America's 5 Best College Dorms in 2021

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "College Dorm?" Probably a college room with one or two beds where you stay for 3/4 years on education. It's generally a room with limited facilities. 

But what if I tell you there are many universities consist of college dorms which are not just rooms with limited facilities, but the most luxurious dorms you'll ever see. You'll see a dormitory with stylishly furnished rooms, a fitness center, free Internet, and many more.

You may wish to spend your 4 years in a luxurious college dorm like this. Hence, we've mentioned 5 universities with the best college dorm in America.

Hub on Campus Tucson, University of Arizona, USA

This public research University offers study programs in Business, Management, Marketing, Biological, Biomedical Sciences, Health Professions, Engineering, etc. 

Hub on Campus Tucson is very close to the campus and offers spacious, stylishly furnished rooms with modern fixtures and private bathrooms. Many rooms also have private balconies with magnificent views.

Other amenities include a rooftop pool and sundeck with a panoramic view of the campus, a steam room, private hot tubs, a club room, a state-of-art fitness center, and there's more. 

It also consists of Executive Business Centers with computers and printers, an on-site Professional Management Team, private parking, free Internet and Wi-Fi, etc.

Osprey Fountains, University of North Florida, USA‍

‍The University offers high-quality education in health, business, arts and science, computing, engineering, construction, etc. 

Osprey Fountains has a walkway bridge connecting it to the University Loop Road. It houses 1,000 students and has multiple room choices of private rooms, four-bed and six-bed rooms. All residents have access to a game room, a fitness center, a library, huge plasma televisions to view sports and entertainment, a study room, a gaming room, and a diner.

Other facilities include an active/lap pool, a lazy river pool, lighted tennis, volleyball, basketball courts, a putting green, a lighted outdoor running track, outdoor swings, and picnic tables.

The cost of a furnished private occupancy is $5,000, while shared occupancy costs will be lesser. 

Calhoun Loft, University of Houston, USA

The University of Houston offers over 300 study programs with distinguished faculty. Calhoun Lofts personifies luxury. The highlight of the residences is two roof terraces, a theatre room, a sky lounge, and every student's wish come true – free laundry.  

The residence amenities include a study room, fitness center, private courtyard, Wi-Fi, computer lab, pool table, and a special event kitchen.

Other amenities in every room are a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a stove, and a dishwasher. You can choose to rent an unfurnished or furnished room.

The cost of a room per term ranges from $6,239 to $4,398, depending on accommodation. 

Morgens Hall, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The University is the second-largest in Ohio, offering a wide range of programs in architecture, arts, business, computers, design, engineering, humanities, social science, etc. Morgens Hall that is home to 456 students, is like a glasshouse. 

This residence has won awards for sustainability and eco-friendly efficiency. It offers state-of-art study halls to make learning easy and fun. 

You can choose to reside in a shared studio or a multiple-bedroom residence with more students. All residences have a kitchen refrigerator, microwave oven, and stove. Other amenities include a study lounge, hall laundry, and recreational equipment. The cost of renting a room is approx. $6,60

The Retreat at Corvallis, Oregon State University, USA

‍Oregon State University offers over 200 undergraduate programs and a wide range of graduate and doctoral programs to students from over 100 countries. The best part about living at the Retreat at Corvallis is that it is just a stone's throw away from the University. It exemplifies luxurious living off-campus.

Amenities in each room include High-speed Internet, HD cable, full-sized washer and dryers, and all utilities except electricity and gas. Most important is you will have a private bathroom and bedroom. 

Fully equipped kitchens will ensure that you eat well and stay well even as you study hard. Free streaming for Pac-12 sports, movies and TV will keep you entertained at home.

The cost of a private room may cost $8,600 or more.

A college dorm usually conjures up images of community living, shared rooms, shared bathrooms, shared lounges. 

The list of shared habitation can go on and on. But some colleges offer luxurious dorms that will make you feel that you are on vacation even as you study hard.