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Course Concept

The ACT English Preparation Course is a comprehensive program designed to enhance students' language and grammar skills to excel in the ACT English section. This section assesses students' command of the English language, including their knowledge of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and rhetorical skills. The course focuses on content mastery, test-taking strategies, and time management to help students maximize their ACT English scores.

  • Develop a strong command of English grammar and punctuation.
  • Improve sentence structure and clarity in writing.
  • Enhance rhetorical analysis skills to understand the author's intent.
  • Master test-taking strategies tailored to the ACT English section.
  • Boost confidence and achieve target ACT scores in the English section.

ACT English

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1. Apostrophes: Possessive vs. Plural

In ACT English, understanding the use of apostrophes is essential. You need to differentiate between possessive and plural forms. Apostrophes indicate possession, while plurals are formed by adding "s" or "es." Correctly applying apostrophes ensures proper grammar and punctuation in your written responses on the ACT exam.

10. Adjectives and Adverbs

In ACT English, you'll encounter questions related to adjectives and adverbs. Adjectives modify nouns, providing more information about them, while adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs to describe how, when, where, or to what extent an action occurs. You'll need to understand their usage and placement within sentences to answer related questions accurately.

11. Word Pairs and Comparisons

In ACT English, questions related to word pairs and comparisons assess your knowledge of grammar and usage. These questions require you to select the correct word pair or phrase that maintains clarity, coherence, and grammatical correctness in a sentence. You'll often choose between similar-sounding words or expressions to ensure proper sentence structure and meaning.

12. Modification

In ACT English, understanding modification is essential. Modification involves the correct use of words or phrases to provide clarity and precision in sentences. You'll need to identify and fix issues related to misplaced modifiers, dangling participles, and other grammatical errors that impact sentence structure and meaning.

13. Parallel Structure: Lists and Prepositions

In ACT English, parallel structure is vital for maintaining grammatical consistency, especially in lists and prepositional phrases. Sentences with items in a list or prepositions should be structured similarly to ensure clarity and correctness. Recognizing and applying parallel structure is essential for achieving a high score on the ACT English section.

14. Relative Pronouns: Who(se), Whom, Which, Where, and That

In ACT English, understanding relative pronouns like "who(se)," "whom," "which," "where," and "that" is essential. These pronouns are used to connect clauses and provide additional information about nouns in sentences. Correct usage of these pronouns ensures clarity and coherence in writing, contributing to improved performance on the ACT English section.

2. Sentences and Fragments

In ACT English, understanding sentences and fragments is essential. You'll encounter questions that assess your ability to identify complete sentences and fragments within a passage. Knowing the difference between these two is crucial for achieving grammatical accuracy and coherence in your writing, contributing to your overall ACT score.

3. Joining and Separating Sentences: Periods, Semicolons & Comma + FANBOYS

In ACT English, understanding how to join and separate sentences using periods, semicolons, commas, and FANBOYS (coordinating conjunctions) is essential. These punctuation marks help convey sentence relationships, with periods creating full stops, semicolons connecting related independent clauses, and commas + FANBOYS linking independent clauses in compound sentences.

4. Non-Essential and Essential Clauses

In ACT English, understanding non-essential and essential clauses is vital. Non-essential clauses, set off by commas, provide additional, non-essential information. Essential clauses, without commas, are crucial for sentence meaning. Recognizing and correctly punctuating these clauses is essential for improving grammar and sentence structure in the ACT English section.

6. Colons

In ACT English, colons are punctuation marks used to introduce a list, explanation, or a related idea. They signal that what follows is closely connected to what came before. Proper usage of colons helps maintain sentence clarity and structure, a skill tested in ACT English questions.

7. Dashes

In ACT English, dashes are used as punctuation marks to set off or emphasize information within a sentence. They indicate a sudden break or shift in thought. Understanding the appropriate usage of dashes is important for achieving clarity and coherence in your writing and for answering related questions on the ACT.

8. Verbs: Agreement and Tense

In ACT English, understanding verb agreement and tense is essential. This involves ensuring that verbs match their subjects in terms of number (singular or plural) and maintaining consistent verb tenses throughout a sentence or passage. Questions in this category assess your ability to identify and correct errors related to verb agreement and tense in written passages.

9. Pronouns: Agreement and Case

In ACT English, the section on pronouns focuses on two aspects: agreement and case. Agreement involves ensuring that pronouns match the number and gender of the nouns they refer to. Case concerns using the correct form of pronouns (subjective, objective, or possessive) based on their role in a sentence. Mastery of these rules is essential for achieving a high score on the ACT English section.

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Experienced Tutors

Our team of teachers boast top 1% scores for the subjects they teach. All of our teachers have demonstrated an exceptional ability to convey material in a fun, personalized, and results-driven way.

With AP Guru, each student gets...
  • an experienced and certified online tutor
  • a subject specialist that will convey essential concepts in a clear and easily understandable manner
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  • Parents Teacher Meetings - We set up monthly parent teacher meetings for your to interact with the tutors

Grade Improvement: Exam Ready

The AP Guru course ensures that each student is exam ready regardless of the initial academic level at which they stand.

Exam Ready
  • Track your progress including topic, class and homework discussion
  • 10 Months of exhaustive exam prep to get you ready
  • Last 2 months of Exam Improvement Pointers and Strategies for writing high-scoring answers.
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AP Guru offers highly customised and personalised SAT Prep delivered live online

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Between each class, you'll get personalized assignments so you master what you learned

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All of our students are paired with an experienced mentor to guide the student through his or her prep

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Our curriculum is written by our tutors and founders based on their years of teaching experience.

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Parents Teacher Meeting - We set up monthly parent teacher meetings for your to interact with the tutors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read some of the most commonly asked questions by parents and students
  • Who are the AP Guru tutors?

    We have hand-selected a small group of highly qualified tutors who have mastery over teaching and helping students in the programs they teach. Our tutors also need to have significant previous teaching experience and be very gifted, dynamic teachers.

  • Where are your Programs held?

    We conduct our programs online.

    Is this a live class? Will it be a group or private class?
    All our classes are live instructor lead classes. All our academic tutoring are only one-on-one.

  • Is this a live class? Will it be a group or private class?

    All our classes are live instructor lead classes. All our academic tutoring are only one-on-one.

  • When is the best time to get started?

    The earlier the better! When students come to us right before it is time to apply to college, there is only so much we can do. We can certainly help these students with score improvements and craft as compelling an application as possible, but we are given experiences and data points that cannot be altered.

    When students come to us early in their educational careers, we pair them with a counselor to help them develop as applicants, students, and people early on. We help students strategize early, build their profiles, and stand out from their peers. We help students explore and develop their academic interests, engage in unique and meaningful extracurricular activities, strengthen their personal qualities and leadership skills, and ultimately, position them to get into the best schools possible.

    It takes A LOT of hard work, strategy, determination, and self-reflection to get into the school of your dreams. At AP Guru, we are here, every step of the way, to help you get there.

  • Do test prep courses work?

    Yes! Standardized tests focus on a small, unique set of skills and topics. By knowing exactly what types of questions are on the test, a student gains a distinct advantage. Furthermore, a great tutoring company can build on this advantage by providing a highly individualized learning experience and a wealth of fantastic strategies for all types of students.  We have the evidence from thousands of students across 10+ years that great improvement is possible for nearly everyone.

  • Do you only help students who want to go to top schools?

    No. We know that each student is different and has unique goals and aspirations. Our focus is to help each student excel in the tests and exams they are preparing towards.

  • What kind of results should I expect?

    In terms of academic scores, for students not already at the top of the range, we typically want to see at least a 20 percentile rank improvement (the actual raw score this translates to varies across the scale). Going from the 50th to 70th percentile or from the 70th to 90th typically opens up a whole new range of schools for students.