Learn About Georgia Tech Admission Guidelines

Georgia Tech Admission Requirements: An Ultimate Guide

Georgia Tech or Georgia Institute of Technology is a University many students wish to go to. Most of the students interested in getting into Georgia Tech are the ones who are tech-savvy. You may be one of those who want to go to Georgia Tech but don't know what it takes to get admitted. 

If this is the case, our ultimate guide will help you for sure. It will explain to you the score requirements, application requirements, and many more. But before knowing the needs, let's take an overview of Georgia Tech University.

Georgia Tech University Overview:

Founded in 1885, Georgia Tech University is the 35th(tie) best University in the USA as per the US news. When it comes to the global ranking, it's 66th(tie) best University in the world as per US news.

GT has different student fees for students in the state and students out of the state. For a student living in the state, the tuition fee is $12,682 (2020-21). For a student living out of the state, the tuition fee is $33,794 (2020-21). Here, we can see, there is a vast difference between both the costs.

The total enrolment in the college is 36,127. The student to faculty ratio in the GT is 19:1. 44.1% of classes in Georgia Tech consist of less than 20 students. Many big names in the world studied at Georgia Tech University. Some of the notable alumni are Jimmy Carter, Carry Mullis, Ronald W. Allen. 

After reading this, you are probably more excited to get admitted to this great University. So, let's see what GT looks for in a student.

Georgi Tech University

What Georgia Tech Looks For

Georgia Tech doesn't say much about what they're looking for in a student. Georgia Tech says that "In our comprehensive, holistic admission process, we consider your academic background as well as your pursuits and interests outside the classroom. We look for students who enjoy challenges and are committed to furthering the institute's mission of "improving the human condition." 

It's not much, but they say it without having to baffle any prospective students. However, when you look deeper, you'll see there are factors they won't know that you must have:

  • Character:

For this factor, Georgia Tech wants to know who you are as a person. They want to see if you're an excellent fit for them. In a way, it's your chance to show them you got the drive and motivation to be part of their institute.

  • Academic Performance:

A character is not enough if your grades are bad; your academic performance matters too. It is a prevalent factor every college sees. Excellent academic performance is what shows your hard work, intelligence, and talent. Thus, having a good performance in academics is a must.

  • Extracurricular Activities:

This factor is where Georgia Tech will see that you're also spending time outside of your studies. You can show them this factor by going for activities that let you develop your skills. This activity could be participating in events where you can show your strengths.

  • Contribution To Community:

As per their review process, this factor is something essential to Georgia Tech. It is because they want a student with an interest to contribute to the community. You can get this one by being a strong presence in your communities

How You Can Be The One

Develop The Spike Within Yourself

So how can you indeed be the one that Georgia Tech will admit? You'll need to develop the spike that comes from within.

So what is the spike anyway? A spike is what makes you different from all other applicants. It goes against the spirit of being an ordinary applicant. By nature of being unique, you don't fit in with all the other similar applicants. It's best if you did something that stands out in a meaningful way. 

This spike requires consistent effort, focus, discipline, and passion for growing. This spike is what makes you world-class and makes colleges think you're going to do great things. Another way to put it: You need to be a world-class person that'll have everyone noticing you all the time. But developing the spike is a challenge to do as you have to be excellent in something. You need to build your skills in one area that'll make everyone look like average Joes. Need something to wrap your head around more? 

Think of Michael Phelps. Just mention his name, and you already remember his finesse with swimming. Sure, he may not be that good in other sports, but his reputation around the world shows he did so well with his area. But he didn't get to where he is now with a mere thought: He took a lot of work and determination. So when you're going to develop the spike, make sure to pick one area you're confident you can excel in. You'll also need to dedicate a lot of time and schedule for it. You can think of it as a morning ritual that will help you grow more and more. Do this, and you'll get the spike you've already had within you. 

Maintain Excellence In Other Areas

Now you may understand how to create a spike within you, but that doesn't mean you need to focus 100% on one thing. It's great if you also focused on developing excellence in other things.

As you're developing the spike, it pays to maintain excellence in other areas of interest. As mentioned earlier, GT wants applicants with experience with extracurriculars and community contributors. To get started, take note of the areas you're good at and leave out the rest. From there, you can begin scheduling time to maintain your greatness in them. For example, if you have ten areas of interest, choose only 3 or 4 things that Georgia Tech likes. 

You can rank them and make weekly plans on maintaining your skills with them. You can also set goals on how you can grow in your prioritized areas.

Georgia Tech SAT Requirements:

To know the SAT requirements for Georgia Tech, we need 75th and 25th percentile scores. The 25th percentile of GT University is 1390, and the 75th percentile is 1540. With this, we get an average SAT score for GT, which is 1465.

As the average score is comparatively high, we can consider GT as very competitive for SAT. When aiming for the SAT score, we recommend you aim for the 75th percentile score. It increases the chance of getting the required score. As per the percentile score chart, you need to perform better than 99% of test-takers. 

SAT Section Requirements:

There is also the 25th and 75th percentile for each section. 

For Math, The 25th percentile is 710, and the 75th percentile is 790. Thus, the average score of math we get is 750.

For EBRW, The 25th percentile is 680, and the 75th percentile is 750. Thus, the average score of math we get is 715.

If aiming for a section score, same as a composite score, you should aim for the 75th percentile. As per the section percentile chart, you need to perform better than 99% of all test-takers in Math. And for EBRW, you need to perform better than 98% of all test-takers. Also, as you can see, you need more Math scores than in EBRW for the same percentile. Both these scores give you an idea of how your performance should be in the SAT exam.

GT Required SAT Scores

SAT Score Policy:

You may not know, but every college has its SAT score policy. In the case of Georgia Tech, the approach they have is the "highest section."

It means, if you took many tests, you could send your highest section scores. This policy is also known as "superscoring." For example, if one student takes the SAT exam twice, for the first attempt, the composite score is 1400. In the score of 1400, 750 is of maths, and 650 is of EBRW. In the second attempt, he again receives 1400 as a composite SAT score. But this time, he received 650 in Maths and 750 in EBRW.

Thus, your highest math score is on the first attempt, and the highest score in EBRW is on the second attempt. And as GT has a policy of the highest section score, they will consider each subject's highest score.

Hence, Georgia Tech will take your Maths score as 750 and EBRW as 750. It will benefit the student as his score raised by 100 points, which now became 1500. Thus, due to the highest section policy, it is always good to retake the SAT examination. It gives you an excellent chance to raise your score.

Georgia Tech ACT Requirements:

Georgia Tech's 25th and 75th percentile scores for the ACT are 31 and 34, respectively. With the help of both these scores, we can find Georgia Tech's average ACT score, which comes 33. Thus, the students admitted in GT have 33 as an average ACT score.

GT claims that they do not have any minimum ACT score requirements. But you need something impressive in your application if your score is not good enough. It is because a below 31 ACT score will create difficulty for selection.

However, if you can score 31, you should focus on achieving 34, the 75th percentile. It will increase your chance of getting admission.

ACT Score Policy:

You could gain a good advantage if you are taking the ACT over SAT. In the ACT, you don't need to send all test scores. Here you can attempt ACT as many times as possible and send them your highest score. 

For example, if you attempted the SAT 6 times, you should submit all scores. But even if you have given ACT 10 times, you can submit the highest scored ACT only. As you get a chance to practice ACT as many times as possible, it helps you. 

As per the research done by prepscolar.com, GT also considers superscoring for the ACT. Same as SAT score policy, GT will take your highest ACT score for each section.

Georgia Tech GPA Requirements:

As per Prepscholar, Georgia Tech's average GPA is 3.49. So the required score is a moderately competitive score to achieve. To score a GPA of 3.49, you need to be an "A" or "B" grader. It will help if you know your GPA because you need to compensate with your SAT/ACT score if your GPA low.

4 Tips To Get A Good Score

Now that you're aware of the scores you need to get on the SAT and ACTs for Georgia Tech, how can you get those scores? It's possible by acing the tests above everyone else. It'll be a tough road ahead; for this, you need to spend extra hours to make sure you get everything right. So here are some tips to remember:

  • Practice The Tests 

It is the most obvious way to aim for good marks, Practice. Practice will indeed prepare you for your actual exam. The best way to practice the test is to take the PSAT examination. PSAT exam is a practice SAT examination by the College Board. The exam will condition you for the actual exam, although you need to keep in mind that it is easier than SAT. 

  • Prepare With The Apps

Many years ago, prepping up for the tests was a hassle. You must have books, make space for it, and do all other things that only brought chaos upon your life. But now? You can finally prep yourself up with the app versions, which will give you a chance to apply what you've learned. 

  • Expand Your Knowledge

As you're practicing for the tests, it pays to expand your knowledge. You can't be stuck on thinking SAT and ACT all the time, so why not give yourself a chance to improve your intellect? Read some novels, do activities that contribute to the community. Give your brain an excellent little workout.

  • Attend A Class

If you're going to aim for the acing of tests, you need to learn from the best. That's why to give yourself time to attend a class. You'll not only learn from fellow applicants but also the teachers. Students help you condition yourself as you and the other students have the same goal. And teachers can help you with the experience they have. They may be even one of those who attended the exam.

How to Get Significant SAT/ACT Scores

Application Requirements:

The following are the application requirements shown by Georgia Tech University:

  • Completed form via Common Application or Coalition Application
  • $75 application fee or fee waiver request
  • SAT or ACT results
  • Official transcript records
  • Letters of recommendation from one teacher (optional)
  • Counselor's report and letter of recommendation (optional) 

Supplemental essays are also required, so make sure to prepare for them. 

5 Things To Make Your Application Great

Now, as you know the requirements and the other things, you're ready to make your application outstanding. With many who apply and a few get in, you have to truly show Georgia Tech you're the one they need to pick. So what are the things to do when you want to make a big difference? Here are the things you'll need to get going with:

  • Do Significantly With The Essays

As you've learned earlier, you'll be doing essays when you're applying for Georgia Tech. They're the kind that will ask you why you choose your course and how Georgia Tech will prep you up for the future. When answering the essay, you can use your character while also giving a glimpse of your vision and other things that'll get them thinking, "This applicant has what we need!". 

  • Craft A Great Personal Story With Achievements 

Speaking of the essay, you can also craft your story in a way that'll make Georgia Tech see you in a whole new light. You can't just give them the vision: You need to tell them a story of yourself. Yes, you'll need to tailor it up with achievements you've made. It'll get them thinking of the high potential you can bring to their college.

  • Get To Know Georgia Tech Personally

While you're at it, have some time to know Georgia Tech on a personal level. How? Visit them! Georgia Tech details it more here. The gist of it here is they'll give prospective students a chance to see what they will get if applied. They provide tips on where to park, how to plan a visit, and more. They even have virtual tour visits as well, so if you're not in the mood to move around, let VR make you feel like you're there.

  • Follow The Admission Tips From Georgia Tech Themselves

Most colleges don't do much in encouraging students to apply. They'll give you the requirements listed and leave it as it is. But Georgia Tech does it differently by actually giving applicants tips here. Yes, they're going out of their way to let students choose the best ways to apply with them. Cool eh?

  • Consult With The Experts

When you're just about ready to submit your application, make sure to consult the experts. You can get a second opinion, let them see what stuff you missed, and learn to polish up your application.

Georgia Tech Acceptance Rate:

Compared to other elite colleges, Georgia Tech's acceptance rate is relatively high. You can even say a lot of students were eager to get in. And how high were they?

Acceptance rates of GT in 2012 were at 54.5%! So that's more than half the students that applied. As the years went by, the acceptance rate went down to 21% for 2020. Still, these rates are high, but before you go thinking your chances have risen, don't be complacent. You even got other competitors who'll likely take advantage of the current rates and do their best to get in.

Georgia Tech Admission Process:

Georgia Tech sure loves to explain things their way. With tips for admissions, there's also an explanation for how they review applications. Georgia Tech's process is called a holistic review

It is composed of several factors that have many elements all put together. It gives them a system that' guides through thousands of applications and chooses some of them.

It can be a little daunting to think that Georgia Tech does this kind of process to see who can be accepted. Rick Clark made it easier to understand what the holistic review was about his post. He even breaks down the elements of what makes a comprehensive review. 

He even admits that "The admission "process" is not only for students. Colleges also have an entire process, including a review of all elements of an application. In most admission offices, there are initial guidelines for discipline/behavior/criminal review. Most of the questions are related to severity, timing, the school's action, and the implications that the incident had on other students. 

If the situation warrants extra review, staff members escalate it to an Associate Director, Dean, or an official review committee. At this point, 99% of cases get cleared without further action. However, suppose the case requires another layer of review. In this case, schools include University partners for insight and areas of expertise. It may consist of the Dean of Students, General Counsel, and Chief of Police or others."

So, in short: You can rest easy and know that Georgia Tech grows and evolves as they continue with their system. 

What If You Don't Get Selected?

After the time has passed, you finally get the results and then see that you weren't accepted after all. "Oh, man! But I worked so hard. why didn't they give me a chance?" So should all hope be lost for you? Not necessarily because there are two alternative options, you can try. They're not the usual options but if your spirit still lives on getting into Georgia Tech, give them a shot. 

Alternative Option A: Apply For A Different College And Transfer To Georgia Later

You can always apply for a different college and then transfer to Georgia Tech later. So the strategy here is when you're in the other college, get some experience. After that, in the midway, you can apply again for Georgia Tech as a transfer applicant. They even have details for how you can transfer here.

You'll be quite pleased that the transfer acceptance rate they had last year was 29.3%. Now you can't think that you'll get in right away since Georgia Tech already had a good look at you before. But do some great things while you're in a different college. It may give Georgia Tech another chance to see they may have made a mistake rejecting you. 

Alternative Option B: Apply Again After Going Through A Gap Year

Another way to get yourself into Georgia Tech is to apply again after you've gone through a gap year. A year-long break before or after college for further development in education. 

You can take a nice long break from your time with school and pursue things that can expand your mind and body. But you have to know that going for this option is riskier than transferring. Because it gives GT an impression, you aren't the person they expect to be if you're not going to another school. 

However, this can be a way to develop your way of contributing to communities. Plus, you can build your spike and excellence with your areas of interest. So, by the time you apply again, they're going to see the gap year made you better than ever.


Georgia Tech is quite the college to apply for; hence, it's no wonder many want to apply here. The reason is its adaptiveness to the urban world and tailoring many elements in a student's life. While GT's acceptance rate is higher than many elite colleges, it still selects only 20% of students.

So, do you want to be the 20% of students taken? Then get yourself some spark and boost yourself up. Know this guide, and you'll be able to get an admission and enjoy the perks and benefits Georgia Tech has to offer.