Strategies and Insights for Admission to Top Universities

About the Webinar

This year, we’ve seen applications to top universities sky rocket and admit rates plunge sharply. In a bloated applicant pool, it becomes even more important to closely align yourself with the university and demonstrate fit. In our upcoming webinar, we hope to demystify the black-box of the unique traits that different universities seek.

Over the past decade, we’ve developed distinctive insights into what kinds of applicants get accepted at different universities. Which universities have lower academic standards, which value supplemental essays more, and what specific extracurricular activities are sought - we’ve made note of it all. In the webinar, we’ll show you how to adjust your candidacy for each universities and offer you insider tips on marketing your application.

Learn about:
- The unique personalities that resonate with different universities
- Adjusting your candidacy for each university
- Insider tips on marketing your application