Teaching Curriculum

Our curriculum has evolved from our eight years of 
experience training students on the SAT/ACT/AP/IB. We teach concepts and strategies that lead to the highest scores on the test.

Engaging Presentations

Concept Led learning

Expert Strategies

Solved examples from past papers

Study Guides

Artistically designed study guides for each section of the test. We have used creative design to
enable students to learn and retain concepts and strategies.

Niche concepts covered

Detailed explanations

Solved examples

Aesthetically designed

Mock Tests

Taking full length tests is the most important part of your prep. Assess your learnings through past papers.

50 pre-released ACT Tests

30 pre-released SAT Tests

Online Testing Platform

Personalised Reports


Address your mistakes through explanations for more than 3,000 test and homework questions.

5000+ Video Explanations

Explanations for all tests

Text explanations available

Created by Expert Tutors


Make sure you never repeat your mistakes by creating flashcards on the AP Guru App.

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