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Mar 19, 2021

Bachelor degree in sports science

The graduate of the Bachelor of Exercise and movement sciences program is the study of how human muscles and other body systems function, evolve and communicate with one another. This broad area includes anatomical research, motor learning, human performance, sport psychology, motor growth, health and wellness, and biomechanics.  It prepares you to be a professional with extensive scientific and technological training.  

The one who pursues this degree can perform the following professional skills: Conduct Physical Conditioning and Nutrition Education programs, based on current standards and methods, for the preservation and improvement of health. Develop the process of physical education as a means of education of the individual throughout his life, attending to diversity and complying with the rules and requirements of professional practice. A degree in Sports Science gives students a number of opportunities, including personal fitness training, sports management, athletic training, work coaching, and recreational therapy. Graduates of an exercise science and kinesiology program may also seek medical or educational careers.

Eligibility required for Exercise and movement sciences education:

Students applying for either the doctoral (PhD) or the exercise physiology master's degree program are expected to hold at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college. Students should have a kinesiology degree or a related field (e.g. genetics, psychology, anatomy, biomedical engineering, etc.). Students applying for the PhD degree program are expected to hold a kinesiology or related area master's degree. The degree of graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences has different work orientations, which we could separate into two sectors, the biological orientation of the human movement and the social orientation.

  1. The biological study of the human movement would be connected, primarily, with the work areas of training and sports performance and physical activity and health
  2. The social study of the human movement would connect, preferably, with the labour fields of physical education teaching, sports planning and management, and sports recreation and leisure.

The Bachelor's degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences structures its teaching and academic activities in a balanced and broad model, which includes training in bases and fundamentals, and in knowledge applied to practice professionally, and according to current legal regulations, in: 

  • Education, training, physical training of athletes and teams, as well as other professional services that relate to the practice of different sports specialities, at all levels
  • Physical activities and sports in order to prevent, promote, maintain, recover or re-educate health.
  • The direction, programming, and planning of activities, sports centres and facilities, and sports recreation.

We identified a list of top colleges for Bachelors in Sports Science Degree Programs:

Greensboro College – Greensboro, North Carolina

At Greensboro College, the Department of Kinesiology boasts a top B.S. Degree program in Exercise and Sports Education with focus areas in exercise science, sports management, or fitness coaching. This top curriculum in exercise and sports education acts as a step for graduating programs in fields such as OT, PT or athletic training as well as certification through the ACSM and the NSCA. 

Cumberland University – Lebanon, Tennessee

B.S. of Cumberland University's Sport and Exercise Science curriculum is thrilling, allowing students to apply practical skills and develop a solid foundation in movement sciences. The degree program provides realistic activities along with didactic preparation to prepare them to work as a strength and conditioning coach, as a sports performance consultant or as a sports performance research assistant. Graduates are also eligible for science or medicine Masters programs.

University of Central Arkansas – Conway, Arkansas

B.S. A four-year degree in Exercise Science at the University of Central Arkansas follows NSCA, AACVPR and ACSM best practices and ethical conduct. Courses in this top science of sport B.S. The degree program includes fields such as aerobic exercise, sport in American society, and sport and fitness management. Students complete an exercise science internship and prepare them for the workforce.

Weber State University – Ogden, Utah

With B.S. Weber State University's exercise and sport science program is groundbreaking and focuses on the fields of exercise science or health professionals. The focus field in exercise science gives students an empirical understanding of human activity, activities, and nutrition. The specialized area of fitness prepares students for a career that benefits others through fitness and nutrition preparation. All areas require students to complete a cooperative work experience of five credit hours that offers practical training to the students. Graduates from that top B.S. The graduate program found success in serving as workout consultants, high-performance athletes, sports coaches, and fitness administrators.

Cameron University – Lawton, Oklahoma

Cameron University is one of the best universities for sports science and is a comprehensive academic, education, and practical training program. The S.B. Degree provides a solid basis for students planning to pursue a professional degree in areas such as nutrition, physical therapy or sports psychologist. Coursework includes topics such as sport and fitness training, exercise and physical activity legal aspects, and sports nutrition. In the final semester of the programme, students complete a capstone experience throughout sport/fitness management.

A degree in sport science is a great start to a career in the sports sector, but you will also gain valuable business and management skills that can be used in many jobs. Because of the wide range of topics that could possibly be explored, the good news is a degree in this area that opens up several doors – although some of these possibilities may include further education.


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