded individuals who share a love for waterfowl hunting and the outdoors.

The contest's judges, often experts in the field of duck calling, evaluate participants based on their technique, accuracy, tone, and overall presentation. The judges consider both the technical proficiency and the artistic expression of the participants' duck calling abilities.

The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest is not only an exciting and prestigious event but also a platform that promotes the art of duck calling and encourages young individuals to engage with the rich cultural heritage of waterfowl hunting. It fosters a sense of community, camaraderie, and appreciation for the skills required in this traditional sport.

In conclusion, The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest is an annual event that celebrates the art of duck calling and provides scholarship opportunities to talented young duck callers. The contest not only recognizes and rewards participants' skills but also preserves and promotes the cultural heritage of waterfowl hunting. It serves as a testament to the Major family's contributions and showcases the passion and talent within the duck calling community.

4. The Tall Clubs International Scholarship:

The Tall Clubs International (TCI) Scholarship is an annual scholarship program offered by the Tall Clubs International Foundation. The scholarship aims to support tall individuals in their pursuit of higher education and to promote awareness and acceptance of tall stature in society.

Tall Clubs International is an organization that brings together tall individuals from around the world to celebrate their unique height and experiences. The Tall Clubs International Foundation, an affiliate of the organization, established the scholarship program to provide financial assistance to deserving tall students.

The scholarship is open to students who meet the height requirement, which varies depending on the local tall club affiliate. Typically, male applicants must be at least 6'2" (188 cm) tall, while female applicants must be at least 5'10" (178 cm) tall. However, it's important to note that these height requirements may differ slightly among different tall club affiliates.

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be entering their first year of college or already enrolled in a post-secondary institution. They must also meet the academic requirements set by the scholarship committee, which may include maintaining a certain GPA or submitting standardized test scores.

The selection process for the TCI Scholarship involves reviewing the applicants' academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, leadership qualities, and personal essays. The scholarship committee evaluates each applicant's commitment to academic excellence, their participation in community service or other activities, and their ability to articulate their experiences and aspirations.

The Tall Clubs International Foundation typically awards multiple scholarships each year, with varying amounts depending on the available funds and the number of qualified applicants. The scholarship funds can be used to cover tuition fees, books, supplies, or other educational expenses.

Beyond the financial assistance, the TCI Scholarship provides recipients with an opportunity to connect with a community of tall individuals who understand and appreciate the unique challenges and experiences associated with being tall. It offers a sense of belonging and support, fostering connections that can last beyond the scholarship period.

Applying for the TCI Scholarship requires completing an application form, submitting academic transcripts, providing letters of recommendation, and writing an essay on a given topic. The application process typically opens well in advance of the scholarship deadline, allowing applicants to carefully prepare their materials.

The Tall Clubs International Scholarship not only supports the educational goals of tall students but also aims to raise awareness and appreciation for tall stature. It recognizes the value of diversity in society and provides an avenue for tall individuals to thrive academically and socially.

In conclusion, the Tall Clubs International Scholarship is a unique opportunity for tall individuals to receive financial support for their education. The scholarship not only assists with the cost of attending college but also celebrates the uniqueness and challenges associated with being tall. By promoting awareness and acceptance of tall stature, the scholarship program contributes to a more inclusive and diverse society.


Weird scholarships bring a touch of creativity and fun to the scholarship landscape, offering unique opportunities for students with diverse interests, talents, and backgrounds. While these scholarships may seem unconventional, they provide an avenue for students to showcase their skills, passions, and individuality while securing funds for their education. So, if you're looking for scholarship opportunities that break the mold, explore the weird and wonderful scholarships out there. Who knows, one of these scholarships might be just the ticket to funding your educational journey.

Remember, when it comes to scholarships, it's important to thoroughly research the eligibility criteria, application requirements, and deadlines. Scholarship databases and websites can provide comprehensive lists of weird scholarships, so don't hesitate to dive in and explore the vast array of scholarship opportunities available to you. Good luck in your scholarship pursuit!