How Can You Make Your Career in Horse Racing

Mar 19, 2021

Love Horse racing? You can actually go to school for horse racing! Not many people are aware that there are Horse Racing courses offered by various Colleges.

What is actually a race track?

A race track is a facility built for racing of vehicles, athletes, or animals such as horse racing or greyhound racing. A racetrack is a permanent facility or building. Racecourse, an alternate term for a horse racing track,found in countries such as  India, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Race Track Programs

The Race Track Industry Program (RTIP) of the University of Arizona is well known and respected in the racing industry. The system has churned out hundreds of successful industry leaders in all facets of racing since its inception in 1974. The most famous graduate of RTIP is Bob Baffert, the 12th Triple Crown champion of the race trainer, American Pharoah. Through its undergraduate and graduate programs, what began as a trial program has grown to be recognized in the racing industry as a producer of top young talent. It is also the host of North America's largest horse racing conference, the annual Global Symposium on Racing and Gaming. Every year, the symposium brings together hundreds of industry leaders to facilitate networking opportunities for students and professionals alike.

Horse Racing programs actually help Interested students to learn first-hand about the industry by working on the track and in the classroom with various racetrack-related projects. If you are fortunate to be enrolled in the program meet you get to meet industry professionals introduced as guest professors who not only bridge academic concepts to real-world practices, but also open doors to professional relationships. RTIP continues to offer a strong academic background in racing and business with expanded opportunities for students to highlight their talents and skills through projects carried out in conjunction with racing or racing-related companies, tailored internship opportunities, a coordinated mentor's luncheon with the student's selection executive during the symposium and with the many participants.

Aspiring professionals in the horse racing industry have several career fields to choose from. There are different wages, contrasting job requirements, and job growth rates depending on trade, from veterinary work to gaming management. Earning a degree or job training might help you begin to pursue the career you've always wanted. Horse racing involves professions in racetrack activities as well as jobs involving direct interaction with horses such as jockey, trainer and veterinarian board. The standards for training and education differ. Besides this, you can also be hired for supervising other workers, including track veterinarians and gaming employees, are track management workers. Usually, the landscaping of the facility and the racetrack and paddock areas are maintained by groundskeepers.

But before enrolling for the Horse Racing course, you need to be committed, dedicated, highly motivated, and a very good horseman. You'll also need to be light. In order to successfully make a career in Race Track industry, you need to be a professional athlete, so you need to be fit and healthy to be one.


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